Married folks: How much did you pay for your wedding photographer?

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Answer :

My father was my wedding photographer and his colleagues were there as well doing video. So we saved a lot of money.

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Description : How much could/should I charge as a wedding photographer with little experience?

Last Answer : answer:I saw on a couple of sites that rates were listed by the hour, with a non-refundable hold-the-date fee (to be incorporated into the final hourly tally). I would recommend having expenses be ... able to Google that) and work from there. What a lovely opportunity for you, have fun with this!

Description : At your wedding would you rather an average photographer with a professional camera, or an elite photographer with the latest Iphone?

Last Answer : Are those seriousl the only choices? Things are never so black-and-white (pun intended). In real life you get a decent photographer with a decent camera.

Description : Which wedding photographer should I hire for a NJ wedding?

Last Answer : It's a lot of pressure if that's the demand in that area all photographers are aware of it and charge similar rates. Maybe excusing 100$ Trust me, in that realm with weddings, you get what you ... walk in the park and events are one of a kind, which rises the pressure to take unforgettable photos.

Description : If a photographer gives you the rights to your wedding photos, and then the band at the wedding wants to use one on their CD (sold for profit), what happens?

Last Answer : You should decide the royalties. An x amount for every record sold. But mind you that if your photographer friend didn’t put in writing that he’s giving you the copyright, the photos are still his. Maybe you can split the royalties between you and him? That sounds fair enough.

Description : How much would a photographer charge for a photo shoot?

Last Answer : This depends om where you live but around here they charge 30.00 to 50.00 an hour depending. Checking the creative services section on your local craigslist would be a good place to confirm.

Description : I'm a photographer in Southern California, how much should I charge for media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) freelance work?

Last Answer : answer:Depends on the gig and usage. PR is very competitive and everyone thinks they can do it. Plus, most clients have their own super digi cam that is good for the home grown press release. $75-$125/hr ... games on a Saturday $2,500 per Saturday X2 with Sunday = $5,000 per weekend. Good luck!

Description : How much should I expect to pay for a wedding photographer?

Last Answer : I think that it would cost about that much for a wedding. 1500 isn't too much at for that , a good photographer isn't cheap at all.

Description : What are some good cameras for a beginner photographer?

Last Answer : answer:Do you know how shutter speed and the f-stop affect your pictures? Any idea about levels, or contrast, and brightness when editing? If you don’t you don’t need a better camera. You need a photography class at a community college.

Description : How does one know if a photographer for models is legitimate or a fraud?

Last Answer : answer:Ask him the names of the modeling agencies. Check out the agencies.(Call the Better Business Bureau in the city).Call the agencies to see what they say about the photographer. These days you can also often get huge amounts of information by googling.

Description : Resume Help: When applying for a photographer position should I list all of my work experience even from restaurant and retail?

Last Answer : Your resume should be short and simple. Your portfolio is where you can expound a bit. I had a folder with 20 or 30 captures I used to hand prospective employers before I gave up and went to work for myself.

Description : What is the best US city to work as a professional photographer?

Last Answer : For work I would say Vegas. Lots of weddings.

Description : What makes for a successful and professional photographer?

Last Answer : answer:I have 2 friends who are working successfully as photographers. One is a high fashion photographer, and the other is an art photographer. The former lives in a large city and knows everybody who ... people will come along and add more. I know my answer is missing a lot of important points.

Description : Do you think I'm a fairly good photographer for a thirteen year old?

Last Answer : Oh yes! Those are spectacular!

Description : Can you help me locate the photographer of this Elvis Presley image?

Last Answer : Alfred Wertheimer was the photographer hired by RCA records in 1956 to photograph Elvis. He took over 2000 pictures of Elvis that year, so it may be him, but I am not sure. @Whitetigress, the image of Elvis Presley is protected, so you need permission to reproduce it for sale to others.

Description : Photographers - What key lenses/equipment should a novice photographer have?

Last Answer : Go to Costco and get a camera lens kit by canon. Cheap option.

Description : In Los Angeles or San Francisco, where is a popular place for a photographer to hold a special exhibit?

Last Answer : answer:I prefer San Fran for a more classic look, places like Sausalito and the painted ladies, or haight ashberry ect the landmark type situations that exist as a more constant landscape of tradition ... have lived in the vacinity and I find it one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!

Description : How do I go about working for AP as a photographer?

Last Answer : I would suggest going to school for photo-journalism first, unless you’re already an established/professional photographer?

Description : When a photographer asks you to be his muse, what exactly does he mean?

Last Answer : Inspiration

Description : How can I find a professional photographer in my area who has a specific style I like?

Last Answer : Try googling it. Just type in “photographer” and the name of your city.

Description : In your opinion, what does it take to become a good photographer?

Last Answer : Understanding the basics of composition, lighting and filters.

Description : Who is your favourite photographer and what photograph of theirs do you love the most and why?

Last Answer : I don’t really have a single photographer or single image. One of my favorites is Ansel Adams, whose images of the West that I love really touch my heart. Have you ever seen his Moon and Half Dome?

Description : Assume you're a nature photographer and you find a turtle on its back struggling to right itself. Do you help it or do you let nature run it's course?

Last Answer : Oh, I’d have to help it. No question. I wouldn’t take pictures of it after I did it though… that wouldn’t be accurately portraying nature, would it?

Description : Which would you do: apprentice with a working photographer, or do photography school?

Last Answer : I think its best to go to the school. As you said, the learning is broader.

Description : Who's the Japanese photographer that takes pictures of the open ocean?

Last Answer : His name is Hiroshi Sugimoto. His website is:

Description : who is the best wedding photographer in Knoxville?

Last Answer : Waldorf Photographic Art- we are the best wedding photographers Knoxville. Wedding Photography is something that helps the couple remembers every lovely moment thing that happens on their special day. It ... best wedding photographers all over the world but some of them can be found in Knoxville.

Description : What are some things I should look for when hiring a wedding photographer?

Last Answer : Probably the biggest thing to look for is an online profile. Any wedding photographer with good skills should have examples of their work online to examine.

Description : I'm doing the photography for my sister's wedding. Any good tips or helpful hints?

Last Answer : Ohhh good question, I need to know also!

Description : Can you enjoy yourself as a guest while shooting a wedding (for fun)?

Last Answer : I wouldn't be annoyed. I'm annoyed that I'm not your date Nimis, darling. I would bring it. Even if it causes some small unpleasant interactions with other guest and a few weird looks, you might capture ... some great pictures out of it, taken by a dear friend, I doubt they'll mind. I wouldn't.

Description : Photographers: when you shoot a wedding how many photos do you capture?

Last Answer : In the old days of 120 film, I shot about 150 photos, and I tried to make sure every one counted. Now I shoot 400–500 digitally (RAW format), and edit them down to about 350–400.

Description : Married folks: what don't you do much anymore?

Last Answer : I don't spend a lot of time thinking about . . . . . . relationships that went bad, . . . relationships that might have been . . . whatever romantic relationship I am in (analyzing same to death every single ... . . wondering why he didn't call. . . . thinking about why I need to break up with him.

Description : Those of us who are married. Have you any stories of a wedding that perhaps didn't quite go according to plan?

Last Answer : Not quite on topic, but one of the funniest breakdowns in a wedding that I've ever been party to had to be when the best man (grooms brother) got so drunk he couldn't remember the brides ... bride] really not that bad. It seemed like everyone was either horrified or laughing hard enough to cry.

Description : To the married among us (poor souls.) Was your wedding day all you expected it to be?

Last Answer : I got married in a court house, with no guests, and went to a restaurant after that turned out not to be very good. So the wedding was about what I expected, but the dinner was disappointing. The ... our wedding picture with the camera at arm's length in the car. But it was a very happy day.

Description : Women: When you get married, do you have to wear your wedding band or can you continue to use your engagement ring?

Last Answer : You can do whatever you like. I have a friend who’s been married for 20 years and wears no rings at all. You can find wedding bands in many styles, though. My mother’s was very slender. You might be interested in the comments in this thread.

Description : How much is the hourly rate for an event photographer?

Last Answer : The hourly rate varies based on a number of factors, including location, the event and what is expected after the event. Most professional event photogs have a standard contract detailing the hourly rate and ... . The rate, either per hour or per event, reflects the cost of living in the area.

Description : How much money does a photographer makes?

Last Answer : Photographers can make a lot of money you know. Famous photographers can make up to a million a year. An average one can make from 80,000-100,000 which is really good money.

Description : How much does photographer insurance cost?

Last Answer : There is a wide range of Photography insurance cost. The cost can go from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 dollars. There is a link that helps provide more information on this:

Description : Is this client asking too much?

Last Answer : No, it's not rude and they are being unprofessional by breaking two previous appointments. I would tell them I'm available during business hours (or whatever yours are) and happy to ... further cancellations without charge either. *Put that cancellation fee without 24 hour notice in your contracts!

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Last Answer : Wow.. Those are beautiful shots!

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Last Answer : Photoshop does CMYK color separation and deals with spot color and Pantone colors. The others don't. Proper color calibration may also be an issue. So if all you're doing is editing RGB images ... print work that requires color separation or sending files out to be printed, you'll want Photoshop.

Description : When it comes to tabloid photographers and celebrity photographers (think Paparazzi), in regards to someone's personal privacy, just how much intrusion is too much intrusion?

Last Answer : Any unwanted intrusion into a person’s private life it too much.

Description : How much should I expect to pay for a good wedding band?

Last Answer : You should expect to pay about $300-$500 for a high quality gold wedding band. You can find cheaper silver ones that are still quite nice though.

Description : What would you consider the main elements needed to become a street photographer?

Last Answer : The main elements needed to utilize in becoming a successful street photographer would be knowledge of the subjects, awareness of the environment, a focal theme that can relate to society as they are the audience and a positive attitude

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Last Answer : Did he use multiples all painted?

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Last Answer : I recommend Theo & Juliet ( but they're more expensive.

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Last Answer : He shot his customers and blew them up.

Description : Three working women have different careers. If only one of statements 1, 2 and 3 are true, can you tell whether or not Mary is a nurse? 1. This statement is only true if statement 5 is false. 2. This ... 1 are true. 4. Mary is a nurse 5. Karen is an artist. 6. Sarah is a photographer. -Riddles

Last Answer : Mary is not a nurse. The way to solve this riddle, is to consider statements 4, 5, and 6 and create a chart of all possible true and false answers. Next, fill in the chart according to statements ... three are true. Thus, it is determined that: Statement 4 and 5 are false and statement 6 is true.

Description : Who interprets visual conceptsA.journalist B.photographer C.graphic designers D.illustrators?

Last Answer : C. Graphic designers

Description : what- A photographer likes to do special effects on his digital pictures by resizing his prints to non-standard lengths.For which size prints are the lengths and widths proportional?

Last Answer : 4 in, by 5 in

Description : I need help, advice anything. I was at the casting and my photos were maximally misused ... I need to find some skating so that everything can be downloaded from the internet

Last Answer : If you have proof of the misuse of your person's photos by publishing them on the Internet, file a criminal complaint with the Police of the Czech Republic.