If you knew someone had mentioned wanting to commit a felony, how would you feel? (see details)

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I think it depends both on the person and the “tone” of how he said it. I mean, my roommate just now said we should “murder these damn Republicans!” I’m sure he didn’t actually mean it at all. But if this person has recently purchased a sniper rifle. Or one of those guns from the movie “Eraser” so that he actually could shoot three of them with one bullet. ....

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Last Answer : answer:Have you ever wondered why ex-convicts stay terminally unemployed? its the reason you have just described in your question above. no one wants to work with an ex-convict. they are not trusted ... lives and their families. i think this pretty well covers your question. Sorry, but thats life.

Description : Can you still become a flight attendant if you had felony 28 years ago and haven't been in trouble since?

Last Answer : Without going into detail, it will depend on what the felony was for. You will have to pass an FBI background check and a felony won’t necessarily disqualify you.

Description : Do hiring policies usually forbid hiring someone who's committed a felony, ever, or just within the past x number of years?

Last Answer : The policies vary so much from place to place, it is impossible to say. Each company and organization is free to make their own policy.

Description : Is it a felony in Texas to attack someone 65years old or older?

Last Answer : If the attack causes injury, then yes, the attack constitutes"injury of an elderly person", which is a felony if the State ofTexas can prove the intent of the suspect to harm the elderlyperson.Texas Penal Code §22.04

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Last Answer : I’d be cool as a cucumber since Miss Cleo proclaims that he has no choice but to love and worship me foreverrrrrr.

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Last Answer : Happens all the time. Some people just feel more comfortable communicating in their own language. I never assume I am being talked about. And, I just expect people in other countries to speak their own language. Afterall, America is sooo tolerant of people speaking languages other than english.~

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Last Answer : Hmmm, I would buy it if it were cheap. I’d try to act super-sensitive to the super-natural so I could weasel a good deal out of the agent. :)

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Last Answer : If someone had a crush on ME, i'd be very concerned about their mental well-being

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Last Answer : I was surprised by how much was omitted from standard texts and teaching. When I was in grade/middle school, in the early-mid 60s, no mention at all was made of Japanese-American internment camps. A ... 10th grade, and we were able to discuss it in school. It was heavily spun to justify it.

Description : Have you ever had a customer you wanted to verbally abuse of commit acts of violence against?

Last Answer : answer:What people who deal with customers need to understand is the cost of re-acquiring a lost customer is prohibitively expensive while keeping a customer happy costs relatively little. Businesses sometime ... who are on the front lines with customers and by not having policies that support that.

Description : Can you work in cyber-security with a felony for marijuana?

Last Answer : Don’t think they’ll hie you, with any kind of felony conviction.

Description : Is or should upskirting be a felony?

Last Answer : I think it’s only a misdemeanor in LA city or county, which majorly annoys me.

Description : Can I join the U.S. Military even though I have a non-violent felony?

Last Answer : It is possible. It won’t be easy, and you may have to get your record expunged first, but it is possible.

Description : Can I travel to England even though I have a Felony?

Last Answer : answer:well we have a lot of shits in the country so they probably should let you in given that anything can get you a felony in the US if you go in via France by ferry or train, ... its a different story. these are the people to contact though http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visitingtheuk/

Description : Can a person with a prior felony in the US obtain a passport?

Last Answer : answer:Multiple rights are lost as a direct result of a felony conviction, but I don't think that includes obtaining a passport. A passport is essentially an identification document. If the crime was ... 100% certain of the above, so wait for other responses before you go on my word completely.

Description : Who hires employees with felony charges?

Last Answer : You need a little more on your resume than “Not convicted of Felonies”. What skills and experience do you have, what educational standard do you hold, where are you, what sort of work do you want?

Description : Do you have an opinion on Ted Stevens having just been found guilty on 7 felony counts?

Last Answer : Maybe now he will drop out of the senate race.

Description : If you were going to be criminally charged with a felony, what most likely would you be charged with?

Last Answer : banana

Description : can a person with a felony start a non-profit organization?

Last Answer : A person with a felony could probably start a non-profit organization. However, if there were to require certain funding or loans their felony status might cause a problem in securing the ... preventing them from starting a non-profit organization but I would suggest checking your state laws.

Description : Can military retiree lose retirement pay if convicted of a felony?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What felony bike theft Oregon Jackson county?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How long does a felony charge stay on your record in Georgia?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : When I got a felony in Florida twenty years ago now in New York will it show up?

Last Answer : Yes, all felonies are on your record are permanent, unless thefelony is expunged by the court.Even when expunged, law enforcement and court officers can viewit.

Description : How much time would a person get if charged with one c felony and three d felonies in Iowa?

Last Answer : We can't answer this in full context, it would depend on theindividual crime.If the judge were to sentence this individual to prison for allfour offenses, the individual is looking at a minimum of fouryears.

Description : What is the speedy trial right in California for a felony?

Last Answer : Under the 6th Amendment to the U.S Constitution, the specifiedamount of time for a "Speedy Trial" isn't universal. The length ofthe trial or investigation must only be "reasonable".Generally, ... trials can easily last 2-3 years withoutraising concerns; however most are settled within a few months.

Description : Is breaking and entering considered a felony in the state of NJ?

Last Answer : It is usually called burglary- breaking and entering with theintent to commit a crime at that place- and yes, it Is afelony.

Description : Can a us citizen visit Puerto Rico with a pending felony charge?

Last Answer : No, I think you need court permission to leave.

Description : What is a Class 3 Felony?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : Can you lose your pension in NYSE if convicted of felony while employed as a sex offender?

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Description : Can you get section 8 with DUI felony in KY?

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Description : Will a hospital turn me in when i have a gunshot wound for a warrent over Felony FTA?

Last Answer : The hospital would not know whether you have a warrant ornot.However, they will probably call the police to come investigatethe gunshot wound, and the police would then find out about thewarrant.

Description : would a person qualify for a housing grant if they have a felony on their record?

Last Answer : If you have a felony on your criminal history can you still qualify for a government grant

Description : if you have a felony what kind of grant can you get?

Last Answer : if you have a felony what kind can you get

Description : What If I Have A Non Violent Felony On Section 8 can i still be on section 8 ?

Last Answer : It is really up to the housing authority at the time of your application. Generally, if you have a felony they will not accept you. If a long time has passed since your felony conviction, they may approve you.

Description : Is identity theft fraud considered a felony in all states?

Last Answer : Identity theft is a felony in all states. It is considered a Class C felony.

Description : Can anyone applying in Arizona for a contractor's license be denied based on a felony conviction?

Last Answer : Noone has been denied a contractors license based purely on a felony conviction. A felony conviction does not automatically disqualify applicants. Yes you can be denied after applying. It all depends on ... you were convicted and also if the prior felony had anything to do with contracting work.

Description : I am a graduate of "Elite Truck school" I have my class A CDL with all endorsements except HAZMAT.I have a criminal record and am finding it difficult to find a job driving.Where can I get help finding possible felony friendly employers for cdl drivers?

Last Answer : You can hire an attorney to try to help you have your charge exponged, but you should try smaller local companies, such as dump truck services, be honest about the felony, and be persistent

Description : can u have a felony to become a fire fighter ?

Last Answer : No, in Iowa you cannot have a felony on your record if you wish to become a firefighter.

Description : I have felony drug convictions on my record. They are over ten years old. Is there any low income housing programs in Portland that will accept me as a tenant?

Last Answer : Pretty much any low-income program will take you if are honest, and write them a letter that explains how you have turned your life around. If you pursue the application, appeal any ... , if you are categorically rejected, seek assistance from the local Community Action office or Legal Aid.

Description : can u get into the navy with a felony record?

Last Answer : No, you cannot get into any military services including the Navy with a felony on your record.

Description : Does having a felony automatically disqualify you from becomming a CNA or does it depend on the type of felony and how long ago it was Thank you ?

Last Answer : You have to apply for a waiver with the Department of Health

Description : i am on felony probation and am trying to move to a different county, can my PO legally tell me no?

Last Answer : i think they can. my son went through that to. and they told him no.the system is not fair.

Description : Can I be hired if I have a felony?

Last Answer : It depends on what type of job you are applying for. If it's a childcare job, then probably not.

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Last Answer : I think that borders on conspiracy to commit murder.

Description : If someone has split personality and threatens that he or she will commit suicide, can it be considered as holding hostages?

Last Answer : No, I highly doubt it, because split personalities or not, it’s still only one person.