Are Catholics the first Christians?

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In one sense, yes, in another, no. The early chuurch was known as the catholic church (with a small 'C' as 'catholic' simply means 'universal'. So the first universal Christian church would have been 'catholic'. However, since then the Roman Catholic Church some believe, has moved far away from the early Christian church both in practise (in the extra liturgy of the mass, priestly celibacy, rejection of women's priesthood, papal infallibility and so on) and in belief (the introduction of purgatory, over adulation of Mary etc). So in this sense it can be argued that the present Catholic church is no longer the same church as the earliest Christian Church and cannot be regarded as the first Christians. There is, however, a movement both in the Roman Church and in protestant denominations (li

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Last Answer : Catholicism and Orthodoxy came first. The Protestant Churches began after when Martin Luther formed a new Church and from that example, sprang up more churches and caused a snowball effect that is why there are literally over a thousand denominations.

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Last Answer : The Roman Catholic Church did not exist in the time of Jesus, so of course not. The Imperial Roman Army carried out many thousands of crucifictions, including that of Jesus, but the Roman Army was the military arm of a pagan empire, not a church.

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Last Answer : Yes they do, and He is what the church is based and built on. Have you ever noticed the crucifixes?Yes.

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Last Answer : Non-Roman Catholic AnswerA Catholic is certainly ABLE to go to a Christian church. How the Catholic church will feel about this is a different matter, and a careful perusal of the below ... Church. from A Catholic Dictionary, edited by Donald Attwater, Second edition, revised 1957ChristianA name fir

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Last Answer : The seat of Catholocism is in Rome because this is where the Pope (who is the leader of the world's Catholics) resides there.

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Last Answer : By repenting and being forgiven their sins.

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Last Answer : When I thought more fundamentalist I thought that maybe a biblical day was a circle around the universe. Now I just figure it is more like a parable. The truth is, what I believe about it won’t change reality, and it really doesn’t change my relationship with God.

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Last Answer : If you saw it on Fox, it’s probably not true.

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Last Answer : Because it’s commemorative and it is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Who cares if it’s not the actual date? No one knows the date, so does that mean we just shouldn’t celebrate it at all?

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Last Answer : Christians believe that Christ fulfilled the law of Moses. So, while Christ himself never ate ham people celebrating Christmas and Easter often do… I’m sure there are still non-Jewish people who follow the guideline, hell when I eat hot dogs I do too, but it isn’t for religious reasons.

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