What is a funky smell that you really enjoy?

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Answer :

Probably not good for my lungs, but the musky mold smell in my garage is pretty good.

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Description : Is it possible to get a funky smell out of old furniture?

Last Answer : if the odor is caused by bacteria, febreeze or just plain alcohol in a spray bottle will probably help. lysol is also a very good disinfectant. give the furniture a serious beating outdoors to remove the dust (wear a mask!) and spray, and wait.

Description : Play that funky music! Guess who just moved into the 10k mansion?

Last Answer : Congratulations, @funkdaddy! Welcome to the mansion!

Description : When you feel a pain in your body, a pulled muscle or a funky joint or something, do you baby it...or do you work it?

Last Answer : Working it makes it worse. I put ice on it, and in a couple of days I'm as good as new, most of the time. I've learned the hard way that trying to stretch it out just tears the muscle fiber ... spread. So, despite my instinct to stretch it, I leave it alone. I wouldn't call that babying it, though.

Description : What was this funky nausea/dizziness/blackout that happened to me last night?

Last Answer : answer:Maybe it's an ocular migraine. I get them, although not that severely. In many people, they are a precursor to a headache migraine. I don't get the head aches. Did you? I get this sparkly ... like a smoke ring until it passes outside my vision. I would check with a doctor or an eye doctor.

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Last Answer : Bobby pin in electrical outlet = Ow XD

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Last Answer : In your gmail you can set up that only forward the messages from now on and not all of them. Because then it will try to send all the thousand and thousand messages to your phone and it will almost never end. So set up in the POP3 settings what I said, and delete everything from the iPhone.

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Last Answer : answer:Here is a very well designed website..very clean, minimul, yet somwhat futurisitc it seems. Probably cost them a pretty penny for that but hell look at the computers they sell 10k+ for some of them. The web design is outstanding though. http://www.falcon-nw.com/

Description : What are some good, cheap, funky dive bars in Seattle?

Last Answer : It's been years since I lived in Seattle, but Belletown is a good area to look in for this kind of place. Also, under the viaduct near Pioneer Square is the OK Hotel. Good music, plenty divey. I don't really remember how cheap it was, but if I was there it must be pretty cheap! :^)

Description : Suggestions for an interesting, funky hotel in San Francisco?

Last Answer : We stayed once at a hotel called “Hotel Californian.” I think that property could fit the bill.

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Last Answer : Funky Lampshade Materials: Lampshade, white (paper if possible, no pleats) 4″ top, 10″ bottom, 7″ height Yellow Paint - or whatever color you choose Decorative ribbon, 3/8″ thick - 2 yards ... is not visible from the front side of the lampshade. 10. Place lampshade on base and your done!

Description : Are there any foods that you generally hate or dislike, that which you have finally found a recipe or a dish, featuring the offending item, that you really enjoy?

Last Answer : I didn't like salmon or eggs before this year. Picky eater, I know! But since living with my roommate I have become a huge fan of both, because he showed me new ways to eat them. The key to eggs ... turns out I like it if you char it a little and slather with some mustard sauce. Yummm. I'm hungry.

Description : Do you really enjoy an icy smoothie in freezing weather?

Last Answer : I don’t like smoothies but I will drink milkshakes and eat ice cream in the winter. There’s no season that will keep me from my favorite frozen dairy products.

Description : I need a career change. I really enjoy math. Should I consider engineering?

Last Answer : answer:While math is a big part of engineering, design and insight are a big part of it. Do you have interest in designing things? And what kind of engineering are you thinking of? Civil, ... to keep asking questions and not giving you answers, but these are things you need to think through.

Description : Do you really enjoy, or have you warmed up to, any spa or salon services?

Last Answer : They are awkward if you’re not used to them, but it’s easy to warm up to the person if you can tell they’re nice. I’ve only had a few massages, but you don’t have to talk to anyone then so it’s better, and you feel a bit better after.

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Last Answer : Hyperbole and a Half. Holy crap, that woman is hilarious.

Description : Does any one out there really enjoy cleaning the house?

Last Answer : I’ve heard of such people, I’d like to invite one to my messy home and give let him/her have hours of pleasure because I live to please others.

Description : Do you really enjoy the food you eat?

Last Answer : When I eat, I make sure I really enjoy it… I love eating!

Description : For the guys out there, what sorts of things would you really enjoy for Valentine's Day?

Last Answer : That special kind of alarm is always nice.

Description : What’s the weirdest food combination you really enjoy?

Last Answer : I dip fries into my milkshake for a sweet and salty combo

Description : What movie did you think you would not enjoy, but ended up really liking?

Last Answer : Hellboy 2

Description : What's something that everyone seems to hate that you really enjoy?

Last Answer : Listening to one singular song for hours on repeat. If I find the right song, it takes me many listens to digest all the layers. I do not subject any of my friends to my music taste.

Description : If you get a whiff of something, or even a really strong, nasty smell for a minute or two, does that mean you are then going to smell like that?

Last Answer : answer:I think it depends on what it is. Cigarette smoke, if you're walking past smokers or in a room with it, even for a very brief time, yes. Sometimes the bathroom at work smells like ... days when people didn't always take showers every day), and the cooking smells would make her hair smell.

Description : What foods smell really bad?

Last Answer : The standards would be canned tuna, boiled cabbage, and eggs. My friends tell me kale smells bad, but I don’t really notice.

Description : I've been hiding a rotten sandwich in my chest of drawers and it's really smelling and I can't get rid of the smell at all, what should I do?

Last Answer : answer:First, try washing the drawer. Next, leave an open box of baking soda in the drawer to absorb any residual odor. Lastly, don’t store food in your room.

Description : What do you do to your laundry to make it smell really good?

Last Answer : Arm and Hammer liquid detergent! Always smells lovely.

Description : Does anyone else smell things that aren't really there..?

Last Answer : All the time. But who says it’s not there? Just because others cannot smell it doesn’t mean it’s all in your head. Yep. That’s what I tell myself.

Description : Did Most and/or all people back in the day smell really bad? (pre deodorant-Before 1940's)

Last Answer : During the time of the Black plague it must have been horrible. The people believed that the virus was carried by water, so all they did to wash was wipe the grime off with a dry cloth.

Description : What smell, scent, aroma really, but really, sends you to another place or time - and why?

Last Answer : Lancome – Tresor Not suitable for describing in public ;)

Description : Can animals really smell human fear? Which animals can do this?

Last Answer : Certainly dogs. My sis has one dog that was abused as a pup and is a nipper; I am always nervous around her and the dog can always tell. I am forbidden to make eye contact w. her.

Description : Can dogs really smell cancer?

Last Answer : Studies are preliminary and inconclusive.

Description : Do Ferrets really smell bad?

Last Answer : they always smell “musky” just an unpleasant smell. But if you go one day without cleaning their cage it starts to smell absolutly unbearable.