what is clipper?

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Answer :

  • Clipper circuit limits the voltage level.
  • Clipper circuit simply consists of diode or transistor and resistor.
  • Clipper circuit is also known as limiter or slicer.
  • From the position of diode clipper is classified as series clipper and shunt clipper.
  • Series clipper have diode connected in series with load resistance.
  • Shunt clipper have diode connected in shunt with load resistance.

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Last Answer : When a portion of both positive and negative of each half cycle of the input voltage is to be clipped (or removed), combination clipper is employed.

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Last Answer : If the positive clipper circuit is reconnected with reversed polarity, the circuits will become for a negative clipper and the operation will be same.

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Last Answer : Positive Clipper: The clipper which removes the positive half cycles of the input voltage is called the positive clipper. The positive series clipper circuit (that is, diode in series with the load). ... the input, the diode is forward biased and so the negative half cycle appears across the output.

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Last Answer : It is used in television sets and FM receivers. It is also used for amplifier and different types of opamps through which we can do some mathematical operations.

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Last Answer : Practical clippers may be classified into two types: (a) Shunt Clippers, and (b) Series Clippers. The series configuration is defined as one where diode is in series with the load In a shunt ... and a resistive element, but it also employs an independent dc supply to introduce an additional shift.

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Last Answer : In electronics, a clipper is a device designed to prevent the output of a circuit from exceeding a predetermined voltage level without distorting the remaining part of the applied waveform. Series ... as noise limiters in FM transmitters by clipping excessive noise peaks above a specified level.

Description : A controller essentially is a A. Sensor B. Clipper C. Comparator D. Amplifier

Last Answer : C. Comparator

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Last Answer : Sr. No Parameter Clipper Clamper 1 Components used Diode, Resistors  Diode, Capacitors, Resistors 2 Function To remove a part of input waveform To add a DC ... Application Diode clamp, wave shaping circuits  Voltage Multipliers  5 Configuration

Description : Draw the clipper circuit using series and shunt diode.

Last Answer : Fig: A series negative clipper (OR) Fig: Series positive clipper Fig: Parallel positive clipper (OR) Fig: Parallel negative clipper

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Last Answer : Application of Clipper:  In the case of generating new waveforms and/or shaping the existing older waveforms. Clippers can be used as freewheeling diodes in protecting the transistors from transient ... called as direct current restorers as they clamp the wave forms to a fixed DC potential.

Description : With help of circuit diagram and waveform, explain working of positive series clipper.

Last Answer : Series Clipper (Positive):-   Working: For positive cycle the diode D is reverse biased. Hence there is no voltage across the load RL While for negative half wave, the diode D is forward biased. Hence ... positive cycle of the input voltage gets clipped off. Input & o/p wave form:-   

Description : Draw and explain the working of combinational Clipper with waveforms.

Last Answer : Explanation:- As shown in figure the combinational clipper is the combination of positive biased and negative biased clipper. The combinational clipper can be used to clip both two independent ... open circuit. Hence the value of output voltage cannot exceed the voltage level of VB2. 

Description : Define clipper and clamper.

Last Answer : Clipper: The circuit with which the waveform is shaped by removing (or clipping) a portion of the applied wave is known as a clipper.  Clamper: A circuit that shifts either positive or negative peak ... a clamping circuits or clamper. These circuits are also called D.C. restorer or D.C. inserter

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Last Answer : Clipper: A clipper is a device designed to prevent the output of a circuit from exceeding a predetermined voltage level without distorting the remaining part of the applied waveform. OR Clipper: An ... the positive or negative peak or both from a specific level is known as clipper.

Description : Draw and describe working of series biased clipper with input output waveforms. 

Last Answer : Biased series positive clipper: Clipping of the signal takes place as soon as the input signal goes positive. If we want to change/adjust the clipping level of AC voltage, then external biasing voltage must be ... voltage must be used. The figure given below shows a biased (series) clipper.    

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Last Answer : Clipper:  1. Diode clamp 2. wave shaping circuits 3. Clippers can be used as voltage limiters and amplitude selectors. Clamper:  1. Voltage Multipliers 2. For the protection of the ... can be used for removing the distortions 4. For improving the overdrive recovery time clampers are used.

Description : Sketch circuit diagram of positive biased clipper using diode and explain its working.

Last Answer : Positive Series Clipper with positive Vr. The following figure represents the circuit diagram for positive series clipper when the reference voltage applied is positive. During the positive cycle ... Hence the input signal that is greater than the reference voltage, appears at the output.