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See a doctor. No one will cure you online

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Description : my mobile doesn't respond

Last Answer : Something must have gone wrong somewhere. If your mobile phone does not work, you will have more time, so learn Czech in your free time.

Description : SPRAV TOP

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : Which plant is known as ‘Monkey’s puz- zle’?

Last Answer : Auracaria embricate

Description : what is gravatar and what is the difference between gravatar and avatar, nick and so on? ... please explain for stupid, not for blondes, that's too learned for me

Last Answer : help all the information is already on Wordpress ... it's just one global profile ... for several sites ... ☢ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Description : Grandma told me I was dressed like a bastard

Last Answer : A scarecrow, a bugger, a ghost, or an improperly dressed person

Description : Who is it?

Last Answer : A bachelor is often called a member of the prison service. A man who guards prisoners

Description : What is the full form of 'ASI' ? -How To ?

Last Answer : The full form of 'ASI' is Additional Sub-Inspector

Last Answer : ASI - Archaeological Survey of India

Description : Which organization collects data for the unorganized sector? (1) NSSO (2) CSO (3) ASI (4) RBI

Last Answer : (1) NSSO Explanation: The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in India is a unique setup to carry out surveys on socioeconomic, demographic, agricultural and industrial subjects for collecting ... sector, covers all the residual units which are not covered under the registered manufacturing sector.

Description : Which organisation collects data for the unorganised sector ? (1) NSSO (2) CSO (3) ASI (4) RBI 

Last Answer : NSSO

Description : Remembrance of Maria and Jakub Nesporova

Last Answer : "i" ,,,,,,,,

Description : Hello, someone does not know what happened to me yesterday, my mobile phone and when I turn it on , I get a classic white inscription htc briliant etc so it repeats around so I can't even restart it because I ... to the main page you don't know how to do it? thank you very much for the quick reply.

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Description : Hello dear users .... From tomorrow morning, new looks will be tested ... this site ... so NO it will not be a mistake in Metrix it will be me ... the tents will switch to other topics for a while ... and change the ... you will not make a bug ...: D So what are you then? ... ☢ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Last Answer : I'm more conservative, the previous look suited me. (tuxedo)

Description : Hello ... I should have done it drive .. So ... there will be a poll and there will be a vote on History .... X people want it X people don't want it ... so please vote ... VOTE ( for registered users): I want history it's a great thing ... (3 points, 25%) I don't want history. ☠ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Last Answer : I haven't even used history, so I don't want it is useless (smirk)

Description : I'm in Vietnam..I'm 15 years old..I'm here and my aunt who doesn't know much Czech and I don't want to be here with 2 children (infants )..If I had flown earlier but my aunt couldn't have flown back to the kids with what? I want to go home .. please advise .. :( is there any option?

Last Answer : Although I don't know why I should explain it to you, I'll try ... I've had the wrong eye since I was born .. (I won't break it down anyway, you wouldn't understand) at the age of 7 two months ..I was there ... understand you at all ...: D .. Well, that's really good ...: D ☢ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Description : This is for the ladies, does it bother you to be addressed as Mam by a stranger?

Last Answer : Can be a store clerk , a waiter, basically anyone.

Description : I have such a question. I practice doing push-ups on this bench and on biceps exercises and then sit-ups and abdominal exercises after 20 and 5 x series is it wrong? or I have to work on my hands and then on my stomach, I'm confused if it bothers me. Thank you

Last Answer : Well, I don't know if you're at the right address. It's true that my stomach is already pretty drawn, as you write, but I don't need to practice at all. It goes completely by itself. Beer, couch, lehsed, leh - all 5 times and that's it.

Description : Why do you feel old when people call you mam?

Last Answer : Mam is a name especially used to refer to one's mother or someone elderly whom they treasure. I always feel weird when someone whose my agemate calls me "mam". It's as if they're comparing me to ... used to that and very comfortable being called the name. I feel like that's still a symbol of love.

Description : Which identifies the climax of Thank You Mam Question 3 options Mrs. Jones walks home alone at night. Mrs. Jones admits that she too has made mistakes she regrets. Mrs. Jones brings Roger into her ho?

Last Answer : This is clearly a question you were given for homework and we don't do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills not ours.

Description : "Je suis Charlie". Is western hypocrisy revealed once again?

Last Answer : answer:It's what happens when you deal with assholes: they turn equally offensive to you as they are to anyone else. Although, the offended ones here are not only hypocrites, but stupid as well: if ... would be nice to you. and the world runs on hypocrisy anyways, this is a minor, banal example

Description : Je suis Charlie. Are you?

Last Answer : I do. I saw the murders reported in TV and it was horrible. I’m not French but I feel sorry for the victims of the murders.

Description : What does "non je ne regrete rien" mean in english?

Last Answer : answer:No, I’m not sorry about anything. Probably said with a harumph.

Description : What is the full form of 'JE' ? -How To ?

Last Answer : The full form of 'JE' is Journal Entry

Description : ou je peux trouve un bon steak?

Last Answer : La société Chicago Steak se spécialise dans le bœuf USDA Prime, coupé à la main et élevé dans le Midwest, les meilleurs steaks que l'on puisse acheter. CSC lève, taille et vieillit chaque steak en ... sous vide, en conservant la saveur et la fraîcheur.pour plus d'information : cutt.ly/tkeTimC

Description : je veux un site pour telecharger et regarder en streaminG Film FRENCH sur uptobox 1fichier merci?

Last Answer : pour moi le mieur site de telechargement et streamin des film french c est streaming7

Description : ..........

Last Answer : yes I have the same car as you. you can buy parts from Octavia RS (turbo and injection) I have it like this + redesigned chassis from RS and I had the engine tuned, and I have about 125kw and I don't even have it chip, if I let it still chip, I'm at some 160kw

Description : semantically something like "he will be the only real man I will always love

Last Answer : Dear Marta, the only one is always "the only"

Description : I eat lemons and oranges 5 times a day and I really like it. My father keeps saying that it's because if I have anemia so that "the body senses that it needs vitamins then it is" ??? It sounds a ... I really like it and when I need it, what do you think? The photo thinks he knows everything !!!

Last Answer : Well, Dad is right in his own way .. unequivocally the body senses that it is missing something if you like oranges and lemons, so give yourself as much as your body can withstand it, it's like when children ... their experience and knowledge, you should listen more. ☠ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Description : Is it a bad insult?

Last Answer : A crystal clear person.

Description : It's not material like other cars have, is it?

Last Answer : iconic plastic car on a steel skeleton (hi) http://life.ihned.cz/c1-60505770-soudruzi-z-ndr-umeli-stavet-pekne-vozy-jeste-prvni-trabant-hyril-colorvami

Description : Is that an actor?

Last Answer : Yes, also http://zivotopis.osobnosti.cz/jakub-zednicek.php

Last Answer : Musician, critic http://www.lacultura.cz/2013/01/autor-hudebnich-masakru-jarda-konas-chce-to-hlavne-soudnost/

Description : A friend told me about him today. Do you know him? Kazmu?

Last Answer : Not personally, and I like it. Personally, I don't find it completely normal http://www.kazma.cz/

Description : It's a familiar name

Last Answer : Read here http://tema.novinky.cz/klara-samkova#utm_source=search.seznam.cz&utm_medium=hint&utm_term=kdo%20je%20kl%C3%A1ra%20samkov%C3%A1&utm_content=news

Description : "dejt" = date, angl. "rande" = randes vouz, fr.

Last Answer : Man ... I wasn't on a date anymore, I don't even remember ... But I guess I'd still use that term - "give me" kind of reminds me of "give me" - which is both embarrassingly begging and unacceptably straight ... Even if it should have turned out that way ...: D

Description : Soup ...

Last Answer : At least two soups are cooked during the slaughterhouse - white (pure meat broth, unsalted, without vegetables) and black (ass). White - cooks only meat and fat (for other products), after cooking it ... freezer), it ferments. Some even cook the skins separately and use the soup only in the presses.

Description : See query

Last Answer : The one who is constantly harassing someone - annoys

Description : Why is it called a funny comedy film?

Last Answer : From the Greek "komoidia" (komos - the "merry" procession at the festivities of Dionysus, dia - singing).

Description : Is he a bad person?

Last Answer : It doesn't have to be downright bad - it's rude to vulgar, noisy, annoying. But he can love kittens ...: o

Description : What does Je ne me suis jamais abonné à cette liste de diffusion?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : est ce que je peux tchatcher avec des femmes celibataires congolaises?

Last Answer : je suis connecté et je veux tchatcher avec des femmes celibataires congolaises

Description : USFD testing of new AT weld will be done by ? (i) JE/SSE sectional (ii) Incharge SSE (iii) USFD machine operator* (iv) None of the above

Last Answer : (iv) None of the above

Description : New AT weld should be entered in TMS by ? (i) Sectional JE/SSE* (ii) Incharge SSE (iii) Welder (iv) None of the above

Last Answer : (i) Sectional JE/SSE*

Description : If the SSE/SE/JE/ Br. working in the section is not readily available, another SSE/SE/JE may be authorised by …………….. to witness payment on the section. a) DEN b) SSE/SE/JE/ c) AEN (Bridges)* d) Office clerk

Last Answer : c) AEN (Bridges)

Description : Payment to bridge staff on the section will be made by the pay clerk in the presence of a) SSE/SE/JE/ P.Way b) SSE/SE/JE/ Br.* c) SSE/SE/JE/ Works d) Office clerk

Last Answer : b) SSE/SE/JE/ Br.*

Description : How long is a flight from Detroit MI to Bosnia?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How long is a flight from Detroit MI to London England?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : A long-term effect of which of the following procedures post acute MI induces angioneogenesis? a) Transmyocardial laser revascularization TNR procedures usually involves making 20 to 40 channels in ventricular muscle. ... e.g., clopidigrel [Plavix]) therapy for 2 weeks and lifetime use of aspirin).

Last Answer : a) Transmyocardial laser revascularization TNR procedures usually involves making 20 to 40 channels in ventricular muscle. It is thought that some blood flows into the channels, decreasing the ischemia directly. ... healing a wound and new blood vessels form as a result of the inflammatory process.

Description : buenas tardes por favor mi nombre es justa hilda carbonell necesito comunicarme con camilo es el padre de mis 2 hijos vinieron conmigo el 28noviembre del2006 hace18 anos que no lo vemos se encuentra en le pagina de facebook pero no me conectan con el porq?


Description : mi pasaporte no me a llegado?

Last Answer : Llame la oficina de pasaporte y ellos le pueden dar instrucciones adicionales. A veces el correo es lento.