How to Choose Wall Paint?

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When looking to remodel or improve your home one of the easiest and affordable ways to improve a room is to add a new coat of paint.� If you are looking to sell your home, there are various things that you should consider when choosing new wall paint. � When choosing wall paint for your home improvement project it is important that you choose paint that will likely be enjoyed by most people.� While you may want to choose a bold or bright color, having that color of paint could be a turnoff for some buyers.� Most likely you�d be better off choosing a paint that is more subtle.�

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Description : When you paint with a roller, do you ”cut in the wall” first then roll, or roll first then ”cut in”?

Last Answer : I worked on a campus paint crew for two years in college, way back. I always prefered to do cutting first, then roll. Both on walls and ceilings. Learned from Supervisor it took less paint, not as ... It would take some experience to be on- point and assured, I would guess. Has anyone tried them?

Description : How do I find the right paint to cover up this hole in the wall?

Last Answer : You won’t need a whole gallon. Take a paint chip to the store and have them color match it. Most stores now have no problems matching paint. Then buy the smallest size can of paint they have, it will probably be a pint or a quart.

Description : How do I perfectly match the paint on my wall?

Last Answer : answer:You could take some paint along to a specialist paint store and see if they can match it? I think if you can get even a small piece of paint, they may be able to do this. I would ring up Lowes (I don’t know this store) and ask them how much paint they would need.

Description : DIY a wall that was scraped and now has bits of paint and paster help?

Last Answer : Use textured paint if you must but I would just skim it myself. If it doesn’t work as you planned no harm is done.

Description : How do you get lipstick off a wall that has flat paint?

Last Answer : I have to ask…what were you doing that lipstick got on the wall?

Description : How can I draw then paint designs on my bedroom wall?

Last Answer : Borrow/buy an overhead projector. Then copy the design that you want onto a transparency and shine it on the wall. You can then use a pencil to trace the lines onto the wall. All that is left is a giant coloring book page.

Description : Do I need primer before I paint a patch of my wall?

Last Answer : Paint should be fine. Just be prepared for multiple coats.

Description : How many times do you paint the walls at home before you scrape it? We have been doing about 16 coats for several decades. So I don't know if we should scratch the previous ones first. Nothing is peeling anywhere yet, but I guess I'd like to take it off, right?

Last Answer : I don't scratch until the previous layers of paint peel off (and visibly reduce the size of the room: o). Why would I do that?

Description : I want to paint, but I saw that there were already several layers of paint on the wall. The older painting is even falling in places. How do I remove those old layers? A scraper? Should I soak the wall?

Last Answer : Yeah, you have to soak and then scratch. Best with a roller, soak a lot with water, then scrape with long strokes of a spatula and hold the shovel under it with the other hand. Otherwise, the binec ... perhaps cannot be repaired. Then plaster the holes in the nails and let the whole thing dry. :-)

Description : how to paint solid wall suround for tubs

Last Answer : Home Depot and Lowes carry paint for tubs. It is epoxy base paint and comes in a can and you would need to tape and paper or plastic the walls and fixtures from over spray,clean tub and some products require you to scuff the surface with sand paper before painting.

Description : Is Acid rain dissolving paint off a wall a chemical change or physical change?

Last Answer : Chemical change

Description : Is it necessary to use primer under interior wall paint?

Last Answer : It is not necessary to use a primer for interior walls, but using one helps with adhesion and smoothness of the paint.

Description : Which paint brush is best to use for cutting in paint along the wall near the ceiling?

Last Answer : The brush should be small and you should tape the ceiling to protect it but otherwise the brush doesn't matter much.

Description : Wall Paint Colors?

Last Answer : form_title= Wall Paint Colors form_header= Create a new feel in your home with new wall paint. What is your desired color scheme?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of the room?*= _ [50] Do you need to buy paint accessories?*= () Yes () No

Description : How do I repair paint chipping on my bathroom wall?

Last Answer : Try using Kilz, a great primer and sealer in one. Peel and sand off where it's chipping and fill the space in with Kilz. Make sure the walls and ceiling are clean. You might want to repaint with ... for bathrooms. It won't be very expensive if you look for paint and supplies that are in your budget.

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Last Answer : form_title= Wall Paint form_header= Create a place all your own with a new paint color! What color do you want to paint your walls?*= _ [50] How many rooms are you painting?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, More than 10} What are the dimensions of those rooms?*= _ [50]

Description : Which wall paint colors are good for people with depression?

Last Answer : Studies have shown that colors that are painted in shades of dark blue can cause depression. You should avoid blue paint colors and focus on warm bright colors for your home.

Description : Which type of wall paint is best for a bathroom?

Last Answer : Both types of paint can work depending on the bathroom. However if the painted area is going to be exposed to a lot of moisture, latex based may be the better option.

Description : What kinds of wall paint are the least allergenic?

Last Answer : There are oil based wall paints. These paints should be less allergetic than latex based paints.

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Description : Explain the procedure of preparation of surface along with the method of application of color wash paint on the wall.

Last Answer : The correct preparation of surface plays an important role in preserving the properties and life of the paint. For these the procedure is as follows: 1.If the receiving surface is rough, it should be made smooth ... of color wash paint on the wall. 1.By Brushing. 2.By Spraying. 3. By Rollers.

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