Should I wash the cheese I buy from the supermarket?

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Answer :

Why on God’s green Earth would you wash rotten milk??

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Description : What ready-made foods do you buy in the supermarket?

Last Answer : I don’t usually buy any.

Description : What is the powdery residue on grapes that I buy from the supermarket?

Last Answer : Hmm. I don’t think it’s pesticide. I asked my husband, he thinks it occurs naturally.

Description : How can there be such variation in the number of calories of supermarket muffins?

Last Answer : You answered it yourself – sugar and fat!

Description : What are your favorite supermarket items?

Last Answer : Anything chocolate.

Description : How often do you read the ingredient list before buying something at the supermarket?

Last Answer : It depends on whether I have read the list already on previous purchases. Anything new is studied religiously.

Description : Does your supermarket have a separate organic healthy section?

Last Answer : The ones here do seperate organic from everything else and well, I think it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Description : What's the best supermarket in San Francisco?

Last Answer : For fresh produce, you can’t beat the farmer’s markets. I always got the rest of my stuff at Trader Joe’s though, so I can’t help you there. I really think it’s cheaper (and higher quality) than Safeway/Lucky/etc.

Description : Where would you most likely go to buy some flour; a bakery, a florist or a supermarket?


Description : Have you ever made use of the option to withdraw money from your bank account at the supermarket checkout?

Last Answer : Yes. It costs me 50 cents to make a withdrawal of any amount of money in excess of my bill. I have done it a few times for the convenience, but I hate paying a fee.

Description : Jelly engineers, where are the sensors located on these supermarket robots?

Last Answer : WTH? What an annoying little shit with no reason to be roaming the aisles!

Description : How long, on average, should you wait to follow up after an interview for a job at a supermarket?

Last Answer : Define “follow up”

Description : Bottle/Glass recycling - any possible ecological benefits to bringing them to the supermarket?

Last Answer : answer:Do you mean putting them in with the regular trash which you leave at the curb for pickup or do you mean putting them separately in their own container? When I lived in Phila. there were separate ... know why more states don't do likewise since it works so well. It's a mystery to me.

Description : On line at the supermarket and the person in front of you appears to have abandoned their cart at the cashier, leaving it for you to deal with: What would you do?

Last Answer : You mean they emptied their cart and then left it there while they checked out? Depending on the day and my mood, I’d either say something like, “Don’t you need your cart?” or just push it aside or through.

Description : Do you have a system when filling your trolley at the supermarket and bagging your purchases?

Last Answer : I usually muck about on the trolley, racing & spinning around, having imaginary cop chases with other unsuspecting shoppers. Handbrake turns in the aisles & drifting around the freezers, a family sized ... for a decent steering wheel & a large pack of flour substitutes for a good quality airbag.

Description : Second dog question: What supermarket brand food can I give?

Last Answer : Do you have Pedigree Chum there?

Description : If you came across this in a supermarket, what would you think?

Last Answer : What would I think? Smile, you’re on candid camera.

Description : Can I get Pickwick tea from the UK from a supermarket?

Last Answer : From brief research of the main supermarkets’ websites here (Tescos, Asdas, Sainsburys, even Marks & Spencer), I couldn’t find Pickwick tea, and I have to admit it is a brand I have never heard of, so I’m not sure you can get it here in the UK – sorry!

Description : What your favourite aisle of the supermarket to hang out in?

Last Answer : The frozen foods section. That is where all the cool people hang!

Description : In your opinion, is expensive, professional salon-quality shampoo better than your average drugstore/supermarket quality shampoo?

Last Answer : Graham Webb and Bumble and bumble are both really amazingly good. They are a serious increase in quality, kicking the ass of all drugstore brands. It is also much more expensive, and if Pantene gives you ... good deals - often, you can get the larger containers for less if you know where to look.

Description : Your Opinion on Supermarket coupons: new customers only or ok for current customers?

Last Answer : answer:Good for both. Giving a coupon to a new customer, and saying you can’t use them if you already buy the product is like penalizing the person for being your faithful customer! Very easy marketing concept.

Description : What is the most embarrassing combination of items to purchase at the supermarket checkout?

Last Answer : Miller High Life, Draino, 2 gallons of Ice Cream and a shower cap…II’m going in…

Description : Why is corn the primary ingredient of expensive cat food, whereas beef is the primary ingredient of cat food from the supermarket?

Last Answer : Because veterinarians are brainwashed by the pet food industry.

Description : What's your weakness for 'extras' when food shopping in your local Supermarket?

Last Answer : Chocolate covered Espresso beans and peanut butter fudge.

Description : Should they add to the CDC warning if you are sick and work in a supermarket stay home?

Last Answer : I'm confused, she was touching the raw meat? She was not wearing gloves? I wouldn't be concerned about the germs, since you're cooking the meat and I doubt they can live on a pork chop. It's the ... have a cold in general, but I don't think you can get sick from her touching the meat like that.

Description : Do fresh local eggs have more omega-3 than supermarket eggs?

Last Answer : No. All eggs have the same unless they are fortified. There are plenty of other dietary sources for omega-3s. I say go for the delicious, unmatched taste of fresh eggs if you have them available.

Description : Does working in a supermarket really annoy you?

Last Answer : There is a customer side to this story too. There are many aspects of grocery store checker behavior that can be annoying to customers. Best policy: Treat each encounter as the individual meeting it is. You say something different and you can elicit different responses.

Description : At Ralphs supermarket, there are items marked with a sticker that reads "Have you seen B.O.B.?" What does this sticker mean?

Last Answer : answer:I worked at a huge grocery store when I was in high school, and they taught us to use the term B.O.B as a weird code word to alert our fellow employees when we thought customers might walk out with ... and it's clearly an acronym (B.O.B. instead of BOB) makes me think it's the same thing.

Description : Why do supermarket refrigerators not have doors?

Last Answer : Hmm.. the super markets here have glass doors. The milk and juices are behind doors. The ice creams and frozen foods, too.

Description : A man and his son are driving to the supermarket. they then get in a car crash. The dad dies but the son lives. He goes to the hospital but the doctor say 'I can't operate on you, your my son.' It is not his mom. How is this possible? -Riddles

Last Answer : It is his god father.

Description : My husband, who is at home with the flu, asked me to pick up a box of kleenex tissues, a bottle of extra strength tylenol, and a jug of orange juice from the supermarket?

Last Answer : yes do it for him

Description : Isn't that inappropriate?

Last Answer : I don't go there in overalls, especially when I'm at a service station

Description : Is it normal to go shopping at the supermarket in sweatpants at home?

Last Answer : Sometimes people who wear sweatpants also come out in the supermarket. If it's just across the street and needs to buy something fast, I don't see a problem with that.

Description : If I work in Penny or Tesco, for example, and I return badly and make a shortage of CZK 2,000, will I have to pay for it? I want to go there to work, but I'm afraid my cash register won't fit. What about that?

Last Answer : Of course I do

Description : If I don't buy anything can I just return the bottles? Or do I have to buy something?

Last Answer : You can only return the bottles (and you don't have to buy anything), but the cash will not pay you at the cash register, but at the Information (if they have them).

Description : I need new car wheels and I see that they are very cheap in the supermarket. Does anyone have experience with these wheels? They're on Field. Or is it better to pay extra for bicycles?

Last Answer : I've never bought from a supermarket, but that doesn't mean they're bad. What are we talking about, Felda is not a jet car and you probably don't fly "200 in the city" with him. If ... any super quality, but on the other hand, the retail chain would not dare sell something that is not homologated.

Description : What is the future of supermarket? How will ecommerce continue affect these kind of stores?

Last Answer : The supermarket of the future will need to inspire customers and improve their overall experience. Upgrade could include superior fresh-food offerings, food courts, gastronomic areas, and cooking classes.

Description : Which is the best online supermarket in India?

Last Answer : Everyday offers and deals, across a wide range of grocery products , seafood, meat, fresh fruits & vegetables and more at Deerika HyperMart. They exclusively handpicked every item at the best quality and give at the affordable prices.

Description : How do goods in the supermarket are grouped into sections?

Last Answer : I think a lot of sections are being studied for years like say kitchen, bedroom, electricity, electronics etc. Sections are stored on that basis. Like food and frozen food maybe nearby and also ... closer to the grocery section etc. It all depends on their approach of keeping things in order.

Description : What information needs to be stored on the supermarket computer in order to make everything work correctly?

Last Answer : the item list, barcode identification, price list, scanner data, and more

Description : Do supermarket sell durians?

Last Answer : YES

Description : In a survey at a supermarket 4 over 5 of people surveyed said they shopped more than once a week what percent of people shop more than once a week?

Last Answer : To convert ANY number to a percentage multiply by 100%4/5 = 4/5 × 100% = 400/5 % = 400 ÷ 5 % = 80 %

Description : How many different products does the average American supermarket sell?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : What is the proper noun in the sentence Mr Mason always went to the supermarket on a Tuesday night after work?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : What is a different prefix for supermarket?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What data is output in a monitor in a supermarket?

Last Answer : Barcode Scanner. Touch Screen. Chip and Pin Device. Magnetic Strip Reader. Keypad. Keyboard.

Description : Which of the following could be defined as a multinational company? A. A firm that owns shares in a foreign company but does not participate in the company's decision making. B. A UK based internet ... origin. D. A finance company transferring its HQ and all its activities from the UK to the US.

Last Answer : A firm owning a chain of supermarket outlets outside its country of origin.

Description : Where do you pay for your purchases at a supermarket?


Description : Charging more for a soft drink in a vending machine than in a supermarket is an example of: A)price discrimination. B)competition oriented pricing. C)price differentiation. D)cost-oriented pricing.

Last Answer : C)price differentiation

Description : A __________ is a retail establishment that combines supermarket and discount store shopping in one location. A)superstore B)department store C)category killer D)hypermarket E)megamarket

Last Answer : D)hypermarket

Description : Jack gets a shopping list from his wife. On the list are a potted plant, fresh salmon, motor oil, bread, milk, and a birthday cake. To make just one stop to save time, Jack should go to: A)a convenience store. B)an off-price retailer. C)a speciality store. D)a franchiser. E)a supermarket.

Last Answer : E)a supermarket.