Have you ever had a near death experience? What happened?

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I was going to ride my bike with my friend and right before we were about to leave I said “Do you think I should wear a helmet?” And I forgot what he said but I just had the urge to wear it. I decided that I should and we left. While heading down a big hill I was going really fast and slammed the breaks on my bike and since only my front ones worked, I front flipped and my head went went sliding on the pavement really hard for a good 5 seconds… I was tangled with the bike the it was on top of me and I was a little shocked in the moment. I quickly got up and started to move parts of my body back and forth to see if anything was broken or sprained. I ended up getting a sprained wrist but if I recall, I didn’t get any cuts or anything. Thank God I had that helmet on because if I didn’t, my skull would’ve been cracked open and since I was kinda far from my house, I have no idea what would’ve happened.

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Last Answer : Mine happened like a week ago. Was heading to a party and it was dark out and this car was coming right at us going at least 50-60 mph in our lane, trying to pass the cars in the other ... collision that would have killed all of us. Thank god for good brakes. Couldn't enjoy the party after that.

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Last Answer : answer:I'm not sure if it was or not, but when I was 15, my brother & I got in a fight. As I was lying on the floor, I felt like I was floating & I had like .tunnel vision. But it ... tunnel. It was a blacker black. Said broither has also been pronounced dead twicer. Why couldn't he stay that way?

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Last Answer : Tell us more about what happened. How long has it been?

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Last Answer : Teenagers are dangerous creatures. Glad to hear both of you are okay.

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Last Answer : Yes. There was a time last month when my husband I went to a certain school to meet yp with the administration. On coming back we used a certain short cut. Before entering the narrow part, a ... road again. It has forest by the sides and so much evil happens there including raping and murder.

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Last Answer : answer:When the brain believes itself to be dying, it releases DMT. This hallucinogen produces the visions of bright lights, loved ones, etc. Stories of people using this drug are very ... experiences where people will be looking down upon their own body. This occasionally happens in surgery.

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Last Answer : Onset of brain shutting down due to lack of oxygen? I read somewhere deep sea divers experience the same thing when resurfacing too quickly..

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Last Answer : It proves that you had a dream. It proves, demonstrates, shows, and exemplifies nothing else.

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Last Answer : I was 10 I was having Catholic last Rites read to me and I saw my grandpa who died a year before I was born. We talked for a couple minutes before I was sucked back into the land of the living.

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