Has anybody else come up with detachable pockets?

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Answer :

The Scots have been doing it for centuries, they call it a Sporran. I guess a bum-bag/fanny-pack counts too.

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Description : What is the reason for sewing pants pockets shut?

Last Answer : If they are real pockets and not fakes, they are sewn shut to keep the shape pristine before wearing. Once sold you should snip the stitches and use the pockets! Similarly a tack is made at the ... see people who have left the tack in whilst wearing it. It's meant to be removed before wearing.

Description : Anyone have any interest in a bra with built in pockets?

Last Answer : No.

Description : Why are women's jeans pockets smaller than men's pockets?

Last Answer : Wome have purses to carry stuff, men well, most men don’t. We use pockets.

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Last Answer : If you want stuff that no one else has, you could try either independent boutiques (Brighton & London are really good for these) or vintage / charity shops which are everywhere really (the best being Absolute ... ...but my fav place to find unusual stuff has to be car boot sales, so much fun!

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Last Answer : I always thought Pedal pushers were people who made scams.

Description : Would humans ever evolve to have detachable emotions?

Last Answer : Sure, if we could just perform lobotomies like we take blood pressure. Lol.

Description : Is there such a thing as detachable rollerblades?

Last Answer : I think so, yes

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Last Answer : It is perfectly safe to wash a detachable mop head in a washing machine. Just follow the direction on the package or look on the company's website. One could go to ehow.com to find out more.

Description : Cast iron detachable joint is used in __________ pipes. (A) Steel (B) Cast iron (C) Asbestos cement (D) Reinforced cement concrete

Last Answer : (A) Steel

Description : What do you do when outfits are fit tightly at the sleeves and are huge everywhere else? If you workout and/or have batwing arms how do you find clothes that fit?

Last Answer : Perhaps this sizing chart will help. Here in the U.S. we have different “departments” such as junior, misses, womens, plus.

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Last Answer : Shoes.

Description : Is putting your socks on before anything else weird?

Last Answer : Yes. It is weird. In some places it is punishable by a fine of $50. You should, at least, put your underwear on first, unless you don’t wear any. Then you can put your shirt on first. Don’t be upset, though. There are support groups for people with this problem. Socks Anonymous.

Description : For guys, which shoes/belt combo go with navy pants... black, brown or something else?

Last Answer : I like black and navy. Others would say that doesnt match but I think it does, and looks classy for men.

Description : I'm not pants but I have pockets;I can't dance but I have four legs.I come in different sizes depending on the size of the room.What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Pool table

Description : The phenomenon occuring during pumping of a liquid solution containing dissolved gases, which may come out of the solution giving rise to gas pockets, is termed as (A) Evaporation (B) Cavitation (C) Sublimation (D) Stripping

Last Answer : (B) Cavitation

Description : How come when a woman wears giant hideous earrings, no matter how ridiculous it looks... there will always be a woman who comes up to her and says: "I love your earrings"?

Last Answer : “Gaint” earrings are likely to catch attention. But how can we know they are secretly criticizing the earrings? Could be a genuine praise, or just an attempt to start a conversation.

Description : Where do the button up shirts that House wears on the show come from?

Last Answer : These are pretty typical dress shirts for men. You can find them in most department stores and even some discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less. Since he is on the television he probably wears name brand shirts though and not discount ones ;).

Description : Will acid wash jeans ever make a come back?

Last Answer : I sure hope not. Horrible, unflattering jeans. Blech. It seems Fergie might’ve tried bringing them back, though.

Description : Where does the clothing and attitude come from when people are involved in certain music genres (or any culture for that matter)?

Last Answer : answer:I think it originates from the originals (the most famous musicians and bands of all time). And it just stuck ..because people want to be cool like that. With culture ..I ... availability of certain materials. Like your biker example ..leather protects bikers better than polo shirts do.

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Last Answer : answer:Does the load smell moldy right after the last spin cycle is done? Does your washing machine drum smell moldy after a wash or at any other time? If so, you might try doing a complete cycle ... out. If you have a front loader, try leaving the door open for about the same length of time.

Description : Why do new socks come in "zip lock" type bags?

Last Answer : Oh, my. The only thing that I could potentially come up with is for travel - if your luggage gets wet, you'll still have dry socks. But I suspect it's more a case of economics. ... , somehow, a company employee found (or decided) that these particular bags were cheaper that other options available.

Description : Where in any religious text is the verse "COME AS YOU ARE"?

Last Answer : answer:Perhaps: Matthew 6:25. So I say to you, Take no thought for your life, about food or drink, or about clothing for your body. Is not life more than food, and the body more than its ... , with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.

Description : Will cloaks ever come back into fashion?

Last Answer : No one would even be able to see me in the one I have even if they did come back into style.

Description : Do you ever use the extra buttons that come with your clothing?

Last Answer : Never!!!

Description : When did hangers for clothing come to be commonly used?

Last Answer : History of hangers. By the way, that was the very first Google hit.

Description : How did women's clothing sizes come about?

Last Answer : I'm not sure, but isn't it ridiculous that women's pants only come in waist size and not length?! I always thought that was so crazy. Yeah, some brands have adopted a short and tall version of ... same height as people who are a 7. Insanity. Men get to buy pants by waist and height! So lucky!

Description : Why do they sew up the pockets on suit jackets and blazers?

Last Answer : To prevent pickpocketing? :0)

Description : The poor throw it away, the rich pick it up in their pockets , what's the point ?

Last Answer : The poor throw it away and the rich pick it up in their pockets .

Description : Tick (✓) the right and cross (✗) the wrong sentences: (i) People often keep mobile phones in pockets. (ii) Satellite is not a means of communication. (iii) Postman delivers letters.

Description : Rearrange the following words and phrases into meaningful sentences. (i) that the /carry/ him/ is /electronic/ mobile /device /user/with / an/anywhere/ a / phone /can. (ii) stored/ it/ small / is/ size and/ very/ in/ can be/ in pockets/ easily. (iii) is/it/known/cellular/as/phone/cell/or/phone.

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Last Answer : Sam's or costco

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Last Answer : Watch right airpod pink bic lighter sharpie fine-point pocket knife other pocket knife finishing nail vitamin capsule

Description : What's in your pockets?

Last Answer : I have my PC plus loyalty card, a $10 bill, 1 toonie, 4 loonies, 1 quarter and 2 dimes.

Description : Ok Californians, so are we allowed to go to a bar and have a gun at the waist of our pockets?

Last Answer : I cannot trust your source and thus cannot answer your question.

Description : Are all leggings that are made intended to be worn under clothes or covered by them if manufactured with pockets?

Last Answer : Some leggings are not meant to be covered up, or at minimun can be worn either way. Some leggings are thicker or more sturdy fabric. I have a pair that have a seem down the front of each leg with a top ... basically falls to my hip, so you can see my butt when I wear them, I am not all covered up.

Description : What's your opinion on frozen foods, such as Hot Pockets and Jimmy Dean?

Last Answer : answer:I eat frozen food fairly frequently, when I don't have time or am too tired to cook. Currently I have some frozen Paul Newman brand pizza, and vegetarian burritos. Also some frozen vegetables. I ... sauce, lentils, refried beans, etc., that I have prepared so that I can heat them up quickly.

Description : How much money is in your pockets right now?

Last Answer : I don’t carry any money in my pockets, but I usually try to have $20 in the front section of my fanny pack, and a $20 bill in the secret back section. I use the money for snacks and drinks when I am out with my young grandchildren.

Description : Is recycling working or is it just lining the pockets of someone?

Last Answer : I was once told the cost to create and maintain a recycling depart. with a local county exceeded any revenues brought in by the sale of finished pickings and sellings. The benefits are to the environment and outside vendors.

Description : Should I parbake homemade pizza pockets/calzones for freezing or leave them raw?

Last Answer : I have parbaked small pizzas so I don’t know why you couldn’t. I think the dough sets up better being partially baked and doesn’t absorb extra moisture from freezing.