State advantages of CNC over NC.

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Advantages of CNC over NC

1. Complex machining operations can be easily done.

2. It requires less inspection. 3. It reduces scrap & waste.

4. It gives high production rate.

5. It reduces human error

6. It gives more operator safety.

7. It gives more operator efficiency.

8. Tool life gets increased.

9. Lead time is reduced.

10. In case of CNC lathe the carbide tip tools are used hence cutting speed faster than conventional lathe & also high feed rate.

11. CNC lathe movement is controlled by computer (which runs the program while in conventional lathe manual or auto feed is given. More flexibility available in CNC lathe.

12. CNC lathe can achieve higher accuracy with closed tolerance and very good surface finish as compared to conventional lathe.

13. Once the program is prepared and fed, less manual interference required in case of CNC lathe hence less skill operator can work on the machine.

14. Though the initial cost of CNC lathe is more but for mass production and accuracy and quality job CNC lathe has very good option than conventional lathe.

15. Program can be stored in the memory and can be used when ever required in batch production. Such facility is not available in conventional lathe.

16. Machines are comparatively small; need not required rigid foundations as conventional machines. Less vibration.

17. For superior repeatability, reduce machine down time as fast machining cycle.

18. Tool path simulation is available in CNC lathe which gives idea about job. This feature is not available in conventional machine 

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Description : Define NC and CNC machine.

Last Answer : NC Machine: A system in which actions are controlled by direct insertions of numerical data at some point. or In simple words, Numerical Control Machines means machine controlled by number ... numerical control in which a dedicated computer is used to perform all the basic NC functions.

Description : State four advantages of CNC machines over conventional machines.

Last Answer : Advantages of CNC machines over conventional machines: 1) Greater machine utilization. 2) Complex machining operations can be easily done. 3) It gives high degree of accuracy. 4) It requires less ... is reduced. 15) Elimination of special jigs and fixtures. 16) Accurate costing & scheduling. 

Description : State the various advantages and limitations of CNC machine. 

Last Answer : Advantages of CNC Machines:-  [1] Greater machine utilization. [2] Complex machining operations can be easily done. [3] It gives high degree of accuracy. [4] It requires less inspection. [5] ... tooling cost. 6) Temperature, humidity & dust must be affect machining. 7) Initial cost is high. 

Description : State the function of G00, G94, M08 and M30 used in CNC part programming. 

Last Answer : 1) G00 :- Rapid Traverse Function G00 is the basic G-code for CNC programming to initiate rapid motion mode i.e used for quickly positioning the tool. G00 can be used where the tool is not ... production. As soon as the program ends he can place the next component and start the next cycle. 

Description : State salient features of CNC machines.

Last Answer : Salient Features of CNC machines .. 1. A part program can be fed to the controller unit through a keyboard. 2. The part program once entered can be used again and again. That is why ... control unit allows compensation for any changes in the dimensions of cutting tools caused due wear or otherwise. 

Description : State machine reference point for CNC. 

Last Answer : The machine reference point – R The position of the reference point R is determined by the manufacturer. The value of machine reference co-ordinates XMR and ZMR are fixed and cannot be changed by the user. The machine reference point serves for the calibration of the measuring system.

Description : State function of ATC in CNC machine.

Last Answer : An Automatic tool changer or ATC is used in computerized numerical control (CNC) machine tools to improve the production and tool carrying capacity of the machine. ATC changes the tool very quickly, reducing the non-productive time.

Description : What are the application of CNC machines?.

Last Answer : Drill press Milling and turning centres Boring machines Surface grinders Manufacturing industries etc.

Description : What are the factors considered while selecting the components for machining on CNC machines?

Last Answer : Following are the factors to be considered in selecting components of CNC machines? 1. High precision and repeatability. 2. Reliability. 3. Efficiency -To meet the requirement of high precision. ... should be such that removal of swarf is easy and the chips do not fall on the slideways.

Description : Explain working principle of CNC Machine.

Last Answer : Working principle of CNC Machine: In CNC machine, tape reader or any other input media is used for entry of part program. In CNC, entire program is first feed to the inbuilt computer memory. Once the ... . the part programmes can be stored in the memory of the computer and used in future.  

Description : Write CNC program format with meaning of each term.

Last Answer : N001 G01 X12345 Y06789 M03 EOB 1. N001 represents the sequence number of the operation. 2. G01 represents linear interpolation 3. X12345 will move the table 1.2345 in. in a positive direction along the X axis. ... in. along the Y axis. 5. M03 Spindle on CW. 6. EOB End of Block

Description : With the help of block diagram explain closed loop control CNC system. 

Last Answer : Special motors called servos are used for executing machine movements in closed loop system. The name indicates that the closed loop control system has a loop that is closed as shown in fig. ... to the drive unit and the cycle repeats until there is no error signal from the comparator.

Description : Explain following constructional details of CNC machines with neat sketches. (i) Hydrostatic slideways (ii) Recirculating ball screw and nut

Last Answer : (i) Hydrostatic slideways: In hydrostatic slideways, air or oil is pumped into small pockets or cavities into the carrieage or slides which are in contact with the slide ways. The pressure of ... nut strokes on the screw shaft, the balls repeat the same recirculation inside the return tube. 

Description : “CNC machine is having higher productivity than general lathe machine” Justify the statement.

Last Answer : CNC machining and conventional machining aim to achieve the same end, and both start with a raw chunk of metal or plastic and shape it into a part. CNC machine is having higher productivity than ... to cut the part, while the conventional machine would require five tools and no doubt more time.

Description : Explain axes identification of CNC machine with neat sketch

Last Answer : The first axis to be identified is the Z axis. This is then followed by the X and Y axes respectively. Z axis and motion: Location: The Z axis motion is either along the spindle axis or ... which advance right-hand screws in the positive X, Y and Z directions respectively. 

Description : Describe procedural steps for developing CNC part programme. 

Last Answer : Procedure for developing part program There are two methods of part programming: manual part program and computer assisted part programming. Manual part programming: 1. To prepare a part program using the ... . 5. The NC system machines (makes) the part according to the instructions on tape. 

Description : With neat sketch explain the working principle of CNC machines. 

Last Answer : Working Principle of CNC machine:- A CNC machine also has a tape reader or any other input media for entry of the part program. CNC uses the part program in a different manner though there is ... to the reference. These two signals are compared and necessary action is controlled.   Or  

Description : Differentiate between conventional machines and CNC machine.

Last Answer : Answer: 

Description : Give the classifications of CNC machines according to number of axes. 

Last Answer : Answer: Classification of CNC machines according to number of axes 1. 2 axes CNC Machine 2. 3 axes CNC Machine 3. 4 axes CNC Machine 4. 5axes CNC Machine

Description : Draw and explain axis configuration as per ISO, for horizontal spindle CNC machines.

Last Answer : Axis Configuration for Horizontal Spindle CNC Machines: The first axis to be identified is the Z axis. This is then followed by the X and Y axes respectively. Z Axis and ... are in the directions which advance right-hand screws in the positive X, Y and Z directions respectively.  

Description : Explain any four reference position used on CNC machines. 

Last Answer : Reference positions used on CNC machine:   There are three reference positions on CNC machine: 1. Machine zero point 2. Work zero point 3. Tool home position 4.Reference point 1. ... by limit switches. The slide positions are reported to the control by the slides approaching.

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Last Answer : Tools used on Turning Centre: 1. External Turning Tools: 2. Boring Bars:   3. Drills:   4. Threading Tools:   5. Parting Tools:   A. On the Basis of Cutting Tool Construction: ( ... (HCS). (c) Cast alloy. (d) Cemented carbide. (e) Ceramics. (f) Boron Nitride. (g) Diamond. 

Description : Differentiate between CNC and DNC machines.

Last Answer : Differentiate between CNC and DNC machines: S. N. CNC DNC 1 In CNC, Far off controlling of operation is not possible DNC facilitates far-flung control  2 ... DNC now not only controls the equipment; however, also serves as a part of administration statistics system.

Description : Classify CNC machines.

Last Answer : Classification of CNC machines. A. According to control loop feedback system: 1) Open - loop system 2) Closed - loop system B. According to type of tool motion control system: 1) Finite ... D. According to type of controller: 1) NC based controller system 2) CNC based controller system

Description : Name four component of CNC machine and write their functions.

Last Answer : Components of CNC machines The various components of CNC system are :- 1) Program Input Device:- It is the medium of transmitting the part program to the computer. Three commonly used program input ... to facilitate a two way communication between the user, CNC system and the machine tool.

Description : List the components of NC machines.

Last Answer : Components of NC Machines: 1. Program input device  2. Memory storage 3. Microprocessor 4. Machine control Unit (MCU) 5. Drive system 6. Machine Tool 7. Feedback system 8. Programmable logic controller (PLC) 9. Machine control panel 10. Operator control panel 11. Tape Reader

Description : Explain the shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) processes with neat sketch. State its two advantages and disadvantages.

Last Answer : Working  : Shielded metal arc welding uses a metallic consumable electrode of a proper composition for generating arc between itself and the parent work piece. The molten electrode metal fills the weld ... . 2. Weld may contain slag inclusions 3. Fumes make difficult the process control.

Description : State any two advantages of forging process. 

Last Answer : Advantages of forging processes: 1) Complex shaped parts can be forged 2) Mass production with greater accuracy is achieved. 3) It is very easy to maintain close tolerances. 4) ... highly skilled operator. 6) Better reproducibility. 7) Machining is not necessary to obtain final shape 

Description : State advantages and limitations of honing process. 

Last Answer : Advantages: 1. Less complex or low cost fixtures. 2. It is highly accurate. 3. It can be used for both long and short bores. 4. It maintains original bore centerline. 5. Any ... rotated or supported. If the workpiece is thin, even hand pressure may cause a slightly oval hole. 

Description : State various advantages and limitations of forging processes. 

Last Answer : Answer: Advantages of forging processes  1) Complex shaped parts can be forged 2) Mass production with greater accuracy is achieved. 3) It is very easy to maintain close tolerances. 4) ... cannot be produced by forging. 8) Rapid oxidation of metal surface at high temperature wears the dies 

Description : State four advantages and limitations of forging.

Last Answer : Advantages of Forging: 1. Strength: i. Forging reduces the failures. ii. High strength to weight ratio. iii. It can be able to withstand fluctuating stress caused by sudden shock loading. ... be produced by forging. 8. Rapid oxidation of metal surface at high temperature wears the dies.

Description : State four advantages of welding.

Last Answer : Advantages of Welding Process: 1) It produce permanent joint. 2) Large number of metals can be welded. 3) Freedom in design. 4) Strong and tight joining 5) Cost effectiveness 6) Simplicity of welded structures design 7) Welding processes may be mechanized and automated.

Description : In which machine we get feedback? a.Lathe machine b.NC machine c.CNC machine d.Milling machine

Last Answer : c.CNC machine

Description : ……… is a group of words or coded instruction for the NC/CNC system to execute aparticular movement. a.Sequence b.Address c.Code d.Block

Last Answer : d.Block

Description : Computer will perform the data processing functions in a.NC b.CNC c.DNC d.None of the mentioned

Last Answer : b.CNC

Description : Explain the resistance spot welding process with neat sketch. State its two advantage and disadvantage. 

Last Answer : Resistance Spot welding: Spot welding is employed to join overlapping strips, sheets or plates of metal at small areas .The pieces are assembled between two electrodes, which must possess high electrical & thermal ... for making the RSW a success. 4. The thick jobs are not easy to weld. 

Description : Draw flatter and Fuller. State its use in forging.

Last Answer : 1. Fuller: Use of Fuller: Fuller is a forging tool, used to spread the metal. The fuller is placed against the metal stock, and then either the fuller or the stock is struck ... are used to give smoothness and accuracy to articles which have already been shaped by fullers and swages. 

Description : State the meaning of G90, G91.

Last Answer : Meaning of following G-Codes: G90 :- Absolute Dimensioning G91:- Incremental Dimensioning

Description : What is interpolation? State its types. Explain linear interpolation with neat sketch

Last Answer : Definition : When the feed rates of individual axis are not constant and they vary continuously through the move it is called interpolation. Following are the types of interpolation: 1. G00- Rapid Traverse 2. ... to clear the job for loading /Unloading N9 M02 EOB  Programme End.  

Description : Name the different types of presses used in industry. State the working principle of press. 

Last Answer : Types of presses used in industry: According to Source of power to ram: 1. Crank 2. Cam 3. Eccentric 4. Power screw 5. Rack and pinion 6. Toggle 7. ... ) hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and respectively working on principle of Pascal law, Mechanical Pressure and Pneumatic Pressure.

Description : State the factors on which weldability depends.

Last Answer : Factors on which weldability depends: 1. Material grade, material thickness, design, weld property requirement 2. Equipment type, edge preparation design 3. Tip / work piece distance, ... Cost of materials 15. Code or specification requirements 16. Mechanical properties desired in joints

Description : State function of preparatory and miscellaneous code with two examples each.

Last Answer : Function of Preparatory Code (G-Code): Preparatory functions are the G-codes that identify the type of activities the machine will execute. [1] A program block may contain one or more G-codes. [2 ... (CW) Rotation M06 Tool Change M08 Coolant On M09 Coolant Off M30 Program Stop and Tape Rewind

Description : State canned cycle & subroutines.

Last Answer : Canned cycle (Fixed cycle): It is defined as a set of instructions, inbuilt or stored in the system memory, to perform a fixed sequence of operations. [1] It reduces programming time and ... also called as sub programs. [4] After completion of subroutine the control returns to main program. 

Description : State blasting and tumbling.

Last Answer : 1. Blasting (Abrasive blast cleaning): This method is widely used for removing all classes of scale and rust from forgings, Castings, weld elements, and heat treated parts. Depending on the finish ... by friction a fine cutting action which removes fins, flashes, and scales from the products. 

Description : Enlist die accessories and state function of knock out

Last Answer : Die Accessories are as follows: 1) Stops a)Button stop b) Lever stop 2) Pilot a)Direct pilot b)Indirect Pilot 3) Knock out 4) Strippers a) Fixed stripper b) Spring ... Pad Knock out: The function of knock out is to eject the finished components from the die cavity. 

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Last Answer : Shut Height- The space available between the press bed or bolster and the slide or ram is called the shut height. It is always measured with the press shut or at bottom dead center. It may ... the motion. Stroke length relates to speed ranges, the longer the stroke the slower the press speed range.

Description : Classify forging. State Fullering

Last Answer : Answer: Classification of forging processes 1.Open die forging: a) Hand forging b) Power forging: i. Hammer forging ii. Press forging 2.Close die forging: a) Drop forging b) ... The force is applied on the top fuller which results in decreasing the cross section at that point.  

Description : State objective of surface cleaning.

Last Answer : Objective of surface cleaning is to remove oil and grease from machined surface when extreme cleanliness is required.

Description : State the function of „G‟ Codes and „M‟ codes with any two examples.

Last Answer : G Codes ( Preparatory Functions) The preparatory function instructs the machine tool to get prepared for the operation to follow, the preparatory function is represented by two digits preceded by letter G e.g. ... . i) M02 - Program end ii) M06 - Tool change iii) M08 - Coolant ON

Description : State the procedure for developing the part program. 

Last Answer : Procedure for developing part program There are two methods of part programming:- A) Manual Part Programming: To prepare a part program using the manual method 1) The programmer writes the ... verified for accuracy. 5)The NC system machine makes the part according to the instructions on tape