What is the name of the 6 carbon monosaccharide that is the universal cellular fuel of plants and animals?

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Description : The carbon atom wh ich becomes asymmetric when the straight chain form of monosaccharide changes into ring form is known as CARBOHYDRATES AND CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM 9 (A) Anomeric carbon atom (B) Epimeric carbon atom (C) Isomeric carbon atom (D) None of these

Last Answer : A

Description : The designation D or Lbefore the name of a monosaccharide (a) indicates the direction of rotation of polarized light. (b) indicates the length of the carbon chain in the carbohydrate. (c) ... the primary alcohol group. (d) indicates the position of the asymmetric carbon atoms in the carbohydrate.

Last Answer : indicates the position of the OH group on the carbon next to the primary alcohol group.

Description : What do animals with the carbon dioxide produced in their cells during cellular respiration?

Last Answer : oof

Description : Mitochondria can be considered the ____________of the cell because they generate an enormous amount of cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to fuel the cell.

Last Answer : “Power plant” or “Power house”

Description : What is the difference between a monosaccharide and a polysaccharide?

Last Answer : A: A monosaccharide is a simple sugar, while a polysaccharide is a complex carbohydrate made up of many monosaccharide units.

Description : which polysaccharide contains a modified monosaccharide? -General Knowledge

Last Answer : D) cellulose is the answer.

Description : What does the word monosaccharide mean? -Biology

Last Answer : answer:

Description : What monosaccharide is produced from photosynthesis that is a primary source of energy for cells?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Which is a basic unit of a sugar molecule monosaccharide amino acid fatty acid nucleotide?

Last Answer : Monosaccharide

Description : Polysaccharides (A) Contain many monosaccharide units which may or may not be of the same kind (B) Function mainly a storage or structural compounds (C) Are present in large amounts in connective tissue (D) All of these

Last Answer : D

Description : The smallest monosaccharide having furanose ring structure is (A) Erythrose (B) Ribose (C) Glucose (D) Fructose

Last Answer : B

Description : An L-isomer of monosaccharide formed in human body is (A) L-fructose (B) L-Erythrose (C) L-Xylose (D) L-Xylulose

Last Answer : D

Description : Starch is a (A) Polysaccharide (B) Monosaccharide (C) Disaccharide (D) None of these

Last Answer : A

Description : A dissaccharide formed by 1,1-glycosidic linkage between their monosaccharide units is (A) Lactose (B) Maltose (C) Trehalose (D) Sucrose

Last Answer : B

Description : A dissaccharide formed by 1,1-glycosidic linkage between their monosaccharide units is (A) Lactose (B) Maltose (C) Trehalose (D) Sucrose

Last Answer : C

Description : The monosaccharide units are linked by 1 → 4 glycosidic linkage in (A) Maltose (B) Sucrose (C) Cellulose (D) Cellobiose

Last Answer : A

Description : Consider the following statements: (1) Cutin is a fatty acid polymer (2) Starch is a fatty acid polymer (3) Sucrose is monosaccharide (4) Maltose is polymer of fructose

Last Answer : Ans. ((b))

Description : Monosaccharide contains

Last Answer : Ans. Glucose, Fructose, Galactose and Mannose

Description : The formulae of monosaccharide

Last Answer : Ans. C6H12O6

Description : What are Lipids? (1) Lipids are monosaccharide (2) Lipids do not provide energy to cells (3) Fruits are a good source of lipids (4) Cholesterol and trans fatty acids are types of Lipids

Last Answer : (4) Cholesterol and trans fatty acids are types of Lipids Explanation: Lipids are a group of naturally occurring molecules that include fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins (such as ... -, monoglycerides, and phospholipids), as well as other sterol= containing metabolites such as cholesterol.

Description : The rate of absorption of sugars in intestine is highest for which monosaccharide? 

Last Answer : Absorption rate of galactose is more than glucose, while fructose is absorbed at a lesser rate than glucose.

Description : Which is the most common monosaccharide in the body?

Last Answer : Glucose.

Description :  What is a monosaccharide?

Last Answer : Molecules having only one actual or potential sugar group are called monosaccharides.

Description : The monosaccharide obtained by hydrolysis of starch is : (a) D-Glucose (b) Maltose (c) D-Galactose (d) D-Ribose

Last Answer : D-Glucose

Description : Which of the following statements is false about an aldohexose? (a) It is a monosaccharide. (b) It contains a potential aldehyde group. (c) α-D-Glucopyranose is an aldohexose. (d) Fructose is an aldohexose

Last Answer : Fructose is an aldohexose

Description : Glucose cannot be classified as (a) a hexose (b) an oligosaccharide (c) an aldose (d) a monosaccharide

Last Answer : an oligosaccharide

Description : Which of the following is not a monosaccharide? (a) Ribose (b) Fructose (c) Sucrose (d) Glucose

Last Answer : Sucrose

Description : Which is a monosaccharide? (a) Sucrose (b) Maltose (c) Galactose (d) Cellulose

Last Answer : Galactose

Description : Which of the following is true about sucrose? (a) It hydrolyzes to fructose and glucose. (b) It is a reducing sugar. (c) It is a monosaccharide. (d) It undergoes mutarotation in water.

Last Answer : It hydrolyzes to fructose and glucose.

Description : A carbohydrate composed of three to ten sugar molecules is called a(n) : (a) disaccharide (b) oligosaccharide (c) polysaccharide (d) monosaccharide

Last Answer : oligosaccharide

Description : A compound gives a positive Tollens' test but negative Ninhydrin test. It is (a) a protein (b) an amino acid (c) a monosaccharide (d) pyridine

Last Answer : a monosaccharide

Description : Which one of the following statements is not true of RNA? a. RNA contains the monosaccharide ribose. b. RNA is primarily a single-stranded molecule. c. RNA has a sugar-phosphate backbone. d. RNA contains five different nucleotides.

Last Answer : d. RNA contains five different nucleotides.

Description : Sucrose is a (A) Monosaccharide (B) Disaccharide (C) Polysaccharide (D) None of these

Last Answer : (B) Disaccharide

Description : Fructose is a ____ that is approximately 75 percent sweeter than sucrose. a. monosaccharide c. peptide b. disaccharide d. polypeptide

Last Answer : a. monosaccharide

Description : Which compound is a monosaccharide? w) maltose x) sucrose y) glucose z) glycogen

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- GLUCOSE

Description : Starch is the polymer of what monosaccharide?


Description : Sucrose, ordinary table sugar, may be classified as a: w) Monosaccharide x) Disaccharide y) Polysaccharide z) Oligosaccharide


Description : What is the term for a society centered around the cultivation of animals and plants for food fuel and other products?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : What form does carbon take after photosynthesis What form does carbon take after cellular respiration?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : In cellular respiration six carbon molecule convert into?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : How is carbon dioxide released by cellular respiration transported from the tissues to be eliminated through the lungs?

Last Answer : In vertebrates almost 70% of the carbon dioxide is transported by the blood in the form of bicarbonate, 25% bound to hemoglobin and 5% dissolved in the plasma.

Description : What is the stage of cellular respiration during which carbon dioxide is liberated?

Last Answer : In aerobic cellular respiration the release of carbon dioxide happens in the transformation of pyruvic acid into acetyl-CoA (two molecules) and in the Krebs cycle (four molecules). For each glucose molecule, six carbon dioxide molecules are made.

Description : Why is aversion to skunk odor so universal among animals?

Last Answer : Foxes use a similar defense mechanism. Except they don't spray it comes from their skin. The reason animals back of from the smell is because if you get close enough, and enough, gets in ... will likely make all the animals, birds squirrels chipmunks mice and deer, migrate to the neighbors garden.

Description : (A) The archaeological studies are based on the radioactive decay of carbon-14 isotope. (R ) The ratio of C-14 to C-12 in the animals of plants is the

Last Answer : (A) The archaeological studies are based on the radioactive decay of carbon-14 isotope. (R ) The ratio of C ... D. If both (A) and (R ) are incorrect.

Description : how carbon transferred from plants to animals?

Last Answer : easy

Description : Do Cellular respiration occurs mostly IN plants nucleus?

Last Answer : No. Cellular respiration occurs mostly in the mitochondria (the "powerhouse of the cell") and in the cytoplasm (the fluid filling the cell).

Description : The initiation of a humoral immune response involves a complex interaction of the antigen, cells and intercellular messengers. Which of the following statement(s) concerning the initiation of the ... various cellular components of the immune system d. An antigen must be a living microorganism

Last Answer : Answer: a, b Stimulation of the immune system occurs after a variety of antigen-presenting cells (B lymphocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, and Langerhans cells) act to engulf ... polysaccharides), most antigens require coordinated efforts of the various cellular components of the immune system

Description : Answer: a, b, c, d Free oxygen radicals are chemical species that are intermediates in the normal process of cellular respiration. Oxidants that are free radicals have been implicated as initiators of ... a. C-reactive protein b. Serum amyloid c. a -Proteinase inhibitor d. Fibrinogen e. Albumin

Last Answer : Answer: a, b, c, d The acute-phase response is a series of homeostatic responses of the organism to tissue injury in infection and inflammation. After an inflammatory stimulus occurs, a number ... 30% to 50% of the level before injury. The reason for the decrease in production is poorly understood

Description : In cellular system, the average lead time to install a new base station is approximately ____ months to a year. A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 10

Last Answer : C. 6