If the first ionization energy of magnesium is 176 kilocalories per mole, one would expect the second ionization energy t be approximately: w) 350 kilocalories per mole x) 1,760 kilocalories per mole y) 200 kilocalories per mole z) 20 kilocalories per mole

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Description : Which of the following would have the largest THIR ionization energy? Is it: w) Boron x) Carbon y) Nitrogen z) Magnesium

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- MAGNESIUM

Description : The speed of sound (at sea level) in air is: w) 340 meters per second x) 400 meters per second y) 500 meters per second z) 760 kilometers per second

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- 340 METERS PER SECOND

Description : What is the wavelength in millimeters of a sound wave whose frequency is 35 KILOHERTZ. Assume the speed of sound is 350 METERS PER SECOND? w) 100 millimeters x) 1,000 millimeters y) 10 millimeters z) 1/10 millimeters

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 10 MILLIMETERS 

Description : Of the following choices, approximately how many times greater is the mass of a proton than the mass of an electron? w) 200 x) 2000 y) 20,000 z) 200,000 

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 2000

Description : Carlos is pulling a 40 kilogram cart with a horizontal force of 100 newtons. The force of friction on the cart is 20 newtons. The acceleration of the cart is: w) 2 meters per second squared x) 2.5 meters per second squared y) 20 meters per second squared z) 200 meters per second squared


Description : High-temperature superconductors have been in the news lately. These materials become superconductive at temperatures around w) 200 degrees Fahrenheit x) 100 degrees Fahrenheit y) -150 degrees Fahrenheit z) -350 degrees Fahrenheit

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- -350 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT  

Description : A gas occupies a volume of 0.2 L at 176 mm Hg. What volume will the gas occupy at 760 mm Hg?

Last Answer : 0.05 L

Description : A gas occupies a volume of 0.2 L at 176 mm Hg. What volume will the gas occupy at 760 mm Hg?

Last Answer : 0.05 L

Description : Which of the following elements has the highest first ionization energy? w) Helium x) Neon y) Fluorine z) Argon

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- HELIUM

Description : In general, as you move down a family the ionization energy: w) increases x) decreases y) remains the same z) increases or decreases

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- DECREASES

Description : Within a given period of the periodic table, the element with the lowest ionization energy is: w) transition metal x) alkali metal y) halogen z) noble gas


Description : As one goes across a period in the periodic table, the ionization energy generally increases for one of the following reasons. Is it because of the increasing w) atomic radius x) melting point y) nuclear charge z) density


Description : A wooden board 2 meters long, 30 centimeters wide and 4 centimeters thick floats in water with 1 centimeter of its thickness above the surface. The mass of the board is: w) 1.8 kilograms x) 18 kilograms y) 24 kilograms z) 176 kilograms

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 18 KILOGRAMS

Description : What is the value given to standard pressure in Torrs? w) 540 x) 660 y) 760 z) 780

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 760

Description : The difference in the osmotic pressures of one molar solutions of different compounds in a given solvent at a given temperature results from? w) Different values for R x) Different values for Avogadro's number y) Ionization or dissociation z) None of the above


Description : A cobalt chloride solution soaked into a piece of cotton can be used as an indicator for changes in humidity levels. Pink indicates a high-humidity environment and blue a low-humidity environment. What ... the cobalt's waters of hydration. z) This is an illustration of the Schrodinger principle.  


Description : AS A GROUP, the halogens have the largest: w) atomic radii x) Boiling points y) electronegativities z) ionization energies


Description : The noble gases have low boiling points because: w) their ionization potentials are very low x) only weak Van der Waals forces hold the atoms together y) they are produced by the fractional distillation of liquid air z) they have eight electrons in the outer shell


Description : What is the DeBroglie wavelength of a 1,200 kilogram corvette traveling at a rate of 25 meters per second? Planck's constant is equal to 6.62 x 10-34 Joule-seconds. w) 5.3 x 10-32 meters x) 5.9 x 10-34 meters y) 2.1 x 10-38 meters z) 1.6 x 10-40 meters

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 2.1 x 10-38 METERS

Description : The energy required to melt one mole of a solid at its melting point is called one of the following. w) the molar heat of fusion x) the molar hear of vaporization y) the molar heat of capacity z) the melting point


Description : An object with a mass of 5 kilograms is a distance of 5 meters above the surface of the earth. If the acceleration due to gravity is 10 meters per second squared, the potential energy of the object relative to the ... is: w) 10 joules x) 20 joules y) 100 joules z) 250 joules e) none of the above

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 250 JOULES

Description : As a 10 kilogram mass on the end of a spring passes through its equilibrium position, the kinetic energy of the mass is 20 joules. The speed of the mass is: w) 2.0 meters per second x) 4.0 meters per second y) 5.0 meters per second z) 6.3 meters per second

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- 2.0 METERS PER SECOND

Description : What If Sound travels at a speed of about 760 miles per hour and you are located at a distance of 19 miles from a very loud explosion approximately how long will it take from the time of the explosion?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : 14.696 psia = _____ mmHg  a. 760  b. 1  c. 350  d. None of the above

Last Answer : 1

Description : Two coal trains, one southbound, the other westbound, reach an over and under crossing at the same instant and each proceed at 40 kilometers per hour on their respective courses. Approximately how far apart are the lead cars two hours later, to the nearest kilometer? w) 80 x) 113 y) 136 z) 160

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 113 

Description : When a 2 kilogram mass is suspended from a spring, the spring stretches 4 cm. The force constant of the spring is approximately:+ w) .5 newtons per meter x) 5 newtons per meter y) 50 newtons per meter z) 500 newtons per meter

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 500 NEWTONS PER METER

Description : In the United States the average number of gallons per person of fresh water used per day for personal (non-industrial) use such as bathing, laundering, drinking, and the like is approximately: w) 10 gallons x) 30 gallons y) 60 gallons z) 90 gallons 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 90 GALLONS

Description : How many calories are required to raise the temperature of 20 grams of water from 40 degrees to 60 degrees? w) 40 cal x) 400 cal y) 20 cal z) 200 cal

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 400 cal

Description : One mole of electrons is known as: w) a Faraday x) a Henry y) a Coulomb z) an Ampere

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- A FARADAY

Description : Moles of solute divided by kilograms of solvent is expression for: w) molarity x) solute-to-solution ratio y) mole percentage z) molality

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- MOLALITY

Description : The complete combustion of one mole of hydrogen produces: w) 1/2 mole H2O x) 1/2 mole H2O + 1/2 mole O3 y) 1 mole water z) 1 mole hydroxide ions

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 1 MOLE WATER

Description : One equivalent of a triprotic acid is the same as: w) one mole of the acid x) one-third mole of the acid y) three moles of the acid z) three equivalents of a diprotic acid


Description : A round viewing window with a 20 centimeter diameter is installed in a tank at the Shedd Aquarium. It is 5 meters below the water surface. The force on the window is approximately: w) 1,500 Newtons x) 10,000 Newtons y) 25,000 Newtons z) 50,000 Newtons

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- 1,500 NEWTONS

Description : If all the Earth's ice melted, the increase in sea level would be approximately: w) 100 meters x) 2 meters y) 70 meters z) 20 meters

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 70 METERS

Description : Bees must collect nectar from approximately how many flowers to make 1 pound of honeycomb? Is it: w) 10 thousand x) 2 million y) 20 million z) 50 million

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 20 MILLION

Description : A car traveling at a constant velocity of 20 meters per second passes a second car which is initially at rest. The car which was at rest starts accelerating at 10 meters per second squared the instant it is passed ... car. They will meet again in: w) 2 seconds x) 4 seconds y) 6 seconds z) 8 seconds

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 4 SECONDS

Description : A 50 kilogram ice skater glides across the ice in a straight line at 7 meters per second. If she bends down and scoops up a 20 kilogram child standing on the ice, what will be the final speed of the skater ... w) 1 meter per second x) 3 meters per second y) 5 meters per second z) 7 meters per second


Description : A 500 kilogram car moving at 20 meters per second strikes a stone wall and is brought to a halt in 0.1 second. The average force of the car on the wall during impact is: w) 10 Newtons x) 1000 Newtons y) 10,000 Newtons z) 100,000 Newtons

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 100,000 NEWTONS

Description : If a sled has a constant acceleration of 2 meters per second squared and starts from rest, the distance in meters that it will have covered after 5 seconds is: w) 10 meters x) 20 meters y) 25 meters z) 50 meters

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 25 METERS

Description : A car is moving along a straight horizontal road at a speed of 20 meters per second. The brakes are applied and a constant force of 5000 Newtons decelerates the car to a stop in 10 seconds. The mass of the car is: w) 1250 kilograms x) 2500 kilograms y) 5000 kilograms z) 10,000 kilograms

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 2500 KILOGRAMS

Description : Which of the following metals is least subject to oxidation? w) silver x) gold y) magnesium z) nickel

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- GOLD

Description : Which one of the following metals is essential to the structure and functioning of hemoglobin? w) copper x) magnesium y) tin z) iron

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- IRON

Description : Which one of the following metals is immune to corrosion by air, water, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid; but is soluble in aqua regia? w) gold x) silver y) magnesium z) nickel

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- GOLD

Description : Which of the following is the element which makes up about 8 percent of the earth's crust and occurs in all rocks except limestone and sandstone? w) sulfur x) aluminum y) sodium z) magnesium

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- ALUMINUM

Description : Which of the following would be least soluble in water? w) Carbon Tetrachloride x) Sodium Oxide y) Magnesium Bromide z) Potassium Phosphate


Description : Which of the 3rd period elements loses electrons most readily? w) Sodium x) Magnesium y) Aluminum z) Silicon

Last Answer : ANSWER: A-SODIUM

Description : Mendeleev proposed the existence of an unknown element that he called eka-aluminum. The element is now called: w) magnesium x) silicon y) gallium z) germanium

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- GALLIUM

Description : Which of the following aqueous solutions would hav the lowest boiling point? Would it be a 1.0 molal solution of: w) Hydrochloric acid x) Sodium Hydroxide y) Acetic Acid, z) Magnesium Chloride

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- ACETIC ACID

Description : Thermite is a mixture of aluminum and: w) hematite x) sodium oxide y) iron z) magnesium

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- HEMATITE

Description : Which of the following elements gains electrons most readily? w) Sodium x) Magnesium y) Aluminum z) Fluorine

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- FLUORINE