If two brown haired parents, with recessive genes for blonde hair, have children, what are the chances of them having a blonde baby?

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Description : Is it possible for two blue-eyed, blonde-haired people to have a dark-haired, brown-eyed child?

Last Answer : She might be adopted. That’s not a bad thing.

Description : If both parents are carriers for thalassaemia, which is an autosomal recessive disorder, what are the chances of pregnancy resulting in an affected child? (a) 25% (b) 100% (c) No chance (d) 50%

Last Answer : 25%

Description : How to dye hair back to brown once it has bleach blonde highlights?

Last Answer : answer:Yes. Just know the color will fall out quickly, so you might have to redo every 4 weeks for three months, and get a trim every 6 weeks to get rid of the hair that was highlighted ... first, so if you are not happy it will wash out quickly and completely. i really like natural instincts.

Description : I just high lighted my hair, going from dark brown to a golden almost blonde in some areas. What can I use to lighten my eyebrows just a tad?

Last Answer : My girl is a hair stylist and she recommends NEVER lightening or tinting your brows. Reason being that it will be very noticeable if the tint isn’t right and your facial complexion and features will clash. :)

Description : I was born a blonde. I lived with the brown hair. I died a redhead. And buried as a brunette. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : A Match.

Description : In dogs wire hair (D) is dominant over smooth hair (d) . If two wire haired dogs produce a smooth haired pup , the genotypes of the parent?

Last Answer : Both parents are Dd. They express the dominant gene but carry the recessive one, so there's a 25% chance that the pup will express the recessive one. If either parent was DD, then it would be impossible to produce a pup that expresses the recessive gene.

Description : Is cat hair a problem with short haired cats like Siamese?

Last Answer : They can still have all the same problems with fur. It’s just less fur. Some people who aren’t allergic to cats, will have terrible allergy problems with Siamese cat’s hair….

Description : Is hair loss on a short-haired puppy normal?

Last Answer : It could be demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange. I would give a vet a call.

Description : Blue eye colour is recessive to brown eye colour. A brown eyed man whose mother was blue eyed marries a blue-eyed woman. The children will be (a) both blue eyed and brown eyed 1 : 1 (b) all brown eyed (c) all blue eyed (d) blue eyed and brown eyed 3 : 1.

Last Answer : (a) both blue eyed and brown eyed 1 : 1

Description : Outbreeding is an important strategy of animal husbandry because it (a) is useful in overcoming inbreeding depression (b) exposes harmful recessive genes that are eliminated by selection (c) helps in accumulation of superior genes (d) is useful in producing purelines of animals.

Last Answer : (a) is useful in overcoming inbreeding depression

Description : Select the incorrect statement. (a) Inbreeding helps in accumulation of superior genes and elimination of undesirable genes. (b) Inbreeding increases homozygosity. (c) Inbreeding is essential to ... any animal. (d) Inbreeding selects harmful recessive gene that reduce fertility and productivity.

Last Answer : (d) Inbreeding selects harmful recessive gene that reduce fertility and productivity.

Description : The colour blindness is more likely to occur in males than in females because (a) the Y-chromosome of males have the genes for distinguishing colours (b) genes for characters are located on the sex- chromosomes (c) the trait is dominant in males and recessive in females (d) none of these.

Last Answer : (b) genes for characters are located on the sex- chromosomes

Description : The recessive genes located on X-chromosome humans are always (a) lethal (b) sub-lethal (c) expressed in males (d) expressed in females.

Last Answer : (c) expressed in males

Description : Sickle cell anaemia has not been eliminated from the African population because (a) it is controlled by dominant genes (b) it is controlled by recessive genes (c) it is not a fatal disease (d) it provides immunity against malaria

Last Answer : (d) it provides immunity against malaria.

Description : Fruit colour in squash is an example of (a) recessive epistasis (b) dominant epistasis (c) complementary genes (d) inhibitory genes.

Last Answer : (a) recessive epistasis

Description : RR (Red) Antirrhinum is crossed with white (WW) one. Offspring RW are pink. This is an example of (a) dominant-recessive (b) incomplete dominance (c) hybrid (d) supplementary genes.

Last Answer : (b) incomplete dominance

Description : Which of the following events occurred first? (1) DNA structure of genes was discovered by James D Watson and Francis Crick (2) Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space (3) World's first human heart ... by Dr. Christian Barnard (4) World's first test tube baby Louise Brown was born in U.K.

Last Answer : (1) DNA structure of genes was discovered by James D Watson and Francis Crick Explanation: Discovery of DNA structure of genes: 25 April, 1953; Yuri Gagarin's feat of becoming the first man in space: ... human heart transplant: 3 December, 1967; and World's first test tube baby: 25 July, 1978.

Description : Which of the following events occurred first ? (1) DNA structure of genes was discovered by James D Watson and Francis Crick (2) Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space (3) World's first human heart ... by Dr. Christian Barnard (4) World's first test tube baby Louise Brown was born in U.K

Last Answer :  DNA structure of genes was discovered by James D Watson and Francis Crick

Description : What home hair dye do you recommend for highlighting or going blonde?

Last Answer : I’d sure go to a hair salon. This is your head, you know? You’re going to wear it everywhere you go (as long as you don’t lose it).

Description : What are some great hair masks to treat dry,brittle blonde hair?

Last Answer : answer:If nothing else, it would make a tasty omelette. I’m not sure that the olive (oil) and the honey will mix particularly well.

Description : How can I make ashy pale blonde hair streaks a golden blonde?

Last Answer : I would go to a salon and have them do it.

Description : How can I dye my medium ash blonde hair to warm golden blonde?

Last Answer : Go buy some hair dye. You can buy a temporary so if you don’t like the color you can just wash it out. Look for neutral or warm tones.

Description : Can I color my hair from blonde to darker dirty blonde shade myself if I have never tried coloring it before?

Last Answer : answer:Sure. You might want to try a temporary that washes out in about 6 weeks if it's your first time. That way if the darker shade is jarring to you it will start to fade after about 3 ... are temporary if you live in America. Edit: Here is the link to the colors available. Same website.

Description : How can I tame these wild white hairs that are appearing in my long blonde hair?

Last Answer : Embrace the white.

Description : I am a redhead, how will my roots look if I dye my hair blonde?

Last Answer : Yes. Go for it.

Description : How can I get natural blonde highlights in my hair?

Last Answer : Do not use household bleach on your hair if that is what you mean. Do not use peroxide on your hair either. That will turn it red. About the only way to get blonde highlights in brown hair is to ... your hair though, you might be breaking off the ends and your hair isn't getting the chance to grow.

Description : Where should I put a chunk of blonde in my hair?

Last Answer : You should put a streak, maybe.

Description : Do people automatically assume I am dumb because I have blonde hair?

Last Answer : Only dumb people do that :)

Description : Is platinum blonde a real, natural hair color?

Last Answer : I know someone at my high school who has natural platinum blonde hair. His hair is even blonder than the lady in the picture. With his platinum blonde hair and pinkish skin, he looks like an albino. Especially with his brilliant blue eyes.

Description : I have dark hair, that is currently mostly blonde (bleached and dyed) I would like to go silver, how do I do it?

Last Answer : You can have your hair foiled and have highlights and lowlights all at the same time. This looks better and is multi colored and looks more natural than one color.

Description : Why are my eyebrows so dark if my hair is naturally blonde?

Last Answer : I have no idea ima blonde and my eyebrows are the same color maybe your just differnt

Description : Blonde, Redhead, Brunette or Jet Black. Which hair color do you like the most and do you dye your hair?

Last Answer : Hair is only as important as you deem it to be. For me, it has zero value whatsoever, I don't judge anyone at all by the time or effort they've put into their hair. My hair is board straight ... if people make assumptions about my age based on my hair and are shown to be false, all the better :)

Description : What is the origin of the word "tow" as in tow-head (a white-blonde hair color)?

Last Answer : http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=19980706

Description : what color should i die my hair it can't be bleached because it makes my hair fall out so yea blonde is out of question?

Last Answer : oh one more thing i'm a brunette and my hair is hal blonde so yea

Description : Does anyone have experience with Balea More blond lightening hair spray? I bought it, used it and it was recognizable. I have honey-blond hair, it was almost brown, and after that spray, it caught me in a ... a long time and after 2 weeks they start to darken me again, not so much, but they start.

Last Answer : 8-) I don't use I'm blond by nature .... in the summer a little more does the sun skin when tanning pulls out pigment ... so I have even lighter hair ...: D so I use the sun sleeps no need ....: D the radiolucent ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ the radiolucent

Description : i died my hair yesterday a lighter blonde but it didnt come out as bright as i wanted it. what should i do to get the right color i wanted ?

Last Answer : Hi my friend Find your favorite wines at Bright Cellars through their profiler. Try four new wines every month matched to you for $60 a month. Whether you are an experienced wine drinker or just exploring, your profile will help you discover something amazing. is.gd/ZRZvDw

Description : What lipstick goes well with dirty blonde hair?

Last Answer : A lipstick that would go really well with dirty blonde hair would be any color thats very light or natural looking . Peachy colors and very light pinky colors would be the best option.

Description : Is there a temporary hair dye to color my blonde hair purple for one day only?

Last Answer : Yes, you can get spray on hair color that will come out after one wash.

Description : In plant breeding programmes, the entire collection (of plants/seeds) having all the diverse alleles for all genes in a given crop is called (a) evaluation and selection of parents (b) germplasm collection (c) selection of superior recombinants (d) cross-hybridisation among the selected parents.

Last Answer : (b) germplasm collection

Description : Will manipulation of human baby genes make them more resistant to disease?

Last Answer : Isn’t that what Hitler was trying to do? Create a super race? It wouldn’t stop at disease free humans. It would start dictating hair and eye color, intelligence level, height, and on and on. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Description : How do I add TOPICS to my profile? Am having a real blonde day.

Last Answer : I think one way is to hover your cursor over a topic in an OP, and then click on the option to add it.

Description : When Gregor Mendel crossed true-breeding tall plants with true-breeding short plants, all the offspring were tall because a. the allele for tall plants is recessive. b. the allele for short plants is dominant. c. the allele for tall plants is dominant. d. they were true-breeding like their parents.

Last Answer : c. the allele for tall plants is dominant.

Description : Gregor Mendel concluded that traits are a. not inherited by offspring. b. inherited through the passing of factors from parents to offspring. c. determined by dominant factors only. d. determined by recessive factors only.

Last Answer : b. inherited through the passing of factors from parents to offspring.

Description : Should bald people be charged the same as fully-haired men at the barber shop?

Last Answer : Yes. Those foldovers are hard to trim properly.

Description : Do all red-haired women really have short fuses?

Last Answer : answer:One of my very favourite childhood friends is a redhead and she is an extremely friendly, sociable, approachable, and easygoing person. I don't remember her ever losing her temper on anyone. If she has a ... them. Even I have wished I was born with red hair at at least one point in my life.

Description : Does it look funny to you when grizzled gray-haired guys do raging rock-and-roll?

Last Answer : I love seeing dinosaurs like the Grateful Dead or Rolling Stones up on stage doing their thing – it gives me hope that when I get old I’ll still have the passion and enthusiasm that I did when I was young.

Description : Are ginger haired people a race?

Last Answer : There isn’t such thing as Ginger haired people! I just think it’s very stupid for people to call red heads GINGERS! There is no race in that

Description : How do you groom a short-haired dog?

Last Answer : you don’t. They will shed. You will vacuum. (you’ll groom your carpet more than the chihuahua)

Description : A short-haired guinea pig is crossed with a long-haired guinea pig. All of the F1 offspring from the cross are short-haired.Which phenotype is dominantA. long hairB. short hairC. SSD. ss?

Last Answer : Abyssinian

Description : Hello, I have a problem with my dachshund (rough-haired) about a day ago he ran outside and suddenly became sick, he fell to the side and did not stay on his feet. This problem still persists. The dog normally eats. Please advise what it could be. ? Thank you.

Last Answer : I would go to the vet quickly, we won't help you here and it's definitely not normal. You also didn't specify the age of the dog.