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Description : What are things that you look back on and go "How the heck was I allowed to do this"?

Last Answer : Not me, but more like How the heck were people allowed to do this? When I was in kindergarten, I was thrown into the bathroom for not singing a song correctly. I was also cut on the ... taking care of me would have been charged with child abuse and had their names ridiculed all over the Internet.

Description : What happened to the ask-public CIA thread?

Last Answer : The CIA didn’t want the answers out there for people to read.

Description : In what ways can less sensory input lead to increases in perception?

Last Answer : answer:It's a bandwidth problem. The senses deliver way more information than the brain can process into perception. The scope of information being monitored can be wide, including a broad range ... broad monitoring of the whole sensory stream, the chatter is deprived of bandwidth and dies down.

Description : We chased away people who ask science and belief questions for this?

Last Answer : answer:No one was chased away - they were asked to be respectful of other members and chose to take their balls and go home instead. The flame wars are largely doused, and what you see now is ... sought refuge at Fluther and were ground to dust. Drama is not always a valid substitute for mundane.

Description : So, this is the end of everything that ever was, and the beginning of everything that will ever be. How do you feel about that?

Last Answer : I hope that none of my students decide to write that in their conclusion, but it would give me a good laugh if they did.

Description : What happens, when you've lost all passion, motivation, or even the slightest inkling of interest for anything?

Last Answer : answer:You’ve hit rock bottom. Good news is, there’s only one way you can go from there.

Description : What is a ask-public, I am new?

Last Answer : It’s a dream come true?

Description : What is Newton?

Last Answer : One Newton is that amount of force which acting on one-kilogram mass for one second gives an acceleration 1 meter/sec/sec. 

Description : What are Sandals

Last Answer : Sandals refer to an open type of footwear that has soles held together by straps that cross and pass the instep of the feet and the ankle. The most distinguishing feature of a pair of sandals is that ... event, you can choose between a pair of flats that is bejeweled and a strappy high heeled pair.

Description : What is PLL? Explain its operation with a block diagram.

Last Answer : PLL - A phase-locked loop or phase lock loop is a control system that generates an output signal whose phase is related to the phase of an input signal Block diagram  ... to the input frequency. The phase - locked loop goes through three states free running capture and phase lock.

Description : What do you mean by exciting resistance and exciting reactance?

Last Answer : At no-load, a transformer behaves as a highly inductive load connected to the system which contains some resistance and inductance in parallel. The resistance is called exciting resistance R0 = V1/I w and reactance is called exciting reactance, X0 = V1/I mag

Description : What is earthing? Give the importance of earthing.

Last Answer : Meaning of earthing: Connecting the metallic frame of the electrical machines /any electrical equipment body etc. to ground by using wire/conductor is known as earthing.  Importance of Earthing:  ... currents. 5. To provide stable platform for operation of sensitive electronic equipment's. 

Description : What is back emf? 

Last Answer : Back EMF: When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field it experiences a force; when it moves due to the force it (conductor) cuts the magnetic field due to which an emf is ... (hence the applied armature voltage) is opposed by the induced emf which is therefore called as Back emf.

Last Answer : Electrode is a conductor use to make contact with non-metallic part of circuit. anode and cathode are electrodes.

Description : What are the uses of Thermistors ?

Last Answer : Thermistors are frequently used in electronic circuits in which it is desired to provide temperature measurement, temperature control, and temperature compensation.

Description : What is another name for an insulator?

Last Answer : Dielectric material is another name for an insulator.

Description : What is the smallest unit of a compound with the same chemical characteristics?

Last Answer : The molecule is the smallest unit of a compound with the same chemical characteristics.

Description : In a metal conductor, what is a free electron?

Last Answer :  When many atoms are close together in a copper wire, the outermost orbital electron of each copper atom can easily break free from its home or parent atom. These electrons then can migrate easily ... random. Such electrons that can move freely from one atom to the next are called free electrons.

Description : What is the function of an electrical filter ?

Last Answer : Filter separates different components that are mixed together. Electrical filter can separate different frequency components. Electrical filters are the electrical circuits which are use to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal.

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