The weight of a body is due to

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Answer :

The weight of a body is due to gravitational force of attraction towards the center of the earth.

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Last Answer : If a suspended body is struck at the center of percussion, then the pressure on die axis passing through the point of suspension will be zero.

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Last Answer : If a rigid body is in equilibrium under the action of three forces, then the lines of action of these forces meet in a point, the lines of action of these forces are parallel.

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Last Answer : A force acting on a body may introduce internal stresses, balance the other forces acting on it, retard its motion, change its motion.

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Last Answer : answer:I can't answer the first part of the question, but I can answer the second part. If you're eating fattening foods, then not eating for an entire day, you're going to gain more weight than you would ... energy (fat) as a standby fuel source. You can see the kind of cycle this will lead up to.

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Last Answer : answer:Go with the weigh-in right after your morning whizz, since most of us hit the bathroom first thing. That’s the closest to fasted weight since you didn’t consume anything for hours. The extra two pounds you see is water weight, basically. Why are you weighing yourself multiple times a day?

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Last Answer : What is your height? That would make a difference?

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Last Answer : I see your subject indicates you’re in your sixties. If that’s the case, if you are a woman and have reached menopause, you may have some fat around your stomach. I know women who are a perfect weight according to their BMI and still have a thickened stomach after menopause.

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Last Answer : Water, vitamins and calories - you are doing great. You can create a slimmer waist if you do cardio - it will burn the fat all over your body. And crunches are your best friends now. Start eating food ... consume enough of proteins. It's a long way but the results are worthy of every minute of it.

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Last Answer : I can’t see why they would pick anything other than the lighter version.

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Last Answer : answer:Wecome to Fluther. Well there is more then one possible answer but let me throw a few out there. Muscle is heavier then fat so is you are building muscle you won't lose weight but your clothes ... going to spike you up then slow you down quickly they are also quickly turned to fat. Good luck.

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Last Answer : I think that the weight of something rigid is more easily carried because its center of gravity is fixed.

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Last Answer : answer:Just rest! The delayed muscle soreness is just because you're not used to lifting. It will last 2-3 days in each muscle group and then go - it's not a repeat' feature of lifting weights. If ... you're looking to build muscle - about 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day.

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Last Answer : Weight is relative to the gravitational force that acts on the object. Since there is no external gravitational force acting upon the planet, the planet has no weight. It has, however, a mass, and yes, you can increase the earth’s mass. In fact, it gains weight constantly due to meteorite impacts.

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Last Answer : Truth. The next person might not be so kind. Do it now, as someone that legitimately cares.

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