Those who have seen the new batman movie, how was it?

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Answer :

When Batman knocked out those white supremacists, I cheered. Whole theater clapped

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Description : In the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson, why does Batman wait until everyone is dead and only rescue Vicci Vail?

Last Answer : Batman isn’t omnipresent. It takes time to arrive at a crime location.

Description : Would you like to see Tim Burton and Michael Keaton do another Batman movie?

Last Answer : Gah. Good lord no.

Description : So what are the updates with the Batman movie theatre killer?

Last Answer : One thing I heard is that a scumbag GOP politician said it was a good thing that he had a 100 round mag.

Description : Do you find it odd that there has not been one question asked about the shooting at the Sikh temple, yet there were at least a half dozen questions asked about the shooting at the batman movie?

Last Answer : I am finding lots of things odd these days, one of which is the “non-vigil” being held at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, with media everywhere to talk to every person they can. Apparently, they weren’t viewing a major hollywood production and were therefore not newsworthy.

Description : Which Batman villain do you wish had been brought to Nolan's movie universe?

Last Answer : answer:Clayface! I was quite gratified that you-know-who showed up in this one, though, cause she’s one of the neatest villains in the ‘verse, being gray-hat and all. I liked the backstory they came up with for her, too.

Description : Regarding the Batman movie massacre: What is behind the obvious and all too frequent disconnect between the objective truth, and the shameless and subjective desire to manufacture truth?

Last Answer : I have to admit that I didn't see any of the news coverage until I got home at 6, but none of the news programs I've watched have said any of the things you stated above. They have all ... what has happened, in the order they know of it happening and interviewing the people that were in the theater.

Description : What are they singing in Danny Elfman Descent into Mystery from the Batman movie?

Last Answer : THis is from the 1989 batman… and one of my favorite movies. I have no idea what they are singing, but I listen to the song in the car, and I am always at risk for a ticket because I pretend to be the batmobile.

Description : Who do you think is the best choice for the penguin in the next batman movie?

Last Answer : I think that JB can just play one kind of roles, and thus would make for a poor penguin… I am not really sure who Id want to see, but hopefully not JB….

Description : What is the title of the Batman movie starring Joker?

Last Answer : The Dark Knight

Description : What the third Batman movie called?

Last Answer : Christopher Nolan's third Batman film is titled "The Dark Knight Rises." It is expected to be released on July 20, 2012.

Description : For those of you who have seen Jurassic Park 4: Jurassic World, how much did you hate this movie, and why?

Last Answer : ragingloli, well that’s disappointing. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this. It’s been a shit year for films. I’ve barely been to the cinema and only because there hasn’t been much on that’s attracted me. And I LOVE films.

Description : In testing her firm's new TV ads for Batman action figures, Beth discovers the ads make children think the action figures can actually fly. Beth now faces an ethical decision regarding which element of the marketing mix? A)Product B)Price C)Distribution D)Promotion E)Strategy

Last Answer : D)Promotion

Description : What did you think of The Batman?

Last Answer : Haven't seen it yet. Was it really good? What would you rate it out of a 5?

Description : How would you react if Batman had the personality of Spider-man and if Spider-man had the personality of Batman?

Last Answer : Basically when Spiderman had venom. I can't see batman acting like Spiderman though.

Description : Who was the best live action Batman in your opinion, and why is it Michael Keaton?

Last Answer : It's Michael Keaton because his performance was perfectly understated and contrasted nicely with the bolder, more comic book turns from Nicholson, De Vito, Pfeiffer and Walken across the two films. I would absolutely watch him as Batman again 30 odd years later.

Description : Who would win, Batman in the Batmobile, or a Tie fighter?

Last Answer : It depends on who’s piloting the Tie-fighter of course. If it’s Darth Vader I bet he’d take Batman out easily.

Description : What Asian actor would be most suited to play Batman?

Last Answer : Kitano Takeshi.

Description : Do the eyes look funny in my Batman drawing?

Last Answer : Yes, kind of. The irises should probably come down to the bottom of the eye. You do a great job with shading though.

Description : Who is your favorite- superman or batman?

Last Answer : Batman has better, more realistic story lines. Superman has superpowers, that make him at least physically superior to Batman. I guess I prefer Batman.

Description : In "Batman begins", Ra's Al Ghul explains Bruce Wayne parents' death is his father's fault, not Bruce's. Why?

Last Answer : Because Bruce was just a kid.

Description : Prompted by the flop that is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of AIDS", which superhero has the lamest/laziest/most uncreative name ever?

Last Answer : You’re looking for….......Bicycle Repair Man

Description : Holy Sadness Batman! Batgirl has died!

Last Answer : So long dear lady.

Description : Could there really be a Batman?

Last Answer : Sure. Anything is possible. But how would you prove it?

Description : Upon his death, will Batman go to heaven, or to hell?

Last Answer : Fluther isn’t even worthy of answering this.

Description : Who is the Director of the film Batman Dark Night Rises....?

Last Answer : answer:Seriously? Are playing some sort of trivia game, or what? Christopher Nolan.

Description : Batman Gurus: Do you buy or sell Steve Buschemi as The Riddler?

Last Answer : Absolutely he could pull it off, probably brilliantly. Great casting idea.

Description : U.S. citizens: Does it scare you to watch movies in the theatre since the Batman shootings happened?

Last Answer : I don’t let fear dictate my life. It doesn’t even cross my mind when I go to the theatre since it’s such an isolated incident.

Description : Would you be surprised if I told you I am really Batman?

Last Answer : An enigmatic man with multiple identities… Batman isn’t really that much of a stretch.

Description : Who is better Batman or Superman?

Last Answer : The adult in me chooses Batman because like you stated he depends on knowledge and using his mind to concur criminals. The kid in me chooses Superman because of his super powers and he can fly (who wouldn’t think that was better?).

Description : Is batman a super hero?

Last Answer : What makes you think he isn’t both at the same time?

Description : Do you think that they should do a Batman show?

Last Answer : Well, there is a superhero series starting in January called The Cape.

Description : If Batman doesn't have powers, why is he considered a superhero?

Last Answer : Because he can perform feats of strength and agility beyond those of ordinary mortals.

Description : Who depicts Batman best?

Last Answer : I grew up with Adam West and the campy, hilarious, omg Batman, so I like that version, and I like the original (link though this actually a bit later as it has the dubious Wonder Twins) Justice League ... though of those that I have seen (which isn't all of them), I prefer the most recent version.

Description : Is batman insane?

Last Answer : I think you misheard. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Not “In Sane”

Description : I haven't looked at comics since I was a kid in the 60's, liked Spiderman and Batman especially back then. What would be a comic book to get into again nowadays?

Last Answer : Are you open to graphic novels?

Description : Are you more akin to being like Batman, The Lone Ranger, and Sherlock Holmes… or do you play the supportive roll of Robin, Tonto and Watson?

Last Answer : Tonto is a fool—until he says, “What you mean ‘we’, paleface?”

Description : Can I print the word 'batman' on a shirt?

Last Answer : What?! Mr Rogers is obviously superior!

Description : Jingle Bells, Batman Smells?

Last Answer : McDonald’s is the place. They punch you in the face. They take your parking place. Hamburgers up your nose, French fries between your toes. Last time I was there, They fried my underwear.

Description : "Holy coincidence BATMAN"! Have you ever experienced synchronicity?

Last Answer : Not really, you?

Description : You manage to get ahold of batmans phone with every single justice league members, Alfred's and all the batfamily's numbers. What do you change their names too to confuse batman?

Last Answer : You really planning to prank the Batman? RIP.

Description : In a battle, who would win, Batman or Superman?(WITH OUT USING THE DARK KNIGHT AS A SOURCE)

Last Answer : Depends if Batman could afford a trip to Crypton.

Description : Who is the wost/best Batman villain?

Last Answer : answer:I always liked Twoface and the Joker. The Riddler was pretty okay. The Penguin, however, is pretty lame.

Description : Why does Batman sound like he has 18 testicles?

Last Answer : an anatomical feature that has nothing to to do with the larynx…

Description : What's the reason why the creators of so many comic book heroes (like "Superman" and "Batman") felt compelled to give them CAPES?

Last Answer : I think it’s easy to indicate movement on a still page if you have a cape. And it’s theatrical.

Description : What makes Batman better than Superman?

Last Answer : No super powers

Description : [Serious] How does one become...BATMAN?

Last Answer : [removed]

Description : What do you think of the first ever he/they Batman coming out next month and why?

Last Answer : [removed]

Description : What do you think of the first ever he/they Batman coming out next month and why?

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Description : What do you think of the first ever he/they Batman coming out next month and why?

Last Answer : [removed]

Description : What do you think of the first ever he/they Batman coming out next month and why?

Last Answer : Batnonbinaryperson Has a ring to it.