I couldn't do it!

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I think abortion is a bad thing. Life can give you plenty of reasons to give birth to a child.

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Description : What do you think about Texas' new abortion rules? (Details )

Last Answer : “I believe it is imperative to establish higher standards that reflect our respect for the sanctity of life,” he said in the email, from the state that looks for any way it can to increase the rate of state executions.

Description : For those who think abortion should be illegal, why should a woman not be punished for requesting one?

Last Answer : Or maybe the argument is that the doctor should know better since he is professionally trained. That does not make sense to me. What if the abortion is performed by someone who is not a doctor? Who is liable in that case?

Description : Do you think if a man asked a women to get an abortion when she became pregnant that it should affect his rights to see his child once born?

Last Answer : answer:No. For the sake of the child, if the natural father of the child wants to spend time with his child, he should be allowed. Becoming a parent is, and should be considered a huge step. We ... the father talked her out of it, would that negate her parental rights? Of course not. Nor should it.

Description : Where do you think the question of the legal status of abortion should be resolved—in courts or legislatures?

Last Answer : Court. Federal. It was decided that way in America and they keep trying to chip away at it at the local level. I think the law of the land is constantly being broken on local levels regarding abortion.

Description : Can you think of movies or media clips that deal with either abortion or euthanasia?

Last Answer : Faces of Death?

Description : Is abortion a murder?

Last Answer : I don't think so, because it's not even developed. It's like a hen's egg, I think.

Description : This is for anyone anti-abortion; could you tell a rape victim "Sorry, you have to carry the fetus to term?"

Last Answer : That would be an incredibly cruel thing to say. However, it's inaccurate to tell a woman considering an abortion that all they're going to do is to ... -term harm to her. https://www.scstatehouse.gov/CommitteeInfo/SenateMedicalAffairsCommittee/Shuping%20Long-lasting%20Distress%20after%20Abortion.pdf

Description : If a woman in Texas can't get an abortion under the Govenors law, can she sue him for prenatal care if she isn't insured?

Last Answer : Ha! Why not? In terms of simple human fairness it's what Abbot and the rest of his Fetus Police deserve. But the reality is that any governor or legislature can escape the kind of ... soveriegn immunity doctrine. It's a long held precedent that all courts recogize and are reluctant to overturn.

Description : How horrible is the Texas abortion law?

Last Answer : Really horrible. I think the Supreme Court will vote it unconstitutional if the case gets there. I heard the statement the lawyer made who is suing the doctor. He said something like he has ... are in line on reasonable abortion laws and that politicians purposely don't want to solve the issue.

Description : What's the best way to respond to the new Texas abortion law? If women believe they have the right to control their own bodies, free from government interference, what choices do they have?


Description : Is the new Texas abortion law six weeks from conception?

Last Answer : I haven’t read this article but it has specifics: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/01/health/texas-abortion-law-facts.html

Description : Do you believe this person's assertation that she knew a woman, decades ago, who was forced to carry her stillborn baby because it would have been considered an abortion to do otherwise?

Last Answer : I was surprised to learn this: “If your doctor determines your baby has died, you’ll need to discuss your options. If you do nothing, labor will likely start on its own within a few weeks” Link: https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/stillbirth#what-happens-next

Description : Does the Hogwarts magic school teach an abortion spell? If so, what is it called?

Last Answer : You have far too much spare time.

Description : Why do anti-abortion people keep insisting that an unwanted embryo or fetus or however an unborn is called be born?

Last Answer : Put yourself in their shoes and imagine you believed that terminating a pregnancy was morally equivalent to killing an adult person. Would I don't want it around be a good enough reason ... that would insist on pregnancies being carried to term in most circumstances (maybe even all circumstances).

Description : What is your personal opinion on abortion?

Last Answer : The choice belongs to the woman and her doctor, not to governments.

Description : Can you help me fully understand the abortion issue swirling around New York?

Last Answer : I think the new law says you can legally abort a baby at 8 or 9 months if you’ve changed your mind. Tell me I’m wrong. I’ve read somewhere the nice doctors break their necks to kill them. Tell me I never read that. It created a huge mob of cheering women. So glad it made their day.

Description : What does "pro-abortion is a misleading term too" mean exactly?

Last Answer : Pro Abortion to me means that a person is okay with using abortion as a form of birth control, rather than a one time solution to a bad situation, which I would call Pro-Choice.

Description : Have you, or anyone you know, had an abortion?

Last Answer : I think you would probably be shocked to discover the number of women you know who have had abortions.

Description : Should men have any real say, in any kind of abortion debate?

Last Answer : If you remember a while back a rep/con politician stated that a woman couldn’t get pregnant from a rape because her body shuts down from the traumatic experience,really?? and it’s idiots like this that make laws that affect millions of women.

Description : Do bus drivers for example, have the right to not drive a bus with anti abortion or pro abortion or whatever other ads?

Last Answer : I’d say a lot of it has to do with whether or not the bus driver is a member of a union. Is there a link, @flo, or is this hypothetical?

Description : Why are most anti-abortion people also against government aid? (Details)

Last Answer : They believe in personal responsibility and believe life begins at conception.

Description : Why would there be such a thing as being against capital punishment but pro abortion?

Last Answer : answer:I am pro choice, not pro abortion. I am against capital punishment. Whole countries (Canada for example) run on that combination and it makes sense to me. ___ Abortion/miscarriage is not a ... find a polite way to explain how I feel about attempts to conflate abortion and a capital crime.

Description : Could Hilary Clinton have won if it weren't for her position on abortion?

Last Answer : no

Description : Do you still question whether late term abortion should be legal?

Last Answer : Nope. Never have, never will.

Description : Is there any point to railing against abortion when the surest signpost to poverty is a single woman with children?

Last Answer : Pro-lifers don’t care if you’re poor. They don’t care if the child is starving. They don’t care if there are no social programs and resources to support the child. They care only about the life that is in need of being saved.

Description : Should medical abortion medication be available over the counter?

Last Answer : Rarebear, I would defer to YOU for the answer. Is it safe? That should be the standard for the answer to your question.

Description : Is arguing about what constitutes the beginning of ones humanity helpful within a discussion about abortion?

Last Answer : Regarding pro-choice discussing when life begins can be relevant. I don't think arguing whether life begins at conception is relevant, but to me viability of the fetus is. There is a bit of hypocrisy in it. ... , but once the baby is no longer parasitic on the mother, I'm not ok with killing it.

Description : What are your views on abortion?

Last Answer : I’m pro-choice. However, I have serious qualms about the late-term abortion of healthy fetuses. That is abortions that take place after 20 weeks. I realise there may be reasons why an abortion at a late stage might be justifiable, the idea of aborting a fetus at such a late stage disturbs me.

Description : What is that most common reason some women choose to have an abortion?

Last Answer : answer:I don't think that there is a most common reason. I think that it depends on the circumstances. Tragically, something can be wrong with the fetus. Sometimes, a woman is not prepared to ... in sight, too many children already). Sometimes, a pregnancy would put the mother's life in danger.

Description : Can I get an easy abortion one or two weeks of being pregnant?

Last Answer : answer:Breathe. Even if your slip up did lead to pregnancy, you wouldn’t have cravings for a long time. Sometimes people just want ice cream. If you skip a period, take an over the counter test. You said you just got on the pill. Did you do Sunday start, or first day of the period start?

Description : After abortion question?

Last Answer : You have to go to the doctor and get checked.

Description : When you needed an abortion, did they do an ultrasound?

Last Answer : No .but..I had an abortion back in 1980 when ultra-sounds were still not very common unless a problem was suspected. The gestational determination is based on the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle I ... a few weeks less. I knew exactly when my slip up took place and terminated at 6-7 weeks.

Description : Can a 15 year old girl refuse to have an abortion?

Last Answer : If it came from a site like Life News, you can bet your last dollar that it’s bullshit. And yes, minor or not, no one can force one to have an abortion.

Description : What is your stance on abortion?

Last Answer : Abortion saves lives. In fact, it could have saved the lives of 6 million jews.

Description : With Republicans succeeding in making abortion impossible in many red states, will we see a spike in crime in 15 years or so?

Last Answer : With the rise of the internet and so much entertainment I don’t believe so. However, I think they’ll still have their “Honorable, Patriotic” crop of people to have when it comes to military recruiting.

Description : What's your thoughts about abortion or human euthanasia?

Last Answer : I don’t think it’s any one’s business to decide for anyone else.

Description : What is your opinion on abortion?

Last Answer : answer:Let the mother choose. Give the child a voice. Her choice. But I will not deny there be a child forming from day one. Within hours of conception, recombination of DNA assembles a new ... a person to prison for life. Personhood is established. Yet, the choice should always be the mothers.

Description : Abortion: what's with all the controversy?

Last Answer : answer:Some people believe that abortion ends a tiny possible life and that possibility should be treated as a person. Some believe people should be in control of their own bodies and decisions ... people involved. Both positions make sense and are exclusive of the other, so there's controversy.

Description : Chemical abortion?

Last Answer : there should be a medical or nurse hotline you can call locally in your town/city. If not, it’s probably worth the long distance to call one in the next largest town over. Call right away and all the best to you.

Description : Do you equate the use of the morning after pill with abortion?

Last Answer : answer:You are warned by the makers of Plan B One Step to not use the product if you are pregnant. “You can read about it here.

Description : Do you throw a woman in jail for getting an abortion at 6 weeks and 1 day in North Dakota?

Last Answer : Can you post a link, @Rarebear, please?

Description : If you were just told your ex had a miscariage when you wanted an abortion the whole pregnancy, how would you (honestly) feel?

Last Answer : answer:Do you mean you wanted the pregnancy terminated but your ex wanted to keep it? I’d feel bad for my ex because miscarriage is physical traumatic, just as an abortion but I’d feel relief for my own wishes.

Description : If someone is opposed to abortion based on their belief in the sanctity of human life, does this mean they must also oppose acts of warfare that result in the loss of human lives?

Last Answer : Not necessarily. Say the other guy wants to kill you, for instance.

Description : What labels do you use to communicate your stance(s) on abortion?

Last Answer : answer:Other things Americans think: About a decade ago, 20 percent of Americans still believed that the sun revolves around the earth. About half of Americans realize that Judaism is the oldest of the three ... Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can find the state of New York on a map.

Description : Since when is the bombing of an abortion or a Planned Parenthood clinic pro-life?

Last Answer : Brian1946 Yeah, murder to stop abortion makes as much sense as screwing for chastity.

Description : Where do you stand on abortion?

Last Answer : This is a tough issue for me… I guess fine before it takes on any shape that is undeniably human in form or if it threatens the mother’s life… But then again I do know several couples that can’t have a child of their own who are more than willing to adopt…

Description : Why do the media and many in the West want to call abortion in India infanticide?

Last Answer : Links? It’d help us know who exactly is “they” for this question.

Description : I can't afford an abortion..what can I do?

Last Answer : Abortion provision that is low-cost or free is hard to find in some places. What state are you in? I will try to locate something in the area.

Description : What If your mother decided to have an abortion instead of giving birth to you?

Last Answer : Someone else would be the first to respond to this post…

Description : To all the women who have ever had an abortion, how did it affect your life?

Last Answer : I'm not a woman but I've been involved with a couple. It made me feel inadequate, like she didn't believe in me, that I couldn't step it up. Especially since I couldn't force her to have it. The ... me because I was ready to become a father and step it up, then it's wiped away then its like whoa.