Fats are solids at (A) 10°C (B) 20°C (C) 30°C (D) 40°C

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Answer :

Answer : B

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Description : Which of the following are optimum temperature conditions for making benzenediazonium chloride from aniline? (a) 0°C to 10°C (b) 20°C to 25°C (c) 30°C to 40°C (d) 45°C to 50°C

Last Answer : 0°C to 10°C

Description : Lumirhodopsin is stable only at temperature below (A) –10°C (B) –20°C (C) –40°C (D) –50°C

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Thermophilic micro-organism grow well at temperature– 1) 10°C – 20°C 2) 20°C – 40°C 3) 50°C – 60°C 4) 5°C – 7°C

Last Answer : 3) 50°C – 60°C

Description : An insulation resistance reading is taken at 20°C and found to be 10 megohms. What would you expect the resistance reading to be at 40°C? A. 2.5 megohms B. 10 megohms C. 15 megohms D. 20 megohms

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : A long iron rod initially at a temperature of 20°C has one end dipped in boiling water (100°C) at time, t = 0. The curved surface of the rod is insulated so that heat conduction is one dimensional in the axial direction. The ... = 283 s (B) t = 356 s (C) t = 400 s (D) t = 800 s

Last Answer : (D) t = 800 s

Description : If a certain amount of dry ice is mixed with same amount of water at 80°C, the final temperature of mixture will be  (a) 80°C  (b) 0°C  (c) 40°C  (d) 20°C  (e) 60°C.

Last Answer : Answer : b

Description : The average temperature of sewage in India, is A. 10°C B. 15°C C. 20°C D. 25°C

Last Answer : ANS: C

Description : A Fahrenheit thermometer indicates a temperature of ‘ 14°F. its corresponding reading on the Celsius scale will be -----? A. – 2O°C B. – 10°C (Answer) C. + 10°C D. + 20°C

Last Answer : B. – 10°C (Answer)

Description : Date growth does not cease if temperature does not fall below: a. 0°C. b. 10°C c. 18°C d. 20°C

Last Answer : 18°C

Description : A batch adiabatic reactor at an initial temperature of 373°K is being used for the reaction, A → B. Assume the heat of reaction is - 1kJ/mole at 373°K and heat capacity of both A and B to be constant and equal ... rise after a conversion of 0.5 will be: (A) 5°C (B) 10°C (C) 20°C (D) 100°C

Last Answer : (B) 10°C

Description : Air initially at 101. 3 kPa and 40°C and with a relative humidity of 50%, is cooled at constant pressure to 30°C. The cooled air has a (A) Higher dew point (B) Higher absolute (specific) humidity (C) Higher relative humidity (D) Higher wet bulb temperature

Last Answer : (C) Higher relative humidity

Description : The heat flux (from outside to inside) across an insulating wall with thermal conductivity, K = 0.04 W/m.°K and thickness 0.16m is 10 W/m2 . The temperature of the inside wall is - 5°C. The outside wall temperature is (A) 25°C (B) 30°C (C) 35°C (D) 40°C

Last Answer : (C) 35°C

Description : Potato tuber growth is stopped at what temperature ? (a) 40°C — 42°C (b) 30°C — 32°C (c) 35°C — 37°C (d) 38°C – 40°C

Last Answer : (b) 30°C — 32°C

Description : A refrigerator is working on reversed carnot cycle between temperature of 30°C to –10°C with capacity of 10 tonnes. Calculate. (i) The COP (ii) Define ton of refrigeration (iii) Give the industrial application of refrigeration

Last Answer : (ii) Ton of refrigeration: It is defined as the quantity of heat required to be removed from 1Ton water at 0oC to get ice at 0oC in one day. (iii) Industrial applications of refrigeration ... food stuff such as meat, fruit, fruit juice, vegetables etc. 5. Ice cooling of concrete for dam.

Description : The bacteria which are able to grow at 0°C but which grow at 20°C to 30°C, are known as a. Psychrophiles b. Facultative psychrophiles c. Average psychrophiles d. Mesophiles

Last Answer : Ans: C

Description : A mixture of 10% C6H6 vapour in air at 25°C and 750 mm Hg has a dew point of 20°C. Its dew point at 30°C and 700 mm Hg will be around __________ °C. (A) 21.7 (B) 20 (C) 27.3 (D) 18.7

Last Answer : (D) 18.7

Description : Optimum temperature for cool season vegetables is: a. 25-30°C b. 25-27°C c. 18-24°C d. 15-20°C

Last Answer : 18-24°C

Description : The optimum cardinal temparature point for germination of rice seeds is– 1) 20°C – 25°C 2) 18°C – 22°C 3) 30°C – 32°C 4) 37°C – 39°C

Last Answer : 1) 20°C – 25°C

Description : A microbe that is a microaerophilic mesophile would grow optimally at and a. high 02; 30°C b. low 02; 20°C c. no 02; 30°C d. low 02; 37°C

Last Answer : d. low 02; 37°C

Description : According to the Indian Standards the specific gravity is the ratio of the unit weight of soil solids to that of water at a temperature of (A) 17°C (B) 23°C (C) 27°C (D) 30°C

Last Answer : (C) 27°C

Description : The process of converting liquid oil into solids saturated fats by passing hydrogen gas is

Last Answer : called hydrogenation.

Description : Which of the following statements is not true about triacylglycerols? (a) When solids and semisolids at room temperature, they are called fats. (b) When liquids at room temperature, they are ... low melting points are composed of saturated fatty acids, causing them to be liquids at room temperature

Last Answer : Triacylglycerols with low melting points are composed of saturated fatty acids, causing them to be liquids at room temperature

Description : Lumirhodopsin is stable only at a temperature below (A) –35°C (B) –40°C (C) –45°C (D) –50°C

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Optimum temperature of DNA polymerase of T. aquaticus is (A) 30°C (B) 37°C (C) 54°C (D) 72°C

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Pick up the correct statement from the following: A. Rate of digestion of sludge is more at higher temperature B. Thermophilic organisms digest the sludge if the temperature ranges from 40° to 60°C C. Mesophilic organisms digest the sludge if the temperature is between 25° and 40°C D. All the above

Last Answer : ANS: D

Description : Electric motors intended for use outside the engine room and boiler room are frequently rated to run at a designed ambient temperature of 40°C. What is the equivalent temperature in degrees Fahrenheit? A. 54.2°F B. 72.0°F C. 104.0°F D. 129.6°F

Last Answer : Answer: C

Description : One item listed on the name plate of a cargo pump motor is 'degrees centigrade rise.' This number is based on _____________. A. normal temperature change from cold to hot B. an ambient temperature ... . minimum heat rise from no load to full load D. maximum degrees centigrade rise from absolute zero

Last Answer : Answer: B

Description : Which of the following materials may prove unsuitable for handling acetic acid (glacial & anhydrous) at 40°C? (A) Silicone rubber, teflon, porcelain and wood (B) Nickel, monel, stainless steel and graphite (C) Aluminium, copper, high silicon iron (D) Brass, cast iron, mild steel and tin

Last Answer : (D) Brass, cast iron, mild steel and tin

Description : An air-water vapour mixture has a dry bulb temperature of 60°C and a dew point temperature of 40°C. The total pressure is 101.3 kPa and the vapour pressure of water at 40°C and 60°C are 7.30 kPa and 19.91 kPa respectively ... air is: (A) 0.048 (B) 0.079 (C) 0.122 (D) 0.152

Last Answer : (D) 0.152

Description : Which of the following processes is followed by unsaturated air (with dry bulb temperature 12°C and relative humidity 47%) passing through water spray washer (temperature of water being constant at 40°C ... (B) Heating only (C) Both heating and humidification (D) Evaporative cooling

Last Answer : (C) Both heating and humidification

Description : The insulation resistance of a DC motor is observed to be 15 MΩ at a temp. of 70°C. what is its value corrected to 40°C. the correction factor for 70°C is 8.0. 

Last Answer : Observed resistance at 70°C – 15 MΩ. Temperature correction factor – 8. Rm = kt * Rt           kt – correction factor. Rm = 8 * 15          Rt – resistance measured at +°C. Rm = 120 MΩ.       Rm – corrected value to 40°C The IR of DC motor corrected to 40°C is 120 MΩ. 

Description : Volatile oil are those oil which can evaporate at : a. 25°C b. 40°C c. 50°C d. 65°C

Last Answer : 25°C

Description : Maximum density of water exists at (a) 0°C (b) 4°C (c) 40°C (d) 100°C

Last Answer : (b) 4°C

Description : The chlorine supply cylinders are generally kept at 38°C to 40°C to prevent  (A) Conversion into crystals  (B) It from burning  (C) It from explosion  (D) None of these

Last Answer : (A) Conversion into crystals 

Description : A solid aluminium ball, when quenched in a water bath maintained at 40°C, cools down from 550°C to 450°C in 20 seconds. The expected temperature of the ball after next 20 seconds may be about __________ °C. (A) 370 (B) 340 (C) 320 (D) 300

Last Answer : (A) 370

Description : Softening point of bitumen to be used for read construction at a place where maximum temperature is 40°C should be (A) Less than 40°C (B) Greater than 40°C (C) Equal to 40°C (D) None of the above

Last Answer : Answer: Option B

Description : You are cruising at FL 200, OAT is -40°C, sea level pressure is 1033 hPa. Calculate the true  altitude.  a. 20,660 ft  b. 21,740 ft  c. 18,260 ft  d. 19, 340 ft

Last Answer : d. 19, 340 ft

Description : You are cruising at FL 200, OAT is -40°C, sea level pressure is 1033 hPa. Calculate the true altitude. a. 20,660 ft b. 21,740 ft c. 18,260 ft d. 19, 340 ft

Last Answer : d. 19, 340 ft

Description : A physician refers a nine years-old boy to you to confirm diagnosis. The boy has a fever of 40°C and coughing. When you focus your light into his eyes he turns away. Intra-orally there are white ... by red margins. The disease and lesions are: A. Measles and Koplik's spots B. AHGS vesicles

Last Answer : A. Measles and Koplik’s spots

Description : The flash point of transformer oil should be higher than (a) 40°C (b) 60°C (c) 80°C (d) 104°C

Last Answer : (d) 104°C

Last Answer : If a D.C. motor designed for 40°C ambient temperature is to be used for 50°C ambient temperature, then the motor is to be derated by a factor recommended by manufacturer and select the next higher H.P. motor.

Description : When heated from 0° to 10°C volume of a given mass of water will - (1) Increase gradually (2) Decrease gradually (3) Increase and after will decrease (4) Decrease and after will increase

Last Answer : (4) Decrease and after will increase

Description : When water is heated from 0°C to 10°C. Its volume (1) increases (2) decreases (3) does not change (4) first decreases and then increases

Last Answer : (4) first decreases and then increases

Description : The settlement velocity of a solid (diameter 0.5 mm, specific gravity 1.75) in water having temperature 10°C, is A. 213.5 cm/sec B. 313.5 cm/sec C. 413.5 cm/sec D. 500 cm/sec

Last Answer : ANS: B

Description : The life expectancy of electrical insulation, is approximately halved for an increased operating temperature of _______________. A. 10°C B. 25°C C. 50°C D. 100°C

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : Maximum combustion temperature in gas turbines is of the order of 1100 to 10°C whereas same is around 00°C in I.C. engine ? Why ?

Last Answer : High temperature in I.C. engine can be tolerated because it lasts for a fraction of second but gas turbines have to face it continuously which metals can’t withstand.

Description : What happens, When water is heated from 0°C to 10°C the volume of water?

Last Answer : First decreases then increases

Description : In which type of climate does the temperature never rise above 10°C throughout the year?

Last Answer : Tundra Climate

Description : Pick out the wrong statement (A) A horizontal line on the humidity chart indicates the temperature changes at constant molal humidity (B) When water is cooled from 80 to 70°C by exposure ... & air cannot be increased by either reducing the mixture temperature or by increasing the total pressure

Last Answer : (D) Relative saturation of unsaturated mixture of water vapor & air cannot be increased by either reducing the mixture temperature or by increasing the total pressure

Description : What is the life insulation if temperature increased by 10°C?

Last Answer : The life of the machine insulation decreases by half if the temperature of the insulation increases by 10°C.