What is the formal name for the heaviest muscle in th human body, and helps extend the thigh?

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Description : Hello (I play football), on June 1 I stretched my thigh muscle, I had peace for 3 weeks and slowly started training. So now on the weekend of about the 15th sprint I had a wrestler and again it started ... tingling in the muscle. Don't know what it could be? or what to do with it. .. thank you

Last Answer : See a doctor. Apparently no one can answer well here

Description : The type of muscle present in our (a) heart is involuntary and unstriated smooth muscle (b) intestine is striated and involuntary (c) thigh is striated and voluntary (d) upper arm is smooth muscle and fusiform in shape.

Last Answer : (c) thigh is striated and voluntary

Description : In a human body, the longest bone is in the - (1) vertebral column (2) thigh (3) rib cage (4) arm

Last Answer : (2) thigh Explanation: The femur (pl. femurs or femora), or thigh bone, is the most proximal (closest to the center of the body) bone of the leg in tetrapod vertebrates capable of walking ... articulates with the acetabulum. By most measures the femur is one of the strongest bones in the body.

Description : Identify the site where Wuchereria bancrofti is normally found in human body. (a) Muscles of the legs (b) Blood vessels of the thigh region (c) Skin between the fingers (d) Lymphatic vessels of the lower limbs

Last Answer : (d) Lymphatic vessels of the lower limbs

Description : In a human body, the longest bone is in the (1) vertebral column (2) thigh (3) rib cage (4) arm 

Last Answer : thigh

Description : During which stage of pressure ulcer development does the ulcer extend into the underlying structures, including the muscle and possibly the bone? a) Stage IV A stage IV pressure ulcer ... area of nonblanchable erythema, tissue swelling, and congestion, and the patient complains of discomfort.

Last Answer : a) Stage IV A stage IV pressure ulcer extends into the underlying structure, including the muscle and possibly the bone.

Description : During which stage of pressure ulcer development does the ulcer extend into the subcutaneous tissue? a) Stage III Clinically, a deep crater with or without undermining of adjacent tissues is ... area of nonblanchable erythema, tissue swelling, and congestion, and the patient complains of discomfort.

Last Answer : a) Stage III Clinically, a deep crater with or without undermining of adjacent tissues is noted.

Description : patient with bed sore involve skin and extend to fascia and muscle what a grade Grade1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4

Last Answer : Grade 4

Description : Which one of the following is the correct description of a certain part of a normal human skeleton? (a) Parietal bone and the temporal bone of the skull are joined fibrous joint. (b) First ... called the floating ribs. (d) Glenoid cavity is a depression to which the thigh bone articulates.

Last Answer : (a) Parietal bone and the temporal bone of the skull are joined fibrous joint.

Description : 27. The mathematical model of an LP problem is important because a. It helps in converting the verbal description & numerical data into mathematical expression b. Decision-makers prefer to ... captures the relevant relationship among decision factors d. It enables the use of algebraic technique

Last Answer : a. It helps in converting the verbal description & numerical data into mathematical expression

Description : A Patient complains of 'Beating of pulses throughout the body, especially in the right thigh'. The remedy indicated for this patient is

Last Answer : Correct Answer: 4) Veratrum viride

Description : The strongest bone of the body is present in the (1) Thigh (2) Jaw (3) Arm (4) Neck

Last Answer : Thigh

Description : With regard to immunoglobulin A: a. it is the heaviest immunoglobulin b. it is the first immunoglobulin to be produced when the body is invaded by viruses c. it is secreted by the lacrimal gland d. it is secreted in the breast milk

Last Answer : it is secreted by the lacrimal gland

Description : Does your local KFC deliberately break all of the chicken thigh bones before cooking?

Last Answer : What ? Do you mean the thigh and drumstick separated ?

Description : What is the cause of stabbing pain in the inner thigh?

Last Answer : See a Doctor or Emergency Room; it could a serious condition like Deep vein thrombosis or blood clot. If you have cold areas or numbness you have a chance of a blood clot.

Description : I have been experiencing sharp stabbing pain in my left upper inner thigh. It started out as kind of random but now I can hardly walk. I thought maybe a hernia, but can't find any bulges, and I have no pain ... 53, healthy, I think, and active. I'm home, in pain, wondering, should I go to the ER?

Last Answer : I’d go to the hospital, there’s no harm to check out a bit of professional advice

Description : I have sharp pains in my thigh what could that be?

Last Answer : Maybe you slept wrong. Or punched nerve.

Description : Which do you prefer, knee socks, thigh high, ankle socks, calf socks, or no socks?

Last Answer : Totally depends on the weather or the occasion/situation. However, in general, since I like barefoot the best….I’ll go with the “no socks” option.

Description : What could be causing this harsh pain in my thigh?

Last Answer : Maybe you have Shingles. Or deep vein thrombosis. Best to ask a doctor.

Description : Could ankle swelling and thigh pain be related?

Last Answer : Ice the swollen ankle and make an appointment to see your doctor or an orthopedics specialist.

Description : I have random sharp pain in my left top inner thigh mostly while sitting, sometimes while walking and it can almost knock me over help what is it?

Last Answer : It sounds very much like you have a pinched nerve in your back. All of the various nerves run along our spine & sometimes when a nerve gets ‘snagged’, you will feel it in your legs.

Description : Pain in upper inner thigh?

Last Answer : You need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis.

Description : Are squats going to bulk up thigh muscles?

Last Answer : answer:Yes, squats will build up thigh muscle. Be careful of your knees. Here's the harsh reality regarding loosing fat. Humans can't spot reduce. Trying to reduce the fat in a particular ... thighs. I married an ex-competitive ice skater. She could crack walnuts between those well muscled legs!

Description : Is there a common name for the back of the thigh?

Last Answer : Hamstrings

Description : Exercises for losing thigh fat & love handles?

Last Answer : You can’t spot reduce. You can do exercises to tone those muscles, but only aerobic exercise will burn excess fat. That and cleaning up your diet.

Description : Upper front thigh leg pain?

Last Answer : I don’t want to be scary, but that sounds like a symptom I had 11 yrs ago. Turned out to be a large malignant tumor on my cervix well, that’s probably not your issue ;-) that was pressing on nerves causing the pain. Obviously I’m OK now, but not without some grief.

Description : Sharp stabbing pain in top of left thigh at least once a day. What is this?

Last Answer : Hmm it seems as if you have a form of spongiform encephalopathy. This is a degenerative disease of the unmilinated nerve endngs (pain sensing nerves). They are being pressed by the surronding tissue ... tissue, thus attacking the nerve endings. There really is no cure other than pain managment.

Description : I've had a dull ache in my upper right thigh for three days. Any idea as to what may be causing it?

Last Answer : This isn’t the place for medical answers. If it persists, go to your doctor. He/she is the only one qualified to help you.

Description : Thigh trimmers, shed excess water temporarily... but is it even helpful at all then?

Last Answer : If you are trying to lose fat from your thighs, then no. Contrary to what many believe, you cannot remove fat from one part of your body and not from others; when you burn energy ... should obviously work them specifically just like any other muscle, using squats, lunges, plyometric jumps, etc.

Description : What is the meaning of the word thigh ?

Last Answer : The word means thigh

Description : Does it hurt a lot?

Last Answer : Like any other liposuction. The pain is not great.

Description : How to lose thigh fat without exercise and diet?

Last Answer : Truthfully, I have no idea how you want to accomplish this without dieting or exercise. The only way to actually lose weight or shrink down the mass in your thighs is through some sort of exercise. Even ... your muscles so the exercise will help to tone them up so you can lose weight in this area.

Description : Do ankle weights help with thigh fat?

Last Answer : Using ankle weights can definetley help with reducing thigh weight.

Description : Do thigh toners really work?

Last Answer : Some thigh toners are better than others. The Thigh Master seems to have a good track record.

Description : What is the best chicken thigh recipe?

Last Answer : The best recipe is the one that includes spraying them with salt and pepper and then barbequeing them.

Description : What is a good hip and thigh diet?

Last Answer : Most diets and regimes focus on the stomach. If you want to lose hip and thigh fat, though, try out a diet regime that includes workout exercises and cardio targeting the hips and thighs.

Description : Will a keto diet help me lose my belly and thigh fat?

Last Answer : Believe you can... and you will ðŸ'ªðŸ¼ Back in May I got out of breath running up the stairs. Now I can do an intensive kettlebell workout without feeling like I'm dying! I've ... this custom Keto Diet for yourself send me an email here Giftsmakesmehappy@gmail .com and ill send it right over!

Description : Humerus bone is situated in (1) Thigh (2) Upper arm (3) Knee (4) Fore arm

Last Answer : (1) Thigh Explanation: The humerus is a long bone in the arm or forelimb that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. It connects the scapula and the two bones of the lower arm, the radius and ulna.

Description : How will drinking a lot of water helps cholesterol maintenance, fat loss, and muscle gains?

Last Answer : It is a well known fact of science that our body is made up of 60% water. Water regulates everything in our body, right from the blood volume and blood flow, carrying of enough oxygen ... can observe that all our bodily functions happen on time, right from morning bowel movements to timely hunger.

Description : What muscle fiber type helps a sprinter get out of the blocks fast?

Last Answer : Pasta is usually good for energy, stamina etc. However, for mepersonally I had to have the gluten free alternative which I don'tthink was quite as effective personally.

Description : if such disobedience causes or tends to cause danger to human life, health or safety,  or causes or tends to cause a riot or affray, shall be punished with imprisonment of either  description for a term ... , One thousand b) Three month, five hundred c) Six month five hundred d) None of these

Last Answer : a) Six month, One thousand

Description : What is the heaviest thing you've ever moved?

Last Answer : Your dad. :D

Description : What's the heaviest material (some kind of metal I suppose)?

Last Answer : Maybe in these economic bad times, gold is your pick?

Description : Brain Teaser: Can you find the heaviest and the lightest in 4 weighings?

Last Answer : Stop it!;)

Description : There are 12 people on an island and one is heavier than the others. You have to figure out which Islander is the heaviest using a seesaw. But you can only use the seesaw 3 times. How do you figure out which one is heavier? -Riddles

Last Answer : First, you do six and six. If one of the six is heavier, then you do three and three. Then if one of the three is heavier than you do one and one. If the second or first one on the seesaw on ... answer. But if none of them are heavier then you know that the one that is not on the seesaw is heavier.

Description : I can be given and stolen, I’m heaviest when broken. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : A heart.

Description : What’s lightest on the ground but heaviest in the air? -Riddles

Last Answer : This answer was deleted by moderators

Description : When is the moon heaviest? -Riddles

Last Answer : When it is full.

Description : Name the season during which the rainfall is heaviest. -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) Annual rainfall is 114.3 cm. (ii) Suggested name is Chennai. Because the station is receiving most of its rain in October and November. (iii) Retreating monsoon season.

Description : Which of the following is heaviest metal? Pb, As, Al, Ni -Chemistry 9th

Last Answer : lead(pb) hope this helps u