What president barred the ********* tree fromb eing displayed at the white House?

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Last Answer : There’s ONLY a problem when trump feels uncomfortable being truthful…aka dodging questions in order to suppress the truth!!!

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Last Answer : Well computers do take a lot of the heat off that with spellcheck and the typing thing and all. And goodness knows, doctors don’t need good penmanship. However, I would think they are still important, especially the spelling thing.

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Last Answer : answer:Banned? No. If they're willing to tolerate the looks, the comments, and the judgment, then it's up to them. I am distressed and angered by various religious indoctrination rules under which ... which they are (at best) second class citizens often don't have the opportunity know any better.

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Last Answer : I know the answer – but I’m not telling.

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Last Answer : (c) Not a decree

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Last Answer : Answer: (c) Larsen & Toubro

Description : Which type of cell provides the best level of service for average subscribers? a) Acceptance cell b) Barred cell c) Reserved cell d) Suitable cell

Last Answer : d) Suitable cell

Description : Does a decoration with an image of Mao Tse Tung have any place on the White House Christmas tree?

Last Answer : As long as you have a sense of humor. Yes

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Last Answer : On that logic there is only allowed to be one US flag flying within the whole of the United States. Where should it go?

Description : Nikhil and Neha went to a remote village in Kerala to meet their grandmother. They were surprised to see a biogas plant in Mr. Nair's house in the neighbourhood. There were plenty of livestocks ... given by Nikhil and Neha to the sarpanch to convince him to set up community biogas plant. -Science

Last Answer : (a) Mr Nair: Higher degree of general awareness, helping nature. Nikhil and Neha: Knowledge sharing. helping nature. concern for community advantage. (b) Possible arguments given by Nikhil ... . Basically they discuss and explain the advantages of community bio gas plant for the'entire village.

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Last Answer : Wow, they're just like us!

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Last Answer : Delete cookies and check browser settings to be sure that you’re not saving passwords and usernames as a general rule.

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Description : When flags are flown at half mast, is the US flag still displayed higher than a state flag?

Last Answer : Generally yes.

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Last Answer : answer:There are only a few choices; Hang it on or from something. (Do you have wooden moldings?) Rest it on something. Table, mantel. Stick it into something. Your choice. It is a truly beautiful object.

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Last Answer : answer:Pretty much all of it. I’m not good at discretion. Luckily, despite having been online since I was like 12… none of it has come back to bite me in the ass. (Yet.) I’m trying to learn to be more private.

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Last Answer : I believe I heard it was diluted ammonia. Ick.

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Last Answer : I have a Monet Water Lily print. It’s cool is what I like. I have a Van Gogh Starry Nights print in the office. It’s cool as well.

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Last Answer : I would have to make a big guess here. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, it looks like to me. I couldn’t find an English recipe for it, only a German one.

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Last Answer : Why are you watching Fox? It’s all crap!

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Last Answer : No, it’s just one more route for corruption to occur, one more position of authority to be abused. Restaurants already have to be licensed and maintain a certain level of hygiene to operate, those that don’t are closed when they are found out. That’s good enough for me.

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Last Answer : Futurama. It doesn’t really come up on here, and when I make references, no one gets it that saddens me

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Last Answer : Yeah there is no way to stop that unless someone made a hack I don’t know about. Apple did not put an option for that on the phone.

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Last Answer : my husband is a detective his colleague got killed last month and he just took his off his badge now

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Last Answer : The loss of confidence in the Council of Ministers can be displayed: (i) By voting a cut in budget. (ii) By passing an adjournment motion. (iii) By passing an amendment to a bill against the wishes of the Government.

Description : Why do we insert comments in an HTML document, even though they are not displayed on a Web page? -Technology

Last Answer : So, that user will be able to understand coding effects and meaning.

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Last Answer : The alt attribute of the tag is used to display the text in place of the image for the users whose browser do not support images.

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Last Answer : (a) The text specified in alt attribute is displayed as the tooltip in Internet Explorer only.

Description : The alternate text of an image can be displayed by using attribute of the tag. (a) src (b) alt -Technology

Last Answer : (b) alt attribute of the tag is used to display the alternate text of an image.

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Last Answer : src is an attribute of the tag which specifies the location or URL of the image to be displayed.

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Last Answer : An image to be displayed in a Web page has to cover 25% of the browser window horizontally and 50% vertically. The attributes height and width of the tag would be used for achieving this.

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