Compare microprocessor and microcontroller

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Answer :


Microprocessor - Computer, Mobile phone, calculator

Microcontroller - washing machine, microwave oven

Do not have inbuilt RAM or ROM
Inbuilt RAM or ROM 
Do not have inbuilt Timer
Inbuilt Timer 
I/O Ports are not available, it required 8255 for interfacing
I/O Ports are available
Do not have inbuilt serial port, it required extra devices like 8251.
Inbuilt serial port
Program and data are stored in same memory.
Separate memory to store program and data
Boolean operation is not possible directly
Boolean operation is possible
Many instruction to access external memory access.
Few instructions for external memory access
Less multifunction pins on the IC Many multifunction pins on the IC

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Last Answer : මයà·'ක්‍චොකොච්ට්චෝලච් චà·'ච්මාචය කචඇත්තේ කාවැද්දà·- යෙද෠ම් සඳ෠ා වචචතචචය ප෠... 'කාබද්ධ කචමà·'ච් මà·'ශ්‍චසචsignal ා මයà·'ක්‍à¶

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Last Answer : d) RS

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Last Answer : a) 1, 8bit, single processor

Description : Intel 8096 is of ___ bit microcontroller family called as ______. a) 8, MCS51 b) 16, MCS51 c) 8, MCS96 d) 16, MCS96

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Description : The 8051 microcontroller is of ___pin package as a ______ processor. a) 30, 1byte b) 20, 1 byte c) 40, 8 bit

Last Answer : c) 40, 8 bit

Description : In 8096, mode ____ of serial port are ___ modes commonly used for ____ communications. a) 1, 8bit, single processor b) 0, 7bit, multiple microcontroller c) 2, 9 bit, multiple processors d) 3, 8 bit, multiple microcontroller

Last Answer : c) 2, 9 bit, multiple processors

Description : Intel 8096 is of ___ bit microcontroller family called as ______. a) 8, MCS51 b) 16, MCS51 c) 8, MCS96 d) 16, MCS96

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Last Answer : c) 40, 8 bit

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Last Answer : A. ATmega328p 

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Last Answer : architecture of embedded system consists of

Description : Processors used in many microcontroller products need to be______ A. high power B. low power C. low interrupt response D. low code density

Last Answer : B. low power 

Description : Explain the various selection factors of microcontroller suitable for application.

Last Answer : The selection of microcontroller depends upon the type of application. The following factors must be considered while selecting the microcontroller.  1. Word length: The word length of ... and for lesser production EPROM version or CPU version with external program memory is suitable

Description : State and explain the need of the following development tools microcontroller board: (i) Editor (ii) Assembler (iii) Compiler (iv) Linker

Last Answer : 1) Editor: An editor is a program which helps you to construct your assembly language program in right format so that the assembler will translate it correctly to machine language. So, you can type your ... . Some examples of linker are ASEM-51 BL51, Keil u Vision Debugger, LX 51 Enhanced Linker etc

Description : Draw the format of PSW register of 8051 microcontroller and explain the function of each bit.

Last Answer : 1. CY: Carry flag. This flag is set whenever there is a carry out from the D7 bit after an 8 bit addition or subtraction. It can also be set to 1 or 0 directly by instructions such as SETB C and ... the A register contains an odd number of 1s, then P=1. P=0 if A has an even number of 1s.

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Last Answer : Features of 8051 microcontroller:  1) 8- bit data bus and 8- bit ALU. 2) 16- bit address bus - can access maximum 64KB of RAM and ROM. 3) On- chip RAM -128 bytes (Data ... 0 and Timer 1, two external hardware interrupts- INT0 and INT1, Serial communication interrupt for both receive and transmit.

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Last Answer : Port-0 can be configured as a normal bidirectional I/O port or it can be used for address/data interfacing for accessing external memory. When control is '1', the port is used for address/data ... is not able to sink the current the pin voltage may rise, leading to a possible wrong reading.