Why do authors put two images side by side in a text?

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What is the answer ?

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Last Answer : Need answer

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Last Answer : A diary.

Description : Why is it important to determine an author's point of view in a text?

Last Answer : It's important to understand who the narrator is so youunderstand the story better.

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Last Answer : answer:Holy Cow that's ambitious. There is so little room in 140 characters (x 8 bits per character, that's 1120 bits of data). The image would have to be tiny and/or lack color/grey-scale variation. ... image, and some way to get the twitter text into that app. Kind of a fun geeky exercise though .

Description : Want to convert my Tiff Images to Text files for correct some errors is it possible?

Last Answer : You can take an ebook converter like Calibre and convert from .pdf to .txt and then go through and correct everything. There will be a lot of errors no matter what converter you use – .pdf’s are pure image, so it’s not a good starting format for a document.

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Last Answer : Make the text the opposite of the image’s color (if it’s mostly black, make it white) or put a colored box behind it.

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Last Answer : Flash is vector based (meaning you can zoom without loosing quality), an image is not a vector though. You probably already know that, but I don't know what you would mean otherwise. Do you ... to link to the swf, not the main site because your question might get flagged for promotion otherwise.

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Last Answer : I don’t know of any website like that, but you could always google the description or a short summary of what the product does

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Last Answer : (d) A blog consists of images, text and links.

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Last Answer : (d) Text, images, audio all are the components of multimedia.

Description : Interactive combination of text, graphics, images, audio, video etc., is known as (a) Data (b) Information (c) Multimedia (d) Internet -Technology

Last Answer : (c) Multimedia is a interactive combination of text, animations, sounds, images etc.

Description : Multimedia is an integration of sound, images, text, animation etc. -Technology

Last Answer : TrueMultimedia is a combination of several media like sound, hypertext, image and animation etc

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Last Answer : The alt attribute of the tag is used to display the text in place of the image for the users whose browser do not support images.

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Last Answer : First, try adjusting manually the display or text settings at the control panel section or you may want to change the theme as well. If it does not work, you can format or reset your computer. Finally, if none of the above troubleshooting steps worked, consult a technician.

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Last Answer : What is the tools for creating different objects such as text frames or inserting clip art images?

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Last Answer : (C) graphical

Description : Slides may contain: a) Text and Graphics Only b) Sound and Movies Only c) Text, Movies, Images, Sound Only and all other objects d) All of the Above e) None of These

Last Answer : d) All of the Above

Description : Slides may contain: a) Text and Graphics Only b) Sound and Movies Only c) Text, Movies, Images, Sound Only and all other objects d) All of the Above e) None of These

Last Answer : d) All of the Above

Description : Anything on a page that is not actual text, from simple line drawings to fully active images found on the World Wide Web. A. Graphics B. Lossless C. Lossy D. Pixels

Last Answer : A. Graphics

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Last Answer : answer:”When we look in a mirror, from experience we know that “mirror right” represents “my left” and vice versa.” Uh. No. That is what happens when another person is standing in front of you. In the mirror, the hand you see on the right side, is your right hand.

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Last Answer : Bookstores. Amazon.

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Last Answer : You have t find this wierd paper that you print on, then you can iron on the image and it lasts quite a while, but a real buisness uses silkscreening.

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Last Answer : 1) Google can’t read your mind and know what you’re looking for. 2) People give their photos all kinds of stupid names, captions, and titles. Google just finds the matching words.

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Last Answer : trees

Description : Who first used the term magical realism to describe the works of artists who put dreamlike images in their paintings?

Last Answer : franz roh

Description : Can anyone recommend a good autobiography (or two) by jewish authors that survived the Holocaust?

Last Answer : There’s Elie Wiesel’s Night.

Description : Which English, Spanish and French authors have spoken about the crisis of values?

Last Answer : Albert Camus. Jean Paul Sartre.

Description : Do you know some American authors who write horror stories?

Last Answer : Apart from Stephen King, of course.

Description : Why do some authors use Pen name instead of real name?

Last Answer : To hide their identity. I have a couple of friends who write and use pen names. Reasons vary: They work in the public eye and don't want their real life audience to know about what they write. They don't ... feel it will be better revived. I always thought if I wrote a book I would use a pen name.

Description : Any guesses - what percentage of authors and actors use pseudonyms or stage names?

Last Answer : I think very common among actors and actresses and less common among authors these days. Female authors often went under male pseudonyms back in the olden days as they would get more exposure, respect and reception under a male pen name.

Description : How do authors of life improvement books avoid giving advice that might be unitentional plagiarizism?

Last Answer : There’s no plagiarism involved with dispensing common knowledge. That doesn’t mean you’re free to xerox someone’s work and stick your name on it.

Description : Who are your favorite dead authors?

Last Answer : Conan Doyle, Raymond Chandler, Truman Capone.

Description : Who are your favorite authors of the 1920’s, which books, and why?

Last Answer : answer:I’ll have to go with H.P. Lovecraft. Cool Air, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Cats of Ulthar, the Doom that Came to Sarnath, The Rats in the Walls, the entire Elder Gods mythos…

Description : Who are your favorite authors of the 1930’s and 1940’s, which books, and why?

Last Answer : Well, of course the gold standard for that time period – particularly the dust bowl – John Steinback’s “The Grapes of Wrath. ”. A great read. A lesser known novel of proletarian immigrant life is “Jews without Money” by Michael gold. Also, “Call it Sleep” by Henry Roth – a bildingsroman.

Description : Who are your favorite authors of the 1950’s, which books, and why?

Last Answer : I like John Wyndham. He wrote ‘The Day of the Triffids’ and ‘The Kraken Wakes’ . They are apocalyptic science fiction novels set against the backdrop of the cold war.

Description : Besides Ayn Rand, who are other authors who continue to be extremely popular after their death?

Last Answer : Agatha Christie.

Description : Authors versus publishers versus Apple versus customers. Who wins and who loses?

Last Answer : answer:I'm not sure what the evidence for price fixing would look like in this case. I think it's unlikely that Apple is working with Amazon or other ebook publishers to figure out their ... how long people buy DVDs by including features and content you couldn't include in a theater experience)

Description : Do authors get more money from ebooks or physical books?

Last Answer : From what I learned in college paperback get's them more money. Ebooks are only selling the usage rights, which cost less. Paperback/Hardback/Physical books pay the author more due to a set ... than usage rights. Ebooks your mostly paying the provider for allowing you to download from their server.

Description : Who are your favorite female authors, and why?

Last Answer : I like science fiction, and Catherine Asaro is one of my favorite SF authors.

Description : Have the great authors of today transitioned from poetry to song?

Last Answer : I’m sure there are some great poets out there still, but I wholeheartedly agree. I seek and find literary pleasure in song, from Bob Dylan to Jerry Garcia to Colin Meloy and Jim James.

Description : Who do you believe are some of the most overrated authors?

Last Answer : Dan Brown. I read The Da Vinci Code and thought it was great. That is, until I read his other books and realized that he used pretty much the exact same plotline for each book. I don’t like authors who do half-assed writing like that.

Description : What do you think about this author's critique of racism?

Last Answer : answer:“So what do you think? Can racist practices be seen as nationalist practices?” Sure, if you are living in Nazi Germany. Fortunately, here in America we have codified in our laws that discrimination based on race is not acceptable.

Description : Can a Blogspot blog be configured to send emails to authors?

Last Answer : answer:Why not set something up with the RSS feed that Blogspot generates? That way people can track the updates in a variety of ways - through their email program, Google reader etc. There are a ... notified of updates, but you could use FeedMyInbox, and I think FeedBurner has a feature like this.

Description : Can you reccomend some non-white fantasy authors for me?

Last Answer : In my African American Women Novelists class, we studied Octavia Butler’s “Kindred.” It’s about a woman time-traveling. It’s also awesome, and she’s seminal in both the sci-fi, minority, and women work canons.

Description : What kind of books or what authors keep you coming back for more and more?

Last Answer : My favourite genre by far is comtemporary fantasy. Stories set in this world (or one similar to it) but with a fantasy/magical/supernatural twist.

Description : Reading Jellies, please take a look at your bookshelves. How many of those authors are the same gender as you, how many are different, and how many are you unable to the tell the gender?

Last Answer : answer:I have never thought of that. Wow… of the books within arm’s reach, only one is written by a female author. But, I tend to collect books by the same author. Within the books I’m considering, there’s only 9 authors.

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Last Answer : Robin D. Owens?

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Last Answer : http://www.literature-map.com/john+fante.html

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Last Answer : This is cool. Enter the name and it suggests other related authors. Love it. http://www.literature-map.com/