What is the name of the organic compound whose chemical name is amygdalin (pron: a-MIG-da-lin) and is found in the pits of apricots and peaches?

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Last Answer : MIG Welding: Gas-metal-arc welding is a gas shielded metal arc welding process which uses the high heat of an electric arc between a continuously fed, consumable electrode wire and the material to be ... will not combine with metal. Carbon dioxide is most commonly used as it inexpensive.

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Last Answer : Place them in a brown paper bag on a kitchen counter, not in the fridge, until they ripen.

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Last Answer : It sounds like you just accidentally came up with a neat kids school science project. As far as the fruit goes, there’s got to be some sort of chemical breakdown that would explain it. It’s interesting though, I’ll give you that.

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Last Answer : It sounds like too many are on the branches. If you have a big fast wind it will break the branches. We make old style supports our of long wood that we make an V in the end and support the ... top and let it sit overnight. They are my favorite. We have made jam out of them in the past.

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Last Answer : We watch for the bees to start stinging them.....they are still firm...we take all of them off and keep some out to finish ripening.......the rest we don't wash but go into refrigeration and take out what we need to ripen for the next day or so.

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