For which of the following creatures is fat the greatest percentage of body weight? a) termite b) blue whale c) zebra d) female lion

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Description : Which animal produces the biggest baby? (1) Camel (2) Lion (3) Elephant (4) Blue Whale

Last Answer : (4) Blue Whale Explanation: Births in elephants tend to take place during the rains. Calves are born 85 cm (33 in) tall and weigh around 120 kg (260 lb). The sperm whale produces the largest baby that ... years to reach a weight. of 26,000 kg (26 tones). No other living creature grows so quickly.

Description : Which animal produces the biggest baby ? (1) Camel (2) Lion (3) Elephant (4) Blue Whale

Last Answer : Blue Whale

Description : Which one of the following set belongs to the class Mammalia? (1) Lion, Hippopotamus, Penguin, Bat (2) Lion, Bat, Whale, Ostrich (3) Hippopotamus, Penguin, Whale, Kangaroo (4) Whale, Bat, Kangaroo, Hippopotamus

Last Answer : (4) Whale, Bat, Kangaroo, Hippopotamus Explanation: Mammals are members of class Mammalia, air-breathing vertebrate animals characterized by the possession of endothermy, hair, three middle ear bones ... sheep, goats belong to Order Artiodactyla; Order Cetacea: whales, dolphins and porpoises; etc.

Description : In which one of the following sets of animals do all the four give birth to young ones? (a) Kangaroo, hedgehog, dolphin, Loris (b) Lion, bat, whale, ostrich (c) Platypus, penguin, bat, hippopotamus (d) Shrew, bat, cat, kiwi

Last Answer : (a) Kangaroo, hedgehog, dolphin, Loris

Description : Which one of the following set belongs to the class Mammalia ? (1) Lion, Hippopotamus, Penguin, Bat. (2) Lion, Bat, Whale, Ostrich (3) Hippopotamus, Penguin, Whale, Kangaroo (4) Whale, Bat, Kangaroo, Hippopotamus

Last Answer : Whale, Bat, Kangaroo, Hippopotamus

Description : What is the weight of blue whale ?

Last Answer : It weighs 140 tons , which is equal to the largest 25 elephants or 115 giraffes. Many blue whales can weigh up to 200 tons.

Description : I'm blue at day and black at night; I do contain some creatures born and died. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Sea water.

Description : What is the fat of whale called?

Last Answer : Blubber

Description : What is the Percentage of body weight that is fat when compared to other tissue?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : How much food does a blue whale eat in a day?

Last Answer : A blue whale can eat 4 to 8 tons of krill per day. hope that answers your question

Description : Is a blue whale heavier than an elephant?

Last Answer : A blue whales tongue weight approximately 3 metric tons. Thelength of the skull on an average is around 19 feet and so thetongue can be around the same size. Its mouth is large enough tohold 90 metric tons of food and water.

Description : Where to find krill (blue whale food) ?

Last Answer : Thousands of crores of krills live in the cold seas of the North and South Poles. In the summer, blue whales come to the polar sea in search of food.

Description : How fast can a blue whale swim ?

Last Answer : They can swim at speeds of up to 5 miles per hour , but most of the time they can swim at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Description : What is blue whale skin like?

Last Answer : Its skin is smooth and somewhat elastic like a full-boiled egg (when pressed it moves back to its previous place) , and slippery like wet soap.

Description : How long can a blue whale breathe once and for all ?

Last Answer : The blue whale can stay up under the water for about 30 minutes by breathing up and down. But when he travels long distances , he rises to the surface after 2 to 5 minutes to catch his breath.

Description : How to eat blue whale food krill ?

Last Answer : The krill is a tiny creature. A kind of fish like krill shrimp , its color is very pale-pink , and in size is equal to the little finger of our hand.

Description : How many teeth does blue whale have?

Last Answer : blue whales have baleen this is a type of broom bristle fiber and it is only located on the top of its mouth this helps it swallow its favorite fish herring.

Description : How much plankton does a blue whale eat in a day?

Last Answer : Blue Whales are Carnivores. Its favorite food is "Krill". An Adult blue whale can kill upto 40 million krill per day. They can eat nearly 3500 kilograms of krill in a single day. They ... and other small aquatic creatures and then filters and push the water out. All remaining animals are swallowed.

Description : Which is bigger a blue whale or whale shark?

Last Answer : Blue Whale

Description : _______ is an example of vulnerable species. a) dodo b)African wild dog c)cheetah d)blue whale

Last Answer : c)cheetah

Description : “The blue whale can produce sounds up to 188 decibels. ” 

Last Answer : This is the loudest sound produced by a living animal and can been detected as far away as 530 miles!

Description : What is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger?

Last Answer : It would be a Tigon, because the male was a tiger, so their half of the name goes first.

Description : Answer: b, c The body contains fuel reserves which it can mobilize and utilize during times of starvation or stress. By far the greatest energy component is fat, which is calorically dense since it ... liver and free glucose have a trivial caloric value of less than 1000 kcal for a 70 kg male

Last Answer : Which of the following statement(s) is/are true concerning the indications and administration of nutritional support to cancer patients? a. Preoperative nutritional support should be provided to all ... total parenteral nutrition solutions maintain integrity of the small bowel e. None of the above

Description : How much should I budget for regular termite prevention per month?

Last Answer : I'm in NC and currently pay $65 to $100 quarterly. Why don't you ask for quotes from several pest control companies ? ? The factor has never had problems is not part of the pricing ... cost of people and product they put down. There may be an existing termite control company for the property.

Description : Is termite extermination safe for household pets?

Last Answer : answer:I'd definitely remove the pets and all their supplies for at least 48 hours. But..I do not know for sure the toxicity issues. I would call your vet and maybe poison control. The exterminators ... dangers, but they are in the poison biz. so I wouldn't take thier reassurances as gospel. lol

Description : What is Termite Control in Jersey City, Nj?

Last Answer : Get'mPestControl provides the best termite control services for your home in Jersey City, Nj. Now you can get the termite control services with the 100% satisfaction guarantee from

Description : Are there organic measures for termite control?

Last Answer : There are organic measures for termite control. That would be using a natural predator to the termite, like the nematodes or ants. But this will not help if the termites have already invested a house.

Description : What are some DIY termite control options?

Last Answer : Do It Yourself (DIY) Termite Control These include do it yourself termite control methods such as termite baiting and the use of termite stakes. These are tired and tested termite control ... . For more serious termite problems we strongly suggest using the services of a professional exterminator.

Description : Who provides the best termite control service in the area local to Madison, Wisconsin?

Last Answer : There are many termite and pest control services in Madison, Wisconsin. You can look online to find reviews and compare termite control services in your area.

Description : Who do I call for local termite control?

Last Answer : Your local yellow pages are the best bet. Looking under "pest control" should yield some promising results.

Description : Where is a good termite exterminator?

Last Answer : Terminex and Orkin are two of the leading companies in insect extermination. They both have very good reviews, and very reputable companies. Their pricing is very competive, so you just need to choose the best one for you.

Description : Signs of Termite Infestation?

Last Answer : It takes only a few termites to completely wreak havoc on a home. If a termite problem is left untreated, there can be several thousand dollars worth of damage that a homeowner will be forced to pay ... that appears to be breaking down for no reason. This could mean that you have a termite problem.

Description : What should I do when I know I have a termite problem?

Last Answer : People with termites should call a terminator company. Houses that have termites need to be treated by a bug company, a company that will get rid of the bugs and termites.

Description : How often do termite exterminators need to inspect your home?

Last Answer : It depends on in what part of the country you live. Some experts say once a year and if you have ever had termites you may even need twice a year inspections.

Description : How does one detect termite nests?

Last Answer : One detects termites having eaten wood along the foundation of their home by the crumbling apart of wood and little white insect larve called termites. Termites when mature look like ants with wings. They will be living under that rotten wood when you pull it apart from the foundation.

Description : Where is a good termite exterminator located in my area?

Last Answer : You might want to consider checking for local results to find a good termite exterminator. You have to fill in your post code and search for "exterminator" in the search box. I hope you will find a solution very soon.

Description : How can I find a termite nest?

Last Answer : When searching for termite nests, the best places to look are in 'voids' or hollow spaces. For example, hollow pillars, even in between walls where insulation is used. For starters look for soft, moisture damaged wood.

Description : What all natural termite treatments are effective?

Last Answer : Natural termite prevention treatment is the use of control without using chemicals. A natural termite treatment is always great way to keep our environment healthy and environmentally friendly.

Description : Where can I find a termite exterminator in the Santa Monica, Ca area?

Last Answer : Hydrex Termite & Pest Control Company is one of the company that provides support for termite problems, their website is

Description : Need do it yourself termite control advice?

Last Answer : My next door neighbor had to have his house tented for termites and I'm a little worried that some have made to way into my home. Is there any do it yourself treatments that I can use to control termites and prevent having to spend money on an exterminator?

Description : Options for home termite treatment?

Last Answer : Tenting a home for termite treatment is called a generalized treatment. There is another method called localized treatment that does not need the whole structure to be covered. during this treatment, ... get rid of the termites. Results depend on how accurate the localization of the termites is.

Description : Which naturally occurring element in the rice husk makes it termite resistant?

Last Answer : Silicon

Description : Moniliform antennae present in —- a. Termite b. Honey bee c. House fly d. Weevils

Last Answer : a. Termite

Description : Most serious pest of Wheat is — a. Termite b. Thrips c. Cut worms d. Leaf hoppers

Last Answer : a. Termite

Description : Describe in brief termite proofing.

Last Answer : Termite proofing:  In building construction, wooden materials are used for doors, window frames, furniture, electric boxes etc. These have tendency to be attacked by termites or white ants and ... the holes are made around the building and then termite proof chemicals are put into those holes.

Description : Protozoans living within the digestive tract of a termite and digesting the cellulose the termite takes in is an example what?


Description : Three of the potions the Plaid Wizard often works with are Star Sand, Diamond Dirt, and Liquid Light. If the formula that represents the amount of Star Sand in a creature's body is given by S(t)=16⋅(1/7)^t, what is the half-life of Star Sand?

Last Answer : Enter your answer as a number rounded to two decimal places, like this: 4.25

Description : Is it bad for a 28-year-old female to have 9% body fat?

Last Answer : That’s pretty close to what mine was, early and mid twenties. Why would you think it might be unhealty? My bp was 80 over sixty. My energy was top notch. I could fling around my own weight one handed.

Description : I want to make a gel candle with a Zebra patern, but don't know how to make black gel, any ideas?

Last Answer : food coloring?

Description : If racism existed in the animal kingdom, would eating a zebra be considered a hate crime?

Last Answer : panthers oppressed by leopards (who, as we know, never change). black bears mistrusted by brown bears – both of whom are misunderstood by polar bears. yellow fin tuna and red ahi tuna would earn more academic scholarships and aid. In short…it would be a jungle.