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Error is the difference between measured value and true value.

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Description : Describe the instrumentation system used for temperature measurement using thermistor.

Last Answer : A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature. Thermistors are of two opposite fundamental types: With NTC, resistance Decreases with temperature to ... converted to Digital by ADC further given to multiplexer, then output is displayed on computer. 

Description : What Is Instrumentation Measurement?

Last Answer : Instrumentation can be used to measure certain field parameters (physical values): These measured values include: * pressure, either differential or static * flow * temperature - ... frequency * resistivity * conductivity * chemical composition * chemical properties * various physical properties

Description : On electrical generators one of the bearings is isolated from the bedplate. This insulating block should not be painted and must be kept clean to ___________. A. protect operating personnel from shock ... the prime mover as it warms up D. eliminate shaft currents to prevent damaging the bearings

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : Draw the circuit diagram for Instrumentation amplifier using three OP-AMPs. State its advantages and applications.

Last Answer : Application: 1. In Data acquisition from low output transducers such as strain gauges, Thermocouples, Wheatstone bridge measurements e.t.c 2. In Medical instrumentation, Navigation, Radar ... video data acquisition and imaging 5. High frequency signal amplification in cable RF systems 

Description : Draw block diagram of instrumentation system. State function.

Last Answer : Primary transducer: The sensor which comes in contact with the measurement medium to sense the quantity. Variable conversion element: the transducer which converts the sensor ... transmitted through suitable transmission medium to the operator or presented with the help of indicators.

Description : Define measurement and state the significance of electrical measurement system.

Last Answer : Measurement: Measurement is essentially a process in which magnitude of a quantity is determined in comparison with another similar quantity with significant units. OR The measurement of a given ... x) The measurement conforms the validity of hypothesis and also adds to its understanding.

Description : Explain significance and purpose of electrical measurement system.

Last Answer : ➢ Significance of Electrical Measurement System  1. The measurement is required for measurement of all physical quantities for e.g speed, velocity, temperature, pressure etc.  2. All electrical ... 4. These standards and references may changes time to time, area to area person to person 

Description : What is Instrumentation Fittings?

Last Answer : Instrumentation FittingsTube FittingsThere are four primary styles of high to low pressure tube fittings. They are differentiated by their end connections and applications, each having its own advantages and ... most pressure applications (up to 15,000 PSI) fitting sizes are specified by the

Description : List the applications of instrumentation amplifier.

Last Answer : a. Temperature indicator b. Temperature controller c. Light intensity meters d. Water flow meter c. Thermal conductivity meter f. Analog weight scale

Description : List the features of instrumentation amplifier:

Last Answer : 1.High gain accuracy 2.High CMRR 3.High gain stability with low temperature co-efficient 4Low dc offset 5.Low output impedance

Description : What is the need for an instrumentation amplifier?

Last Answer :  In a number of industrial and consumer applications, the measurement of physical quantities is usually done with the help of transducers. The output of transducer has to be amplified So that it can drive the indicator or display system. This function is performed by an instrumentation amplifier.

Description : What are the classifications of industrial instrumentation?  

Last Answer : a. Information gathering instrumentation. b. Regulating instrumentation. c. Protective instrumentation. 

Description : What are the three areas of expertise of a Center of Excellence? A. Instrumentation / Analysis / Recommendations B. Business Outcomes and Actions / Enabling Capabilities / Analysis C. Instrumentation / Enabling Capabilities / Analysis D. None of the abov

Last Answer : B. Business Outcomes and Actions / Enabling Capabilities / Analysis

Description : Cost of instrumentation in a modern chemical plant ranges from __________ percent of the total plant cost. (A) 5 to 10 (B) 20 to 30 (C) 40 to 50 (D) 60 to 70

Last Answer : (B) 20 to 30

Description : What Is Instrumentation Control?

Last Answer : In addition to measuring field parameters, instrumentation is also responsible for providing the ability to modify some field parameters. Some examples include: Device Field Parameter(s) Valve Flow, Pressure Relay Voltage, Current Solenoid Physical Location, Level Circuit breaker Voltage, Current.

Description : What Is Instrumentation Instrumentation Engineering?

Last Answer : Instrumentation engineering is the engineering specialization focused on the principle and operation of measuring instruments which are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical ... the goal of improving system productivity, reliability, safety, optimization and stability.

Description : What Is Instrumentation?

Last Answer : The technology which is used to measured and control the process system of plant is called instrumentation. It is branch of engineering.

Description : Which of the two types of magnetic tape is used to record audio and instrumentation type signals in the VLF to 2.5MHz frequency range?

Last Answer : Analog magnetic tape.

Description : What format of digital tape recording is normally used to record instrumentation or telemetry data?

Last Answer : Serial digital magnetic tape recording.

Description : Instrumentation amplifier employs how many opamps

Last Answer : 3

Description : What is the cause of the apical periodontitis after extirpation and instrumentation and temporarely dressing. a. entrapped Bacteria. b. Chemical irritation of the solutions. c. Mechanical irritation of the instruments. d. One or any combination of the above.

Last Answer : d. One or any combination of the above.

Description : After completing pulp extirpation, debridement and placing a dressing; apical periodontitis is because: A. Over instrumentation extending into periapical area B. Irritation from chemicals used C. Entrapped bacteria D. One or any combination of the above

Last Answer : D. One or any combination of the above

Description : Which of the following in not one of the key threats to internal validity? a. Maturation b. Instrumentation c. Temporal change d. History

Last Answer : c. Temporal change

Description : Which of the following refers to any systematic change that occurs over time in the way in which the dependent variable is assessed? a. Instrumentation b. Maturation c. Testing d. Selection

Last Answer : a. Instrumentation

Description : Which one refers to physical or mental changes that may occur within individuals over time, such as aging, learning, boredom, hunger, and fatigue? a. Instrumentation b. History c. Maturation d. Testing

Last Answer : c. Maturation

Description : Write any two applications of Instrumentation System.

Last Answer :  Instrumentation is used to measure many parameters (physical values). These parameters include: Pressure,either differential or static Flow Temperature Levels of liquids, etc. ... Inductance Capacitance Resistivity Chemical composition Chemical properties Position Vibration

Description : Draw the block diagram of instrumentation system and explain function of each block. 

Last Answer : Functions of each block: Primary sensing element: This first receives energy from the measured medium and produces an output depending on measured quantity. Variable conversion element: Converts ... indication of a pointer moving a scale or the recording of a pen Moving over chart.

Description : List and explain the types of instrumentation is provided for safe plant operation.

Last Answer : Instrumentation provided for safe plant operation: After understanding various types of chemical hazards in foregoing parts, we should process to know instruments, equipment and other control measure. To ... poisonous /explosive gases, various type of glass detector hand models are also available.

Description : State the need of signal conditioning and signal processing .List applications of instrumentation amplifier.

Last Answer : * In an instrumentation system, a transducer is used for sensing various parameters. The output of transducer is an electrical signal proportional to the physical quantity sensed such as pressure, ... monitoring and control 5) Light intensity meter 6) Measurement of flow and thermal conductivity

Description : State the four applications of an instrumentation amplifier.

Last Answer : The instrumentation amplifier can be used for other application such as 1. Electronic weighing machine scale 2 .Light, intensity meter 3. Pressure monitoring & controlling 4. Temperature monitoring and controlling. 5. Process Instrumentation in measurement of physical quantities.

Description : Why does percentage error decrease as units of measurement increase?

Last Answer : answer:Well you can think of it in the sense that the longer something you measure is, the less the error is of the whole length. It's an inverse proportional relationship if you look at the formula. For instance if you use ... So for the 20.0mm=0.5/20.0=0.0250 while for the 30.0mm=0.5/30.0=0.0167

Description : What is the error and accuracy of measurement ?

Last Answer : Error is a negative word and when we say "error in measurement", we think that the person who measured has made an error because he did not fulfill his responsibility properly. It's not that the ... test results can be given by knowing some common rules to find out the accuracy of the test results.

Description : What is the error of measurement ?

Last Answer : In order to determine the value of a quantity in the laboratory, it is necessary to measure. Measurements are never accurate. There is a limit to the accuracy of all measurements. Even with sufficient ... - 1. Mechanical error 2. Observation error 3. Random errors and 4. Recurrent or systemic error

Description : How many types of measurement error ?

Last Answer : 3 types of measurement error.

Description : The radius of a sphere is 8 cm and 0.02 cm is the error in its measurement. Find the approximate error in its volume.

Last Answer : The radius of a sphere is 8 cm and 0.02 cm is the error in its measurement. Find the approximate error in its volume.

Description : Let x = [a^2b^2/c] be the physical quantity. If the percentage error in the measurement of physical quantities a, b and c is 2, 3 and 4

Last Answer : Let x = \([\frac{a^2b^2}{c}]\) be the physical quantity. If the percentage error in the measurement of physical ... 7% (B) 14% (C) 21% (D) 28%

Description : In an experiment, the percentage of error occurred in the measurement of physical quantities A, B, C and D are 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% respectively.

Last Answer : In an experiment, the percentage of error occurred in the measurement of physical quantities A, B, C and D are 1%, 2%, ... % (C) (3/13) % (D) 16 %

Description : Show that the percentage error in the measurement of resistance by a metre bridge is minimum when the null point is near about the centre of the wire.

Last Answer : Show that the percentage error in the measurement of resistance by a metre bridge is minimum when the null point is ... B. 50 cm C. 80 cm D. 100 cm

Description : What is the greatest possible error for each measurement. 953 mi?

Last Answer : It is 0.5 mi.

Description : Offsets are measured with an accuracy of 1 in 40. If the point on the paper from both sources of error (due to angular and measurement errors) is not to exceed 0.05 cm on a scale of 1 cm = 20 m, the maximum length of ... should be limited to (A) 14.14 m (B) 28.28 m (C) 200 m (D) None of these

Last Answer : (B) 28.28 m

Description : The error in discharge (dQ/Q) to the error in measurement of head (dH/H) over a rectangular notch is given by (A) dQ/Q = (1/2) × (dH/H) (B) dQ/Q = (3/4) × (dH/H) (C) dQ/Q = (dH/H) (D) dQ/Q = (3/2) × (dH/H)

Last Answer : Answer: Option D

Description : The error in discharge (dQ/Q) to the error in measurement of head (dH/H) over a triangular notch is given by (A) dQ/Q = 3/2 × (dH/H) (B) dQ/Q = 2 × (dH/H) (C) dQ/Q = 5/2 × (dH/H) (D) dQ/Q = 3 × (dH/H)

Last Answer : Answer: Option C

Description : The absolute percentage error in the computed discharge over a rectangular weir corresponding to an absolute error of 1.5 % in the measurement of head over the sill of the weir would be : (a) 1.5 (b) 2.25 (c) 2.5 (d) 3.75

Last Answer : (b) 2.25

Description : Which of the following is NOT concept of measurement theory? a. Directness of measurement b. Reliability c. Feasibility d. Measurement error

Last Answer : C

Description : Which one of the following is consists of rules for assigning numbers to objects to represent quantities of attributes? a. Reliability b. Measurement c. Measurement error d. Validity

Last Answer : b. Measurement

Description : Which of the following is not an assumption underlying testing and measurement? a. Various approaches to measuring aspects of the same thing can be useful b. Error is rarely present in the measurement process c. Present-day behavior predicts future behavior d. Testing and assessment benefit society

Last Answer : b. Error is rarely present in the measurement process

Description : Explain Static Error and Dynamic Error in measurement systems.

Last Answer : Definition of static error and dynamic error  Static error: It is the difference between the true value of a quantity not changing with time and the value indicated by the instrument  Dynamic ... changing with time and the value indicated by the instrument if no static error is assumed.

Description : What is measurement error ?

Last Answer : Measurement error :- Measurement is the process of comparing unknown quantity with known or standard quantity. Error is the difference between ... by fluctuations in reading measurement apparatus. Random error show different result for same repeated measurement.

Description : Psychrometry deals with the properties of gas-vapor mixture. Humidity can be determined by the measurement of the __________ of a fibre. (A) Electrical resistance (B) Thermal conductivity (C) Strength (D) None of these

Last Answer : (A) Electrical resistance