How many chromosomes do Beaver have?

1 Answer

Answer :

69 chromosomes

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Description : Can a beaver survive without a lake or pond for water?

Last Answer : answer:They need some still body of water, but it doesn’t have to be very big. They can survive for a while without a pond or lake, especially if they have been displaced. 3 miles isn’t that far for a beaver to go looking for suitable water.

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Last Answer : that’s a big brown beaver for sure.

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Description : What is the major conflict in the sign of the beaver?

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Description : Is a beaver a consumer?

Last Answer : Because it eats producers (plants), and in some cases, otherconsumers (bugs, other animals).

Description : What part of the beaver can you eat?

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Description : How many centimeters is a beaver?

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Description : Do Beaver have backbone?

Last Answer : Yes, Beavers have a backbone

Description : What is the role of the beaver in its ecosystem?

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Description : What is a group of Beaver called?

Last Answer : A group of beavers is called a Colony.

Description : How many Beaver species are there?

Last Answer : With the exact name 'beaver', there is are ''Castor canadensis'' and ''Castor fiber'', the American Beaver and the European Beaver respectively.

Description : Do Beaver have teeth?

Last Answer : yes. they help them make a dam to live in

Description : Are there Beaver in australia?

Last Answer : Yes because i saw one in my backyard

Description : Are Beaver omnivores?

Last Answer : Beavers are omnivores. Their main diet consists of trees such as aspen, dogwood, willow, and beavers are herbivors