Which of the following describes the type of fruit characterized as a simple, dry, one-seeded indehiscent (pron: in-deh-HISS-ent) fruit with seed attached to one ovary wall at only one point. Is it: a) drupe b) achene (pron: AY-keen) c) glume (pron: gloom) d) none of the above

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Description : Dry indehiscent single-seeded fruit formed from bicarpellary syncarpous inferior ovary is (a) berry (b) cremocarp (c) caryopsis (d) cypsela.

Last Answer : (d) cypsela.

Description : The fruits which do not naturally open to shed seed are known as: a. Dehiscent fruit b. Fleshy fruit c. Dry fruit d. Indehiscent fruit

Last Answer : Indehiscent fruit

Description : Fleshy fruit with thin skin, not formed from the ovary but from another part of the plant is known as: a. Berry b. Drupe c. Stone fruit d. Pome

Last Answer : Pome

Description : Seed of strawberry fruit is: a. Achene b. True seed c. Viable seed d. Aborted seed

Last Answer : Achene

Description : Which of the following group of compounds is most soluble in water? w) alkanes (pron: ak-KANES) x) alcohols y) aldehydes (pron: al-deh-HIDES) z) alkenes (pron: al-KEENS)

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- ALCOHOLS

Description : The name of the ductless glands which secrete thei product into the circulatory system are: a) exocrine (pron: ek-seh-kren) b) apocrine (pron: ap-eh-kren) c) holocrine (pron: hoe-leh-kren) d) endocrine (pron: en-deh-kren)

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- ENDOcrine

Description : Consider the following statements: (1) The seed of pea is exalbuminous (2) The fruit of peach is drupe (3) The seed of tomato is albuminous (4) The fruit of coconut is berry

Last Answer : Ans. ((b))

Description : Almond is a drupe fruit, in which the edible portion is: a. Pericarp b. c. Seed d. Mesocarp

Last Answer : Seed

Description : In most axons, the myelin sheath is interrupted at intervals of about 1 millimeter or more. These interruptions are called the: a) glial b) nodes of Ranvier (pron: ron-vee-ay) c) collaterals d) nodes of Babinet

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- Nodes of Ranvier

Description : Strawberry is a fruit of type. a. Multiple b. Achene c. Berry d. Aggregate

Last Answer : Multiple

Description : Banana belongs to type of fruit, in which the edible portion is: a. Mesocarp b. Syconus c. Berry d. Drupe

Last Answer : Berry

Description : Ripened ovary is called as: a. Flower b. Seed c. Fruit d. Embryo

Last Answer : Fruit

Description : Metaxenia is the impact of a. Pollen on seed b. Pollen on fruit c. Pollen on ovule d. Pollen on ovary

Last Answer : Pollen on ovule

Description : The ovary of a flowering plant can develop into a: a) spore b) fruit c) cone d) seed

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- FRUIT

Description : The fruit of mango is a. False fruit b. Pome fruit c. Drupe fruit d. Stone fruit

Last Answer : Drupe fruit

Description : Cherry is a: a. Berry fruit b. Stone fruit c. Pome fruit d. Drupe

Last Answer : Stone fruit

Description : Tomato fruit is botanically a: Berry Pome Drupe Hip

Last Answer : Berry

Description : Fruit of Mangifera indica is (a) berry (b) drupe (c) capsule (d) siliqua.

Last Answer : (b) drupe

Description : Coconut fruit is a (a) berry (b) nut (c) capsule (d) drupe

Last Answer : (d) drupe.

Description : Coconut fruit is a : (1) Berry (2) Nut (3) Capsule (4) Drupe

Last Answer : 4) Drupe

Description : Select the hormone INCORRECTLY paired with its target. a) TSH - thyroid gland b) ACTH - anterior pituitary c) LH - ovary or testis d) MSH - melanocytes (pron: meh-lan-o-cite)


Description : Shamber is variety of Grape fruit in which pulp is; a. Pigmented and seedless b. White and seedless c. Pigmented but seeded d. White and seeded

Last Answer : Pigmented and seedless

Description : The hilum is a scar on the (a) fruit, where style was present (b) seed, where micropyle was present (c) seed, where funicle was attached (d) fruit, where it was attached to pedicel.

Last Answer : (c) seed, where funicle was attached

Description : Liverworts and mosses are characterized by their lack of vascular conducting tissue. These two groups of plants, liverwort and mosses, are known by which of the following terms: a) thallophytes (pron: THAL-o-fights) ... (pron: JIM-na-sperms) c) bryophytes (pron: BRIE-o-fights) d) none of the above

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- BRYOPHYTES 

Description : Which of the following structures is directly attached to the ovary? a) oviduct b) uterus c) suspensory ligaments d) vagina


Description : Unfertile stamens of mango are called. a. Sterile b. Indehiscent c. Staminoides d. Pistilloids

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Description : Hypanthodium is a specialised type of (a) fruit (b) inflorescence (c) thalamus (d) ovary.

Last Answer : (b) inflorescence

Description : Citrus is a special type of a. Berry b. Pome c. Drupe d. None of these

Last Answer : Berry

Description : Micropyle is an opening in a. Stomata b. Seed c. Ovary d. Flower

Last Answer : Seed

Description : Plant genetic material in 'Gene-Bank' is preserved at - 196° C in liquid nitrogen as (1) seedling and rneristern (2) mature seed (dry) (3) pre-mature seed (high moisture) (4) ripe fruit

Last Answer : (2) mature seed (dry) Explanation: Plant genetic material in 'GENE BANK' is preserved at -196° Celsius in Liquid Nitrogen as mature seed (dry). In plants, it is possible to unfreeze the material and propagate it.

Description : Plant genetic material in ‘GeneBank’ is preserved at – 196° C in liquid nitrogen as. (1) seedling and meristem (2) mature seed (dry) (3) pre-mature seed (high moisture) (4) ripe fruit

Last Answer : mature seed (dry)

Description : What causes an ovary to develop into a fruit? -Biology

Last Answer : After pollen grains land on the stigma, a pollen tube grows from the pollen grain, through the style, and into the ovary. Sperm cells inside the pollen grain travel down the pollen tube and into ... ovules. ... The ovary surrounding the ovules develops into a fruit that contains one or more seeds

Description : Which one of the following statements regarding post-fertilisation development in flowering plants is incorrect? (a) Ovules develop into embryo sac. (b) Ovary develops into fruit. (c) Zygote develops into embryo. (d) Central cell develops into endosperm

Last Answer : (a) Ovules develop into embryo sac.

Description : Pentamerous actinomorphic flowers, bicarpellary ovary with oblique septa, and fruit capsule or berry, are characteristic features of (a) Liliaceae (b) Asteraceae (c) Brassicaceae (d) Solanaceae.

Last Answer : (d) Solanaceae.

Description : The fruit is chambered, developed from inferior ovary and has seeds with succulent testa in (a) guava (b) cucumber (c) pomegranate (d) orange.

Last Answer : (c) pomegranate

Description : An aggregate fruit is one which develops from (a) multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium (b) multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium (c) complete inflorescence (d) multicarpellary superior ovary

Last Answer : (b) multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium

Description : 9) The process of development of ovary into fruit without fertilization is c) parthenogenesis d) parthenocarpy c) apomixis d) Apospory

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