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Description : Want to know more about ' Kamasutra ' ?

Last Answer : Kamasutra (Sanskrit: कामसूत्र) is an authentic book on human sex written by the ancient Indian scholar Mallanag Vatsyayan. The subject matter of a section of the book is practical advice on ... in the second century AD, acquired its present form by compiling from various of his compositions.

Description : What is traditional food ?

Last Answer : Traditional food or traditional food is the food that survives in equal popularity from generation to generation. These traditional foods have a strong effect on long-term civilization. Many of the ... made at home , available in restaurants, or produced in large-scale food processing factories.

Description : Want to know more about Verona ?

Last Answer : Verona (Italian pronunciation: [ veˈroːna] ( listen) ; English: Verona) is a city on the river Edige in the city of Veneto, Italy . It has a population of about 265,000 and is one of the seven ... is the second largest city in the world and the third largest in northeastern Italy.

Description : Want to know more about Gerhard Herzberg ?

Last Answer : Herzberg was born on December 25, 1904 in Hamburg, Germany. He was a professor of physics at the University of Saskatchewan from 1936 to 1945. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in ... Received the Royal Medal in 1971. From 1973 to 1980, he served as Chancellor of Carlton University.

Description : Who is Gerhard Herzberg ?

Last Answer : Gerhard Heinrich Friedrich Otto Julius Herzberg is a German-Canadian physicist and physic chemist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981.

Description : Who is Naman Ojha ?

Last Answer : Naman Binoykumar Ojha (born July 20 , 1983) is an Indian cricketer born in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Naman Ojha is representing the Indian cricket team in the international cricket arena. Besides , he is ... the Madhya Pradesh T20 League. He is basically a top batsman and wicket-keeper in the team.

Description : What is the procedure for licensing a gun ?

Last Answer : Under the current 18th Arms Act and 1924 Arms Rules of Bangladesh, military / civilian / other persons are given licenses for prohibited bore firearms. Anyone can apply for a maximum of two firearms ... on a regular basis. However, in this case, the licensing authority must have no objection. Thanks

Description : Who is the author of the book Padma Nadir Majhi ?

Last Answer : Manik Bandyopadhyay is the author of Padma Nadir Majhi.

Description : Who is the author of the book Lota Kamble ?

Last Answer : Sanjeev Chatterjee is the author of Lota Kamble.

Description : Who is the author of Pather Pachanli ?

Last Answer : Bibhutibhushan is the author of Pather Pachanli.

Description : Who is the author of the story of Jochna and Janani ?

Last Answer : Humayun Ahmed, the author of the story of Jochna and Janani.

Description : Who is the author of this book ?

Last Answer : Manik Bandyopadhyay has written the book Itikatha of Puppet Dance.

Description : Where does the word corona originate from ?

Last Answer : As far as I know, the word "compassion" originated in China

Description : Is time travel possible ?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Want to know more about Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque ?

Last Answer : Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque is a Shia Islamic mosque. It is the first and largest Shia mosque in Australia. The mosque is also one of the largest in Australia. Location: Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque is located in ... -Zahra Mosque was completed in 1970. The founder of the mosque is Sheikh Fahad Al-Ameli.

Description : Want to know about Sunshine Mosque ?

Last Answer : Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community of Victoria , more commonly known as Sunshine Mosque. The mosque is built in Turkish style. It has 16 domes , a minaret and a courtyard.

Description : Want to know more about Segrat Mosque ?

Last Answer : The Mosque of Segrat , also known as the Al-Rahman Mosque , is being revered by the Muslim community as the most important mosque in Italy after the Rome Mosque. After all the mosques in Italy were ... such, the mosque of Segrat in modern Italy is the first mosque with domes and minarets.

Description : Who is Rashed Rauf ?

Last Answer : Rashed Rauf (born January 1 , 1974) is a Bangladeshi poet , writer , literary figure and journalist. He is currently working as an associate editor of the daily Azadi in Chittagong . He has been awarded the Bangla Academy Award for Children's Literature.

Description : Who is Shahabuddin Nagari ?

Last Answer : Shahabuddin Nagri is a renowned Bengali poet and writer of Bangladesh. He is a modern romantic poet who is known as a poet of 1970s. He is highly regarded as a children's writer. His rhymes became very popular in ... 21st century he has become famous mainly as a poet and a singer.

Description : Who is Sujan Barua ?

Last Answer : Sujan Barua is a Bangladeshi writer. He is working in the publishing department of Bangladesh Shishu Academy. Sujan Barua was born on 16 April 1959 in Chilonia village of Fatikchhari upazila to father ... . He graduated from the Department of Management in 1983 with a master's degree.

Description : What happens when a dog calls at a long time ?

Last Answer : If the dog calls at a long time at night, it will come to the area well.

Description : What is the price of apple cider vinegar ?

Last Answer : You will find in various chemical chemical stores. It costs 250 rupees

Description : Who won the first Magsaysay Award ?

Last Answer : Chiangman Lin of Taiwan.

Description : M. Who is Golam Shahi Alam ?

Last Answer : Professor Dr. M. Golam Shahi Alam (born 2 February 1952) is a Bangladeshi teacher. He is the current Vice Chancellor of Sylhet Agricultural University . Prior to this, he was Professor in the Department of Surgery and Obstetrics under ... and 2011, respectively .

Description : Who is Saeed bin Zayed ?

Last Answer : Saeed Ibn Zayd (also known as Abul Awar) was the brother-in-law of Caliph Umar (ra), that is, the husband of Fatima bint Khattab, the sister of Umar (ra) . He was one of the early converts to ... and his predecessor was Hanif. He died in 63 AD at the age of eighty during the reign of Muawiyah I.

Description : Who is Padmini Chettur ?

Last Answer : Padmini Chettur (born 1980) is an Indian contemporary dance artist. He has received training from choreographer and choreographer Chandralekha. She runs her own dance troupe, Padmini Chettur, based in Chennai, India. Padmini ... and Science (BIT) in Pilani , Rajasthan in 1991.

Description : Who is Salma Khatun ?

Last Answer : Salma Khatun (born October 1 , 1990) is a famous Bangladeshi cricketer born in Khulna district . In women's cricket, she bats right-handed. He also bowls right-handed off break. Her highest unbeaten 85 * came against the Indian ... best female cricketers in the world.

Description : Want to know more about Uyghur people ?

Last Answer : Uighur race / uː. i ˈ ɡ ʊr / is an ethnic group of Turkish descent living in Central Asia . Today, Uyghurs live mainly in the Xinjiang region of China . The Uyghurs are one of the 57 officially recognized ethnic ... , Pakistan , Saudi Arabia , Turkey , Europe and America.

Description : Help Post ?

Last Answer : You enter with Opera Mini.

Description : My dear friends ?

Last Answer : I will win the war , I will fight with Corona. These are meant to fight with Allah. So think and speak. May Allah guide you.

Description : Who is Barney Sanders ?

Last Answer : Bernard Sanders (born September 8 , 1941) is an American politician and a member of the Senate of the United States, the upper house of parliament (Senate). The media generally known as ... candidate to become the Democratic Party's internal "primary" to participate in the elections was announced.

Description : Want to know about Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu's career ?

Last Answer : Pintu was the president of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal in the nineties. He was the organizing secretary of the Dhaka unit of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. He was elected Member of ... the Bangladesh Election Commission for failing to provide sufficient information on his conviction. [৮]

Description : Which trees are immortal ?

Last Answer : No creature is immortal. All living beings must die. Either now , or 1 year , or 10 years later , or 100 years later , or 500 years later , or the Day of Resurrection. But I have to die. If any ... for fun or to scare. No , not at all. Second life or afterlife also exists. So no tree is immortal.

Description : Is it possible or realistic for a snake to have two or more heads ?

Last Answer : No. But there are very few people who have seen twin snakes ?

Description : Tell us about the history of Bangladesh Jatiya Party ?

Last Answer : Bangladesh Jatiya Party or BJP has been doing politics in alliance with BNP, one of the main political parties of Bangladesh since 1999. Bangladesh Jatiya Party is one of the oldest political parties in ... alliance in the wake of the swearing in of BNP MPs who won the December 30 elections.

Description : Tell us about the Tagore Road in Israel ?

Last Answer : Poet Rabindranath Tagore is remembered for his timeless creations outside the Indian subcontinent. This was proved once again on the 159th birthday of the world poet. On the occasion of his birth anniversary, poets ... 's birth anniversary. Proof of which is a tweet with pictures from them.

Description : Who is Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq ?

Last Answer : Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq is a Bangladeshi politician and Member of Parliament. He was elected Member of Parliament from Kishoreganj-4 constituency in the 10th National Assembly elections held in 2014 and the 11th ... . He is the son of former Speaker of Bangladesh and current President Abdul Hamid.

Description : At what level is hydrogen ?

Last Answer : Stage number 1 in hydrogen

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : Drink water frequently during meals.

Description : So what is the maximum point in 1 month so far ? And who did ?

Last Answer : Here so far 1 month maximum 20 , 960 points. This score was scored by Habibur Rahman.

Description : I went to turn on the front camera on my mobile, now the camera is stuck. Can't see any picture in front or behind ?

Last Answer : Camera isn't handing to stop responding to your mobile. In this case all the data of your phone will be deleted. First switch off your mobile. Then unplug the battery and insert the SIM card and memory card. ... Select , Email , Time , Date, etc.). The work is done. Now your mobile is brand new.

Description : Who is Muhammad Ibn Tahir ?

Last Answer : Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Tahir Ibn Abdullah (Arabic: عبدبو عبد الله محمد بن طاهر بن عبد الله, Died approximately 910) was the last Tahiri governor of Khorasan. He ruled from 62 to 63. The governor of ... . However, he did not establish his rule in Khorasan as in the past. He died around 910.

Description : Who is Ali Ibn Qattan ?

Last Answer : Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Al-Qattan Al-Fashi (died 1231 AD) was one of the leading Imams , Muhaddiths and Ulama during the Al-Mohad Caliphate of Morocco . He was born in Cordoba in 628 AH and lived ... fi Ahkam al-Nazar b-Hassat al-Basar and Bayan al-Wam wal Iham al-Waqi'in fi Kitab al-Ahkam.

Description : Who is Ibn Majah ?

Last Answer : Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Yazid Ibn Majah Al-Rabi Al-Quajwini (Arabic: ابو عبد الله محمد بن يزيد بن ماجه الربعي القزويني) , (824 CE / 209 AM — 887/273), commonly known as Ibn Majah, is a medieval hadith scholar. He is the compiler of the last of the six major books on hadith , Sunan-i-Ibn Majah.

Description : Who is Imam Az Zahabi ?

Last Answer : Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Usman Ibn Qayyum Abu Abdullah Shams Ad-Din Az-Zahabi (Arabic: محمد بن احمد بن عثمان بن قيوم ، عبدبو عبد الله شمس الدين الذهبي) (Born: 1274 - Died: 1348) is a famous muhaddith and Islamic historian. He is known as Az-Zahabi.

Description : Who is Fakhruddin Al Razi ?

Last Answer : Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Umar Ibn Al-Hussein At-Taymi Al-K A Bakri Aq Tabaristani Fakhr Ad-Din Ar-Razi ( Arabic: عبداللهبو عبدالله محمد بن عمر بن الحسن بن الحسين بن علي التيمي البكري ), ... ar-Razi or Fakhruddin al-Razi , was a Persian Sunni Muslim theologian and philosopher who wrote in Arabic.

Description : Who is Muhammad Ibne Abdullah Ibne Tahir ?

Last Answer : Abul Abbas Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Tahir (824/5 - November 7) was the governor and police chief of the Tahiri clan of Baghdad under the Abbasid Caliphate. He held this position from 751 until his ... Medina in the 1980s . He was seen as an admirer of scholars , poets and artists and scholars.

Description : What was the intellect and knowledge of Imam Abu Yusuf ?

Last Answer : He was very talented. If we look at the statements of other scholars about him, it is clear that Mulla Jiun, the author of Nurul Anwar , said : He was the most deserving student of Abu Hanifa. " ... Abu Hanifa (ra) himself used to say , " Abu Yusuf has acquired the most knowledge among my students".

Description : What is the teaching of Imam Abu Yusuf ?

Last Answer : He liked fiqh after the initial conclusion. At first he received the scholarship of Abdur Rahman Ibn Abu Ilar. Then Imam Abu Hanifa attended the Majlis and accepted his discipleship for a long time. His family was ... to send me money on time , so I didn't have to worry about earning any more."

Description : Want to know the lineage of Imam Abu Yusuf ?

Last Answer : Name-Jacob. Alias-Abu Yusuf. Kaziul Kuyat. Descendants: Yaqub bin Ibrahim bin Saad bin Bahir bin Mu'awiyah bin Kuhafa bin Nufil bin Sadus bin Abd Manaf bin Osama bin Sahamah bin Sa'd bin Abdullah ... took part in trench and other battles. He died in Kufa during the caliphate of Omar Ibn Khattab.