Flash or Parallel ADC

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Flash or Parallel ADC




















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Last Answer : Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)  Analog quantity may be voltage, temperature, sound, speed, audio etc. it is information or signal. ... digital form), digital speedometer (converts analog speed into digital form) etc.

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Last Answer : ADC An analog to digital converter (ADC), converts any analog signal into quantifiable data, which makes it easier to process and store, as well as more accurate and reliable by ... signal, hence any analog circuit can work with digital system Application - Microcontroller, washing machine

Description : Which type of ADC gives high resolution?

Last Answer : Sigma Delta, successive approximation and integrating type analogue to digital converter gives very high resolution but they have slower speed.

Description : The ADC having highest conversion speed is (A) Dual-slope ADC (B) Successive approximation ADC (C) Flash ADC (D) Servo ADC

Last Answer : The ADC having highest conVersion speed is Flash ADC

Description : The number of comparators required in a 4 bit comparator type ADC is (A) 16 (B) 15 (C) 17 (D) 12

Last Answer : The number of comparators required in a 4 bit comparator type ADC is 15

Last Answer : ADC-Amplifier interface: In most data acquisition system analog to digital converter (ADC) is interfaced with the amplifier. There are different interface architectural schemes. Operational ... . The interaction between analog to digital converter and amplifier affects the system performance.

Description : Integrating or Dual Slope ADC

Last Answer : Operation: At the start of measurement the counter is reset to zero. So output of flip-flop is zero. This is applied to the switch control. The switch control now connects input voltage (Vin) to ... Then the data from counter is passed to the digital readout for display purpose.

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Last Answer : No I don’t think so. If a website use Flash I can’t access it with my mobile phone and there are some contents that take time to load. Also sometimes tge Flash plugin displays crash messages.

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Last Answer : answer:Chrome ships with its own version of Flash that is embedded in the Application. It doesn't use the version other browsers use. If you only use Chrome I would suggest entirely removing Flash to ... on things to play. Preferences -> Advanced -> Content Settings -> Plug-ins -> Run Automatically

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Last Answer : I was going to type it out but this is much better

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Description : With FlashBlock in Google Chrome, Facebook has a Flash element on the bottom left (disabled). What is it?

Last Answer : Perphaps an ad?

Description : With FlashBlock in Google Chrome, Facebook has a Flash element on the bottom left (disabled). What is it?

Last Answer : Perphaps an ad?

Description : Where can I find someone who can design a Flash banner involving actionscripting?

Last Answer : Perhaps guru.com, odesk.com, or just post a gig (for free) on Craig’s list. I recently posted a gig for a GIS specialist and I was amazed by the quality of responses I got.

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Last Answer : Mystery Solved, if I click on the transition and look in the properties there is an option to loop or play once, wow , i feel dumb ha, feel free to delete this topic or just leave it but i figured it out.

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Last Answer : well its pretty easy you have to create two assets at your library with the name MyClip and MyButton. At your Main Class use this = btn = new MyButton(); addChild(btn); btn.x = 200; btn.y = 20; btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function():void { // something here });

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Last Answer : EPROM EEPROM Flash EPROM Normalize cell size is 1. Normalize cell size is about 1 ... and floating gate, which is insulated by a dielectric material. NAND flash memory and NOR flash memory are the two types of flash memory.



Description : Which is the fastest type of analogue to digital converter?

Last Answer : Flash converter is the fastest type of analogue to digital converter (ADC).

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Last Answer : Series magnetic circuit: When different magnetic materials having different lengths, cross sectional areas and permeability are connected one after another, in which same flux is established in different sections, then it is called series ... flux, Φ = Φ1 + Φ2  Path 1: BAFE  Path 2: BACD

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