What's your age and what's something common that you believe 99.99% of people have done by that point in their life that you haven't?

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Answer :

29, never been on a date

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Description : What happens to the other .01% of germs when something claims it will kill 99.99% of it?

Last Answer : The ones that survive are bigger and stronger and multiply even faaster than before.

Description : Indian post gold coin denomination is a) 0.2 g, 2g, 5 g and 8 g of 24 carat (99.99% pure) a) 1 g, 2g, 6 g and 10 g of 24 carat (99.99% pure) a) 0.5 g, 1g, 5 g and 8 g of 24 carat (99.99% pure) a) None of these

Last Answer : a) 0.5 g, 1g, 5 g and 8 g of 24 carat (99.99% pure)

Description : What is the word that means exploring something new that you haven't done such as business?

Last Answer : look around

Description : The hydrologic risk of a 100-year flood occurring during the 2-year service life of a project is (a) 9.8% (b) 9.9% (c) 19.9% (d) 1.99%

Last Answer : (d) 1.99%

Description : On life regrets... Are you more concerned with the things you have done but wish you hadn't, or the things you haven't done but wish you had?

Last Answer : answer:I would go for regretting the non-action more than the action. You can learn more from doing something (tweaks and perfections) than you can from not doing something (just do it next time). Life is all about experience and mistakes right? Need to take more chances!

Description : What is the one thing in your life you've been meaning to do but haven't done yet? Why haven't you done it?

Last Answer : Write the damn book that’s in my head.

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Last Answer : It’s pretty obvious. Look at her eyes. Clearly, she has a bad case of the crazy.

Description : Do you believe in ghosts even if you haven't seen one and if you do, why?

Last Answer : Nope. I’m sure just like a lot of other random dumb beliefs: explanations for things where scientific inquiry wasn’t available.

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Last Answer : Better Storage for Cords If you have a box of cords, you can keep them organized with an empty cardboard box and empty toilet paper rolls. Fold the cords neatly and put them in the paper towel ... In small, awkward corners of your living space, try to utilize it for something productive and useful.

Description : Total of the ages of P, Q and R at present is 99 years. Eight years ago, the ratio of their ages was 4: 5: 6. What is the age of Q at present a) 44 b) 30 c) 45 d) 33

Last Answer : D Let their ages 8 years ago is4x, 5x and 6x years.  4x+8+5x + 8 + 6x + 8= 99 hence x= 5 Q’s present age = (5x + 8)  =33 years

Description : Has anybody had their Hotmail account randomly closed due to violating "terms of agreement" when you haven't done anything wrong.

Last Answer : Have you read their Terms of Agreement? Your answer may lie therein.

Description : Skateboarders: How long did it take you to ollie up a curb with 99% accuracy?

Last Answer : answer:I know it took me less time. That isn't to say I was a better skater. But let's hear it for doing anything with curbs. Sure, I did my share of skating ramps but to ... inventiveness of skating things that weren't designed for the purpose of skateboarding was a higher version of skating art.

Description : What do you think of the 99% becoming a major voice in the Media?

Last Answer : I don’t think anyone has 3 minutes here. rofl

Description : If 99% of all humans were gone, how would things be different?

Last Answer : Traffic would no longer be such a bitch.

Description : My mother died last year. Donated 99% of her property to Goodwill. What percentage can I deduct on my 2011 tax return?

Last Answer : answer:Here is the IRS publication that discusses these issues. Excerpt: In general, contributions to charitable organizations may be deducted up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income ... , however. Exempt Organizations Select Check uses deductibility status codes to indicate these limitations.

Description : The 99% vs.1% thing isn't the right metaphor. How should we talk about the REAL Class Warfare?

Last Answer : answer:You’re able to type this with only one working eye? Got help us when the patch comes off. Why so strident? After all, Romney did pay $3.2 million in taxes on his $21 plus million income in 2011.

Description : What should Occupy WS (99%) do to get concrete actions from the 1%?

Last Answer : It's pressure on Congress that will make the difference. Some of it is a balance to the Tea Party. Some of it is about getting them to take the issue of jobs more seriously. Some of it is libertarian. ... ever actually make it out of the stew pot, but still, there's plenty for everyone in the pot.

Description : 99% vs 53%?

Last Answer : answer:I am in the 53% of Americans that paid income taxes, but I cannot agree with those that identify themselves as 53%-ers. What those 53%-ers that bash the 99%-ers don't realize is that ... many of them have had a rougher time of things than I have, so posting would seem almost disingenuous.

Description : Why won't my MacBook charge above 99% battery?

Last Answer : How old is your MacBook? I heard that some people get this problem with old MacBooks. The number slowly goes down.

Description : Do your Vimeo Videos stall at 99%?

Last Answer : Which method of uploading are you trying, through the website, or through their, Vimeo Desktop Uploader app? I would assume using the app is much more stable.

Description : A non-reversible machine has efficiency a.less than 50% b.nearly 100% c.between 75% and 99% d.more than 50% e.107 dynes

Last Answer : a. less than 50%

Description : if i have a loan at simple intrest of 16.99% and i wanted to pay off the loan in cash today would i still have to pay 11,000 or would a large amount of the intrest fall off just like a mortgage. citi finance tells me intrest payoff and cash payoff equa?

Last Answer : This link shows all shelter in Texas. http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/texas.html

Description : Who said: 'Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration'?

Last Answer : Edison

Description : The following proportion of the total body calcium is present in bones and teeth: (A) 75% (B) 90% (C) 95% (D) 99%

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : RBI sold its stake in NABARD to the Government of India, which now holds _____ stake A. 65% B. 70% C. 95% D. 99% E. None of the Above

Last Answer : D. 99% Explanation: RBI sold its stake in NABARD to the Government of India, which now holds 99% stake.

Description : 99% of matter in the Universe is in?

Last Answer : Plasma form

Description : Plant lost water in transpiration upto the extent of (a) 80%(b) 90% (c) 95% (d) 99%

Last Answer : (d) 99%

Description : If 99% of the program is written in FORTRAN and the remaining 1% in assembly language the percentage increase in the execution time, compared to writing the 1% in assembly language is ? 0.9 0.1 1 0

Last Answer : 0

Description : If 99% of the program is written in FORTRAN and the remaining 1% in assembly language, the percentage increase in the programming time compared to writing the entire program in FORTRAN and rewriting the 1% in assembly language is ? 10 5 13 8

Last Answer : 5

Description : What percentage of cyclohexane molecule is estimated to be in the boat form at any given time? (a) over 99% (b) between 90% and 99% (c) approximately 50% (d) less than 1%

Last Answer : less than 1%

Description : Lindane is (A) Not a fumigant (B) BHC (Benzene Hexachloride) containing 99% γ-isomer (C) A by-product of BHC manufacture (D) Both (B) and (C)

Last Answer : (B) BHC (Benzene Hexachloride) containing 99% γ-isomer

Description : The maximum concentration of ethanol that is achieved by successive distillation of fermentation broth in continuous stills is A- .60% B- 95% C- .70% D- 99%

Last Answer : 95%

Description : Efficiency of removing bacterias from raw water by a slow sand filter, is (A) 80% to 81% (B) 85% to 86% (C) 90% to 97% (D) 98% to 99%

Last Answer : (D) 98% to 99%

Description : What food makes up nearly all (around 99%) of a Giant Panda‟s diet?

Last Answer : Bamboo

Description : For amalgamation in the nature of merger, the shareholders holding at least ______ or more of the equity shares of the transferor company becomes the equity shareholders of the transferee company. A. 51% B. 90% C. 99% D. 100%

Last Answer : B. 90%

Description : What is the share of Government of India in NABARD? A. 50% B. 51% C. 75% D. 99%

Last Answer : D. 99%

Description : The percentage of human genome which encodes proteins is approximately a) Less than 2% b) 5% c) 25% d) 99%

Last Answer : a) Less than

Description : The sun makes up approximately what percent of matter in our solar system? w) 17% x) 50% y) 85% z) 99% 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 99% 

Description : When you see infomercials or commercials that demonstrate their products and then say something like "All of this is a $60.00 value and you can get if for only $14.99 if you call now!", do you find this suspicious or interesting or possibly misleading in any way?

Last Answer : yeah its def hokey. I really dunno who falls for that ploy. Like do people really buy it after they say that, and then brag to their friends later like. Dude get this, I ordered this on tv, it was ... but I only paid 15. what a deal. I can see that as a cut scene from zoolander or something.

Description : ‘X’ has given a data on a person age, which should be between 1 to 99. Using BVA which is the appropriate one A. 0,1,2,99 B. 1, 99, 100, 98 C. 0, 1, 99, 100 D. –1, 0, 1, 99

Last Answer : C. 0, 1, 99, 100

Description : Are there any of these things that you haven't done? See details.?

Last Answer : Ha, I love those things, horrendous grammar and all. I’ve done all of those things. I still do #1 quite often.

Description : Those who do well at creating art (sketching, drawing, etc.), if you haven't done it in awhile, how do you get yourself back into it?

Last Answer : answer:Extremely good question! I'm currently going through a drought myself. I have art buddies around me, they are active. For some reason I'm not. Not musically, not literature-wise, not photography or painting wise. ... if she's not doing it, no one will, so she has to do it then in that sense.

Description : On a resume, is it okay to list jobs you're interested in but haven't done yet?

Last Answer : answer:Unfortunately thinking about a job doesn't count. Experience in this sense means things you've actually done, usually for long enough to get good at them. As far as interests that's generally ... the employer instead of what they can do for you. Everyone has to start somewhere. Good luck.

Description : You've done some wild things in your past, haven't you?

Last Answer : Not really, no.

Description : What are some of the things you haven't done until you became a parent (excluding childcare + rearing)?

Last Answer : I watch way more cartoons. Sometimes my kid won’t even be here and I’ve watched 2 episodes of Spongebob before I’ve realized I can watch whatever I want.

Description : I haven't networked anything but am going to do that to my computers and printers, plus a tv later. Can I get a good reference book or where should I go to get this done?

Last Answer : answer:Hi @igottaknow, welcome to Fluther! Your network will be built around a router. Everything will connect to that device. And instruction manuals for routers usually give a pretty good introduction, as ... - Home Networking 101 PCWorld - Step-By-Step: How to Build a Safe, Secure Network

Description : Who said "If you need a tracking device on your children then you haven't done a good job as a parent"?

Last Answer : By “Even just the approximate time and place is enough” I meant I don’t need the name of the person who said that, just the main part so I can track down the story.

Description : Why haven't you done what you've been waiting years to do?

Last Answer : Because my lovers & I just started going out. I’m not gonna force myself on them.

Description : Ok I haven't done amy researching, what is the best GPS brand?

Last Answer : Depends, is it a car GPS, or a handheld one?