What manufacturer makes the best cellphones?

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Answer :

I thing that Samsung makes the most reliable and durable cell phones that's what I know from my experience with the Samsung and others experience with that brand. they always seem to have great features to their cell phones also, they look high tech but are easy and efficient to learners.

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Last Answer : Okay here is my opinion. I think we would've saved alot of money. I have had 3 different phones, my husband has had 6. I believe we would all be using very sophisticated walkie talkies to speak to each ... they would charge for that. I could be wrong and way off, but thats my opinion such as it is.

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Last Answer : Yes, I currently use www.nobelcom.com also make sure to get a card with 1second' call time rounding (it costs more, but it is saving you time and money really) otherwise your losing call time for ... time on air'. Also if the person has a landline it is cheaper and you get alot more mintues.

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Last Answer : Whether or not mobile phones cause cancer is still a debated topic, and not a fact. There are many research groups still studying and recording data, each arriving at wildly different results.

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Last Answer : My favorite debunking source snopes.com says not.

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Last Answer : the radiation causes heat and the popcorn pops. i also know someone who did a science fair project similar to this, but instead of corn they used an egg. it turned hardboiled in less than ... its amazing how much radiation is emitted through cellphones and there should be a ban on certain models.

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Last Answer : Personally - I would say never ! Children bully each other - thephone could get stolen, or another child could simply grab thephone and use it for their own calls !

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Last Answer : Best Buy has the best prices on cellphones in Indianapolis, IN. You can reach them at 5820 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46250 (317) 841-0711

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Last Answer : Yes, cellphones are allowed on passenger trains, unlike airplanes.

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Last Answer : Cell phones contain toxic material, so don't just throw them away. States have cell phone drop points where you can drop them off for safe disposal.

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Last Answer : GRC Wireless Recycling has a cell phone donation program that benefits non-profit agencies. They are located at 2201 Southwest 145th Avenue in Miramar, Florida.

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Last Answer : Unlocked cell phones are legal in both the United States and Europe. Courts have consistently ruled in the user's favor on this issue, so it is legal for you to use this unlocked phone.

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Last Answer : A headset for a cell phone is an optional accessory as it is not required for the cell phone to work. All major cell phone companies do sell some type of headset compatible with their product.

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Last Answer : Samsung offers the samsung strive,smsung Rugby,samsung focus,samsung seek,samsung restore and a whole list of others that range from smart phones, to flip up phones, to basic phones with a small screen ... options as the best because they offer more of a choice with using larger formats of data.

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Last Answer : Factors which have made Mumbai the most important cotton manufacturer of India are: (i) Availability of raw cotton, (ii) Transport facilities, (iii) Humid climate, (iv) Cheap hydel power, (v) ... labour, (vi) Demand of manufactured goods, (vii) Port facility, and (viii) Facilities of capital.