If we live in a simulation, which language was it coded in?

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Description : What would be the best programming language for artificial intelligence and environment simulation?

Last Answer : Flexsim might be worth a look. I think for anything as complex as a planetary ecosystem you will need a language capable of running continuous simulation. This is a hybrid language with continuous plus discrete event simulation capability.

Description : mRNA coded language is known as

Last Answer : mRNA coded language is known as A. Cryptogram B. Cryptoanalysis C. Crytogram D. Codogens

Description : What is the basic unit of coded language that computers use?

Last Answer : A bit 1024 bits = 1 byte 1024 bytes = 1 kilobyte 1024 kilobytes = 1 megabyte 1024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte 1024 gigabytes = 1 terabyte 1024 terabytes = 1 petabyte 1024 petabytes = 1 exabyte 1024 exabytes = 1 zettabyte 1024 zettabytes = 1 yottabyte

Description : The language made up of binary coded instructions. a) Machine b) C c) BASIC d) High level

Last Answer : Answer: a Explanation: The language made up of binary coded instructions built into the hardware of a particular computer and used directly by the computer is machine language

Description : Which language was used to program Second Generation computers? (A) Binary Coded language (B) Assembly language (C) Machine language (D) None of the Above

Last Answer : (B) Assembly language

Description : In a certain language IMPHAL is coded as JLRFDI. How will MYSURU be coded in the same language? (1) NXUSUR (2) RUSUXN (3) NXSUUR (4) NXTTUR

Last Answer : (1) NXUSUR

Description : If in a certain language TRIVANDRUM is coded as 2 5 9 5 3 5 4 7 5 8, how would MADRAS be coded? (A) 8 3 4 5 3 6 (B) 8 3 4 5 3 8 (C) 8 3 4 5 3 0 (D) 8 3 4 5 3 9

Last Answer : Answer: A For Example : - If in a certain language PUNCTUALis coded as 1 6 5 9 8 6 2 3 then P=1 U=6 N= 5 C=9 T=8 U=6 A=2 L=3 Therefore ACTUPULN = 2 9 8 6 1 6 3 5

Description : If it ever turns out we are in a simulation, what would make it sort of obvious in hindsight?

Last Answer : Quantum physics. Just like in any computer program, when you look reaally deeply into it, it feels like corners were cut, and there's an RNG there for no damn reason.

Description : What was your "yep we're living in a simulation" moment?

Last Answer : Accidentally hitting this question while someone else was talking about us living in a simulation

Description : What are your “the world is a simulation” theories?

Last Answer : Sometimes I forget who I am, what reality and concepts are, and just drift away, then I come back

Description : If it ever turns out we’re inside a simulation, what makes it kind of obvious in hindsight?

Last Answer : [deleted]

Description : Regarding the "meaning of life" and humanity's self worth, what is the difference between being in a universe created by a god, and a universe created as a computer simulation by an alien race?

Last Answer : Does it matter? If there is a god creating a universe, who is to say that the god is not, in fact, the product of a computer simulation? There's no way to tell if this god has godlike characteristics ... a software glitch? I wou;dn't, but I'm not sure it matters. How would it change my life?

Description : Who can teach me how to find the Volume number and Issue number of “Numerical simulation of three dimensional cavitation shedding dynamics with special emphasis on cavitation–vortex interaction”?

Last Answer : Google it. \ http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0029801814001838

Description : Who would help me download “A simulation Program for Vessel's manoeuvring at slow sPeeds”??

Last Answer : You may want to check out NavSim

Description : What are the chances that we're living in a computer simulation?

Last Answer : If you took the blue pill your chances are 99–100%.

Description : Is anybody familiar with the simulation game featured in the documentary World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements?

Last Answer : answer:This is interesting and I'm certain it could serve as a valuable aid to teaching a whole slew of subjects. The object is for all countries to come out ahead. If that's really the ... 's ideological makeup. And leaving out such countries would seem to make world peace much easier to achieve.

Description : Good simulation games like the Sims?

Last Answer : The Movies

Description : What is the best airport simulation game for the PC?

Last Answer : I doubt it, but it would be neat if there was.

Description : If you discovered you were just a simulation what effect would that have on your life?

Last Answer : I would have simulated feelings of loss and rip-off, and then eventually I would just move on with my simulated life. What else could I do?

Description : What's the best free internet stock market simulation?

Last Answer : wallstreetsurvivor.com.

Description : What is Simulation -AI Class 9th

Last Answer : A simulation is the re-creation of a real world process in a controlled environment. It involves creating laws and models to represent the world, and then running those models to see what ... used for scientific exploration, for safety tests, and to create graphics for video games and movies.

Description : Simulation?

Last Answer : Simulators allow the user to experience a simulated real-life situation. The most popluar games are usually flight simulators, allowing users to become pilots of everything from commercial airliners to F ... Gamers can also find simulations of things like running a business and even building a city.

Description : Who offers cyber security simulation for businesses?

Last Answer : You should probably take a look at Cyberbit Range, a breach and attack simulation program given by cyberbit. With Cyberbit Range, you can prepare your SOC team and red team with a ... training scenarios, from entry level individual training to advanced, multi-stage attacks and team training.

Description : _____is the science that attempts to produce machines that display the same type of intelligence that humans do. 1) Nano science 2) Nanotechnology 3) Simulation 4) Artificial intelligence (AI) 5) None of these

Last Answer : Answer :4

Description : What is Computer Simulation Technique?

Last Answer : ANSWER I: `Simulation' in general terms can be defined as the representation or imitation of a system in its realistic form. When a computer program is used to create a model to mimic a ... frame, combustion, and weather and ocean circulation are some of the examples that need huge computer power.

Description : The best way to test the Project Management Plan (SPMP) is by a) Prototyping b) Inspection c) Simulation d) Compilation e) Debugging.

Last Answer : b) Inspection

Description : One method of programming a computer to exhibit human intelligence is called modeling or __________ a) simulation b) cognitization c) duplication d) psychic amelioration

Last Answer : a) simulation

Description : What network model enables engineer managers to schedule, monitor and control large and complex projects by employing three time estimates per activity a. Forecasting b. Program evaluation review technique c. Critical path method d. simulation

Last Answer : b. Program evaluation review technique

Description : What network model enables engineer managers to schedule, monitor and control large and complex projects by using only one time factor per activity a. Forecasting b. Program evaluation review technique c. Critical path method d. simulation

Last Answer : b. Program evaluation review technique

Description : Define Computer Simulation.

Last Answer : Computer Simulation is the use of computer to represent the dynamic responses of system by the change in behaviors of another system modeled after it.

Description : Location analysis techniques typical typically employed by manufact anufacturing organizations include include a. transportation method b. queuing theory queuing theory c. correlation correlation analysis analysis and traffic traffic counts d. simulation

Last Answer : a. transportation method

Description : Communi Community attitudes, zoni es, zoning restrictions, and qua and quality of labor force are l ce are likely to be considered in which of the fo considered in which of the following ... analysis analysis c. center-of-gravity center-of-gravity method d. simulation e. factor rating method

Last Answer : e. factor rating method

Description : Use of an executable model to represent the behavior of an object is called A. Simulation B. Software item C. Software feature D. None of the above

Last Answer : A. Simulation

Description : According to Capstone, Complement is best defined as: a. the number of workers in your workforce this year. b. letter from the simulation telling your team you did a good job. c. the number of workers needed to reduce your overtime. d. none of the above

Last Answer : a. the number of workers in your workforce this year.

Description : At the start of the simulation, all assembly lines have an automation level between: a. 2.0 and 4.0. b. 3.0 and 5.0. c. 4.0 and 6.0. d. 5.0 and 7.0. e. 6.0 and 8.0.

Last Answer : b. 3.0 and 5.0.

Description : How best would you describe the financial position of the company, at the beginning of the simulation when control of the company is handed over to you? a. Of moderate excellence b. Close ... d. Heavily indebted but not close to bankruptcy e. Bad but with ample opportunity for improvemen

Last Answer : a. Of moderate excellence

Description : The CAPSIM simulation is based on which industry? a. sensor industry b. textile industry c. automotive industry d. electronics industry

Last Answer : a. sensor industry

Description : What is the size of the plant at the start of the simulation? a. 5 assembly lines with space to add 1 more. b. 5 assembly lines with space to add 3 more. c. 5 assembly lines with space to add 2 more. d. 8 assembly lines. e. 0 – the plan can be built to team specification.

Last Answer : b. 5 assembly lines with space to add 3 more. c.

Description : In the Capstone® simulation, what are the components of a product's material cost? a. Cost of Inventory on hand and the cost to store it b. Reliability component cost and positioning component ... , shipping and handling d. Level of automation and product reliability e. None of the above

Last Answer : b. Reliability component cost and positioning component cost

Description : The economic environment for this simulation game will include a. a favorable environment featuring limited growth, high inflation, and reasonable interest rates. b. a favorable environment featuring ... inflation rates, and constant interest rates. e. economic downturn and other surprises.

Last Answer : b. a favorable environment featuring modest growth, low inflation, and reasonable interest rates.

Description : The first step in the Monte Carlo simulation process is to _____. a) generate random numbers b) set up cumulative probability distributions c) establish random number intervals d) set up probability distributions

Last Answer : d) set up probability distributions

Description : A fault simulation testing technique is (A) Mutation testing (B) Stress testing (C) Black box testing (D) White box testing

Last Answer : (A) Mutation testing

Description : ....................... is an important Operations Research Technique to analyse the queuing behaviour. a. Game theory b. Waiting line theory c. Decision theory d. Simulation

Last Answer : b. Waiting line theory

Description : ............................... is used to imitate an operation prior to actual performance. a. Inventory control b. Simulation c. Game theory d. Integrated Production Model

Last Answer : b. Simulation

Description : The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement specialty called? A. Robotics B. Simulation C. Computer Forensics D. Animation

Last Answer : C. Computer Forensics 

Description : _____________ are mathematical models that describe the operating characteristics of queuing situations. (a) Waiting line models ; (b) Simulation models ; (c) Decision trees ; (d) All of the given options

Last Answer : (a) Waiting line models ;

Description : Which of the following kinds of instruction is frequently cited as the opposite of discovery learning? Options: A) Simulation games B) Expository teaching C) Mastery learning D) Schema training

Last Answer : B) Expository teaching

Description : Which combination of teaching methods listed below would encourage the learner-cantered paradigm? Options: A) Individualized instruction and lecture method B) Simulation and demonstration C) Lecture method and experimentation D) Projects and Direct experiences

Last Answer : D) Projects and Direct experiences 

Description : What do you mean by simulation? Why it is necessary?

Last Answer : Simulation is functional emulation of a circuit design through software programs that use models to replicate how a device will perform in terms of timing and results. It should be ... Simulation is used for design verification: Validate assumptions, Verify logic, Verify performance (timing)

Description : Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems

Last Answer : Modeling and Simulation of simple dynamic systems A control system consists of subsystems assembled for the purpose of obtaining a desired output with a desired performance given a specific ... of operation and flexibility. Other systems include the mechanical and electrical systems .