The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be?

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Answer :

The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be 33 kV.

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Description : Define Dielectric Strength for transformer oil. State its value for new transformer oil.

Last Answer : Dielectric strength is defined as the maximum voltage that can be applied to across to the Fulid with out electrical breakdown is called Dielectric strength.

Description : Define : (i) Dielectric strength (ii) Breakdown voltage

Last Answer : (i) Dielectric strength: The voltage which a dielectric material can withstand without breaking down (without losing its dielectric property) is called its dielectric strength. It is represented by kV/mm ... or is no longer an insulator) for a specified thickness, is its breakdown voltage. 

Description : What is dielectric strength of an insulating material? What is its unit?

Last Answer : Dielectric Strength: The dielectric strength of an insulating material is the maximum voltage which the insulating medium can withstand without breakdown. Unit is volts per millimeter (V/mm), or kV/mm or kV/cm

Description : 63 The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be A. 1kV B. 33kV C. 100kV D. 330 kV

Last Answer : B. 33kv

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Last Answer : (i) Polyvinyl Carbide(PVC):it is used in insulation of wires and cables in domestic wiring as well as in aircraft and factory wiring (any one)  (ii) Glass: 1) Alkaline glasses are used for ... with wax or varnishes are used in windings of magnet coils and small medium sized mechanics (any one) 

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Last Answer : Ceramics, distilled water, paper, mica, polyethylene, and glass. Metal oxides

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Last Answer : The power factor of dielectric :  (A) is a function of temperature of the dielectric only (B) depends only on voltage stress to which the dielectric is stressed (C) always constant (D) both (A) and (B)

Description : The bridge most suited for accurate measurement of relative permittivity of dielectric materials is (A) Carey Foster Bridge (B) Anderson’s bridge (C) Heaviside Bridge modified by Campbell. (D) Schering Bridge.

Last Answer : The bridge most suited for accurate measurement of relative permittivity of dielectric materials is Schering Bridge.

Description : The frequencies and voltage used in Dielectric heating are (A) 10 – 30 MHz, upto 25 kV (B) 50 – 60 Hz, upto 25 kV (C) 10 – 30 MHz, upto 100 V (D) 50 – 60 Hz, 110 V – 230 V

Last Answer : The frequencies and voltage used in Dielectric heating are 10 – 30 MHz, upto 25 kV

Description : Dielectric loss in a capacitor is best measured by (A) Wien Bridge (B) Schering Bridge (C) Anderson Bridge (D) Heaviside-Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge

Last Answer : Dielectric loss in a capacitor is best measured by Schering Bridge

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Last Answer : Dielectric is the another name for insulator.

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Description : The electric breakdown strength of insulating materials depends on  (A) Nature of applied voltage (B) lmperfection of dielectric material (C) Pressure, temperature and humidity (D) All or these

Last Answer : The electric breakdown strength of insulating materials depends on  (A) Nature of applied voltage (B) lmperfection of dielectric material (C) Pressure, temperature and humidity (D) All or these

Last Answer : A transformer oil must be free from moisture.

Last Answer : Gas is usually not liberated due to dissociation of transformer oil unless the oil temperature exceeds 150°C.

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Description : Explain the effect of Harmonics on the Transformer.

Last Answer : Effect of Harmonics on the Transformer:  1. Core loss: Harmonic voltage increases the hysteresis and eddy current losses in the lamination. The amount of the core loss depends on ... small core vibrations.  5. Saturation problem: Sometimes additional harmonic voltage causes core saturation.

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Last Answer : Special features of welding transformer: i) It is a step down transformer that reduces the source voltage to a voltage desired according to the demands of the welding process. ii) Having large primary turns and less ... V ii) Secondary voltage - 40 to 60 V iii) Secondary current - 200 to 600 A

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Last Answer : Applications of isolation transformer: i) Isolates the load equipment from supply ground: ii) Reduction of voltage spikes iii) It acts as a decoupling device. iv) Protects loads from harmonic distortion.

Description : State why a transformer always have an efficiency of more than 90%.

Last Answer : As transformer is static device with no moving parts, the losses due to friction & windage are completely absent. Hence transformer has efficiency of more than 90%.

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Last Answer : Equivalent Circuit Diagram of Transformer Referred to Primary: V1 -Primary Input voltage I1 - Input Current I0- Exciting current/ No load current Im- Magnetizing component ... equivalent of secondary terminal voltage ZL- Load impedance ZL ′- Primary equivalent of load impedance

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Last Answer : Single phase Transformer Transformer

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Last Answer : The use of transformer  is to do lower or raise  the voltage or currents in an electrical  circuit.  That's quite so simple. 

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Last Answer : Transformer on DC : Transformer cannot work on DC. Transformer works on electromagnetic induction principle. Electromagnetic induction principle means when flux linking with coil changes and EMF induced in it ... winding insulation will burn.

Description : State and justify which of the following two transformers is better:  Transformer A = 4% voltage regulation  Transformer B = 6% voltage regulation

Last Answer : Transformer A with 4% voltage regulation is better.  Justification: Voltage regulation refers to the percentage change in secondary voltage when load is changed from no-load to full-load with primary voltage ... 4% voltage regulation, which is less as compared to 6% of transformer B, it is better.

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Last Answer : Characteristics of core type transformer: i) It has one window. ii) It has one magnetic circuit. iii) Core surrounds the winding. iv) Average length of core is more. v) Area of cross ... Better cooling for winding. vii) Mechnical strength is comparatively less. viii) Repair and maintenance is easy.

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Last Answer : Construction of single phase auto transformer: (i) It has only one winding wound on a laminated circular magnetic core. (ii) The core is made of silicon steel stampings. (iii) The two terminals of the ... help of handle. 5) The same transformer can be used as step-up or step down auto-transformer

Last Answer : No-load current in a transformer lags behind the voltage by about 75°.

Last Answer : The purpose of providing an iron core in a transformer is to decrease the reluctance of the magnetic path.

Last Answer : In the transformer low voltage winding has got more cross-sectional area.

Last Answer : A transformer cannot raise or lower the voltage of a D.C. supply because Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction are not valid since the rate of change of flux is zero.

Last Answer : Primary winding of a transformer could either be a low voltage or high voltage winding.

Last Answer : High voltage winding in a transformer has more number of turns.

Last Answer : The efficiency of a power transformer is of the order of 98 percent.

Last Answer : The no load current in a transformer lags behind the applied voltage by an angle of about 75°.

Last Answer : In a transformer, routine efficiency depends upon load current and power factor of load.

Last Answer : The maximum efficiency of a distribution transformer is at 50% full load.

Last Answer : Transformer breaths in when load on it decreases.

Last Answer : No-load current of a transformer has small magnitude and low power factor.

Last Answer : The purpose of providing iron core in a step-up transformer is to decrease the magnitude of magnetizing current.

Last Answer : The power transformer is a constant main flux device.

Last Answer : In a transformer, the tappings are generally provided on low voltage side.