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Description : What's the argument against putting a toilet (stool) in a shower stall?

Last Answer : Since the toilet paper would be getting wet, you are saying you would just clean yourself with soap and water?

Description : Hospital Quality?

Last Answer : You need to look at their outcomes and their budgets. Otherwise you have now basis on which to make the judgment.

Description : How can I easily release one drop of liquid dish soap at a time?

Last Answer : answer:Congrats. You found a person just as cheap as you are. I have a little pump soap dispenser that does exactly this. I made you a video of it.

Description : Does a car run more efficiently if it is used more often?

Last Answer : answer:No, but you are more efficient at using the car, because now you are familiar with its quirks and behaviors and it is second nature to you as you drive your daily commute. There may have ... s mileage was? And are you calculating this yourself or are you relying on a display from the car?

Description : What evolutionary advantage did the compulsion toward religion confer on humans?

Last Answer : Have there really been 110 billion humans? I think I’ll need a source for that. Every biologist I’ve ever heard mention it says that more people are alive today than have ever been alive in the past. So, we’re talking 16 billions, max.

Description : I am requesting recommendations on a really light efficient carry on?

Last Answer : I have a nylon sports bad that folds down to the size of a wallet, and expands to hold all the things you have mentioned. It is very lightweight, yet strong.

Description : Do you experience any social pressure to do things that are more productive?

Last Answer : answer:Nah, I don't pressure anyone to be productive. A lot of people I know and hang out with are very successful, so who am I to tell them what to do in the free time that they have?! Myself ... I do feel like I'm watching too much tv, I'll stop and go walk or something more productive though.

Description : Would it be more efficient in winter to have refrigerators and freezers be able to draw air from the outside?

Last Answer : answer:Food in my outside refrigerator freezes in the winter. It’s not such a great idea. As far as cooling, it’s cold as hell, though.

Description : Cost of refuse; Which municipal system can best handle a small amount of mixed small-sized refuse ?

Last Answer : I dump my dust-buster baggie into the woods. If there is something obvious, like a paper clip, baggie tie or diamond stud, I fish it out first.

Description : What labor saving device do you wish someone would invent now?

Last Answer : Self-clipping cat nails and self-cleaning litter box.

Description : What are some tricks and "systems" you have found help you to achieve high levels of productivity?

Last Answer : Simple method, but “to do” lists really help me get the muddle out of my head so that I can start attacking projects systematically. When I leave work for the week, I jot down what I want to start working on the next week.

Description : Do you live close enough to your work to bike or walk? Why/why not?

Last Answer : I do! We just moved to a house that is close enough to work/school for me to bike. I got a screaming deal on a Trek on Craig's List, now all I have to do is finish a tune-up on the bike ... roads. That being said, I live in a city with zero bike lanes and I will be taking sidewalks the entire route.

Description : Are your smoke alarms working?

Last Answer : answer:Yes, they are brand new. They weren't working for a long time. :X My neighbor, and close friend, was in a house fire and she is always on my case about my smoke alarms. Finally got them in ... 'm trying to figure out what type they are, but I can't see to read them where they are attached.

Description : Music buffs, which classic three-piece band did you believe was better overall?

Last Answer : Hendrix, Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Ted Nugent, that order. Out of your 3, I would give the nod to Rush for best use of sound.

Description : Pros and cons of recycling?

Last Answer : answer:There are really no cons to recycling, but, there IS personal choice and the math of logic. When I was married and raising a family I recycled a lot more than I do now as a single ... down and tossed into the underbrush, is sprouting into a bamboo bush under the giant poison oak bush. haha

Description : LED lights on cars. If only one is out, can you be pulled over by police?

Last Answer : I wouldn’t think so. But I don’t know.

Description : All-time most efficient cars?

Last Answer : I had a 3 cylinder Sprint that got about 55 mpg. Best trip I did with it was 316 miles on 3.9 gal of gas, but I had a good tail wind that day.

Description : Do government subsides to Big Oil make sense?

Last Answer : No. It is contrary to every tenet of a free market system. If it weren't for oil and auto industry subsidies we would today have integrated mass transit systems throughout the US and be totally equipped ... , trolleys, etc., that were found in every small, mid-sized and large city previous to WWII.

Description : Is there a Phone Number + Extension format that is recognized by both the iPhone and Blackberry devices?

Last Answer : answer:Since you could ask people to dial 1-800-mydogistheverybest but the connection only cares about the first 11 digits, this question interested me so I tried an experiment with my Blackberry to dial ... extras that don't count? I don't know anybody with an iphone who can test it.

Description : Would it save energy to use a centrifuge for drying clothes?

Last Answer : If you want to save energy, dry your clothes on a line the way it was done for eons.

Description : With the GOP ruling the House if the economy changes little or not at all how can they claim any effectiveness?

Last Answer : Like always, they will blame it on the Democrats!

Description : What to look for when buying a metal detector?

Last Answer : Maybe too much info:

Description : What is the best phone and plan to use with Google Voice?

Last Answer : If you buy an Android phone it’s as easy as downloading the GV app. Everything integrates into the phone and you can just use the phone normally and the app will do all the work for you.

Description : Gutless low power Jeep Cherokee Sport with fuel injected straight 6 what is up with that?

Last Answer : You need to take it to a garage with diagnostic equipment. It may the the black box for the fuel system, it may be the O2 sensor, it may be the timing….... You can throw many dollars at it without fixing it. Find what is wrong/broken and replace it. Get it to a garage.

Description : Why didn't GM use a small Diesel instead of a gas engine in the Volt?

Last Answer : answer:Actually diesel currently tends to be more expensive. But I would assume they went with gas because it is your average everyday americans fuel of choice. Plus the engines don't wear ... though if you see volts featuring diesel secondary engines at some point though, especially in Europe.

Description : Should one exhaust the durable or expendable first?

Last Answer : Which one is more expensive? Which one is better for the environment? You are not providing enough information.

Description : Is scrapbooking a time and money sucker?

Last Answer : Probably, if you buy every silly thing marketed. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just be creative.

Description : Is there such a thing as a really "green" car?

Last Answer : answer:It’s much easier to control emissions when power production is centralized. “Green” is a relative term. And, yes, as the person below points out, efficiency makes a difference. I should also say, electric cars are not a new thing. The technology is older than I am.

Description : How well does Germ X work?

Last Answer : I’ve never noticed sticky hands from Germ-X. I use “original”, perhaps you are using some with aloe. I know that aloe can leave a sticky residue behind on hands.

Description : Sometimes aren't the unions really more of the problem than the solution?

Last Answer : In my last contract, my union gave back $3500 a year I would normally get. It didn't matter that my company is making record profits. When I wonder if we really need unions, I look at the ... are doing good work, and protecting the employee from a company that would love to profit from firing you.

Description : Why is women's clothing sizing so arbitrary?

Last Answer : It's not at all arbitrary. It is carefully designed to be confusing because marketers don't want larger women to be turned off by plus sized clothing, and they don't want young, skinny teenagers to be put off ... a size 4. Real women are generally around a 14 to 16, but they don't want to know it.

Description : Why water towers?

Last Answer : Gravity-fed water to all users. Eliminates the need to pump water all over town; you just pump it into the tower.

Description : How do I combine these three different Google Calendars into one?

Last Answer : PnL I'm not sure if WIndows 7 has this option or not but on mac what i did to solve this problem was to link my google calendars with iCal (which you can do either through google or iCal) and ... either export them as a zip file (to use in your own calendar app) or import to your google calendar.

Description : What's better: Paper Towels or Hand Dryers?

Last Answer : No question hand dryers, and they are finally becoming efficient. A model called The Blade, by Dyson has been installed in every washroom at my University, and it works very quickly and very well. It is noisy, but tolerable.

Description : How do I motivate myself to do work I really do not want to do?

Last Answer : Don’t ask me. I am on Fluther instead of working!

Description : What's your most annoying technology nuisance?


Description : What is the most efficient kinetic energy conversion?

Last Answer : It’s generally considered that the theoretical efficiency limit of any system is described by the Carnot Cycle. The most promising new technologies, which convert heat directly to electricity, have Carnot limits somewhere around 77%, though that is unlikely to be achieved in practice.

Description : Light bulbs or Candles... Which is more cost effective?

Last Answer : well, if your house burns down, then you’re out a bunch more with candles. and if the wax gets all over furniture, then you gotta fix that. i suppose if you do it right, then you could save a lot of money with candles.

Description : What is the benefit of washing clothes in hot water?

Last Answer : kills more germs.

Description : Do you use paper, plastic or bring your own?

Last Answer : I bring my own as often as I remember. But I made the mistake of buying the Safeway bags, which are long rectangles. They are such a pain, because you have to hold them with your elbows at right angles, otherwise they’ll drag on the ground. Woe is me.

Description : Does there exist an application that would let me synch my BlackBerry with my laptop and respond to emails and texts through the BlackBerry but using my mouse and keyboard?

Last Answer : to my knowledge there is not, thats asking way to much from RIM.

Description : How can I keep my old Victorian home toasty?

Last Answer : hang heavy curtains on the windows -- if you don't own any, hang blankets with thumbtacks.

Description : What makes a great boss?

Last Answer : answer:I currently report to the best boss I've ever had and here's why: 1) He's funny. Really funny. He's in a serious, hardcore job (he's the COO) but never takes himself too seriously ... my next position, I plan to oversee people myself, and he's been an excellent role model. Hope this helps!

Description : Does using a ceiling fan make a hot room warmer or cooler?

Last Answer : the air it’s blowing might be hot but the wind it creates blows your body heat away from your body making you feel cooler I think

Description : SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

Last Answer : SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), is most commonly used to measure the efficiency of a central air conditioner. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the system OR It is the ... the ratio of total capacity to the total KW energy usage at specific humidity and temperature condition.

Description : State why a transformer always have an efficiency of more than 90%.

Last Answer : As transformer is static device with no moving parts, the losses due to friction & windage are completely absent. Hence transformer has efficiency of more than 90%.

Description :  Compare the salient features of LED and CFL based on: i] Lamp Efficiency ii] Life span 

Last Answer : Parameter LED CFL Lamp Efficiency  High (more than 70 lumen per watt) Comparatively less (50-60 lumen per watt) Life span (in working hours) 10000 3000

Description : Define PIV, TUF, ripple factor, efficiency of rectifier.

Last Answer : PIV: Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) is defined as the maximum negative voltage which appears across non-conducting reverse biased diode. TUF : Transformer Utilization Factor (TUF) is defined as the ratio of DC output ... Efficiency of rectifier: η = DC output power/ AC input power = PLdc / Pac

Description : method for improving string efficiency 

Last Answer : The Methods of Improving String Efficiency:-   1) By reducing value of ‘m’ or (‘k’) by using longer cross arm. 2) By Making of ‘m’ or (‘k’) equal to zero 3) By grading Insulator. 4) By Using guard ring.

Description : "Efficiency of thermal power station is low". — Justify. 

Last Answer : Justification: Efficiency of thermal power station is low":- Overall efficiency of T.P.P depends upon efficiency of boiler, turbine and alternator. The heat produced due to combustion of coal ... losses in thermal power plant is 71%, So efficiency of thermal power plant is less about 29%