If you are dating, what is the best time to have that "first kiss"?

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Answer :

Thanks for the offer , but you are too late . Had my first kiss years ago , tho if you want i will pretend to be first again .

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Description : What is a good moment to kiss my gfriend for the first time?

Last Answer : Make it as romantic and memorable as possible. Right place, right time, right atmosphere, right everything. Good luck!

Description : What was your first kiss like?

Last Answer : I had several bland, emotionless kisses before The Big One. Those kisses were unfeeling, and left me unmoved. The first kiss from someone I had feelings for spun me. I was amazed to feel like that.

Description : Am I too young for a kiss?

Last Answer : Does it matter? If you want to do it, if not don’t.

Description : Never kissed a boy and 15 and my boyfriend wants to kiss me. What do I do?

Last Answer : answer:The first question you have to answer is, do you want to kiss him? If you do, then read on. If you don't, say you aren't ready. Don't feel pressured to do anything you don't feel ready ... perfect kiss because what is perfect for me, may not be for you. I promise though, you will work it out.

Description : How to balance if your SO thinks you kiss the a** of your parent/s?

Last Answer : I know in my case my wife would always take her family’s side of everything and it left me feeling like I was way down on her priority list. When she got deathly ill and it was me that stood by her and became her care giver then things have come into prospective.

Description : Why do people kiss?

Last Answer : answer:@Aesthetic_Mess I’m so sorry for you if you don’t already know. One can only hope that you’re too young or otherwise inexperienced to have tried much. I grant that it took me way too long to find out, but kissing is great. Kissing well (and being kissed much and well) is heaven.

Description : Why do we close our eyes when we kiss?

Last Answer : I feel more passion with my eyes closed.

Description : How do i go in for a kiss?

Last Answer : Ask her. Or slowly go in and tilt your face to the side. Then there is Hitch’s rule to kissing.

Description : How do a boy and a girl feel when they kiss each other's lips ?

Last Answer : When a boy and a girl kiss each other on the lips, they feel that there is no one else in the world but them.

Description : When it comes to dating, what is the biggest turn on (and turn off) for you?

Last Answer : Turn offs smoking , drinking Turn ons miniskirts, good at small talk / storytelling.

Description : Is a year too soon to tell a guy you've been dating " I Love You"?

Last Answer : You need to ask him how he feels about you and where you stand in his life. Does his girlfriend know about you? Are you dating him or just friends with benefits?

Description : Do you see dating as an endless filtering process?

Last Answer : I’d say it’s an elimination process. When I was dating, I had a filter of my own, and if she didn’t fit through it, I didn’t even bother dating her. Hang in there, one day a woman will jump out of the crowd, so to speak, and you’ll know.

Description : What would you do if you like a person but that person all ready is dating?

Last Answer : Why would you start something with a person that you know is willing to cheat?

Description : What are Aquarius guys like when it comes to dating?

Last Answer : I am an Aries, and we Aries don’t believe in astrology.

Description : What is your take on online dating?

Last Answer : Do you mean meeting people online and keeping it there for a while or do you mean using a matching site online to find people to meet and date in person?

Description : When is it ok to tell the person your dating you love them?

Last Answer : When you feel it and mean it.

Description : My friend say she wants to be with me and she loves me but shes dating another guy. what do I do?

Last Answer : He sounds like trouble. For her and for you. She is going to have to work this out with him—see that he is aggressive and get out—and that will be separate from her feelings for you. Then, she can see what’s what.

Description : my ex girlfriend and I are really close and are as good or better than when we were dating I really want to kiss her but I want it to be special how do I make it memeroble? r

Last Answer : don't. come close to, then stop. make her want it more. and you want it more. then when the time is absolutely perfect (and i mean like, the kind of kiss that she would remember for the rest of her ... since she'll want it so bad and it will be perfectly timed. at least, the best kiss so far. :]

Description : The first time you and your partner talked about the fact that the being in love feeling is over; how did you experience that conversation?

Last Answer : 3yrs and going, guess we’re not there yet. I’ll be sad if that’s a subject we ever feel has to be brought up.

Description : I'm really confused. I want to know if it's time to move on or should I hold on a little longer?

Last Answer : Definitely move on. He physically beat you and cheats on you and lies to you and he takes advantage of you. I think you need to get as much space from him as possible. I know it's not easy to ... to remember what your life was like with him. I hope you are safe and can find peace and happiness.

Description : If you like a girl, do you always want to spend time with her?

Last Answer : No, swarming all over a girl is a major boo boo, makes you look sad & desperate. Relax, be yourself & let them come to you.

Description : When was the last time you broke someone's heart?

Last Answer : answer:It’s been a while, but I broke a friend’s heart fairly early on by letting him know I was heterosexual. Of course, he kind of expected that, and I can’t blame him for trying, so we are still friends. I don’t think there was any way he could win me. If nothing else, my wife is a better cook :p

Description : Is it silly to cry over a deceased pet that's been in your family for a long time?

Last Answer : No way. Why would it be? I cried like a baby when my kitty died. :(

Description : Would you be as generous as you are now, if you would lose Lurve every time you award someone a GA?

Last Answer : Yes, because for me it isn’t really about the lurve.

Description : How do you know when it’s time to continue holding on or time to let go?

Last Answer : I think in the overwhelming majority of cases if you have to ask yourself if it’s time to move on.. it is.

Description : When in a time of great emotional pain, have you ever suddenly gotten the jollies?

Last Answer : Yes. You kind of have to, right? I once wrote a poem once about how the break up was the best thing to happen to me in a while.

Description : When was the last time you had a great sense of self satisfaction?

Last Answer : answer:Just now. I forced myself to go for a 30 minute jog even though I really didn’t want to. I feel wonderful, physically and also feel awfully good about myself. :)

Description : How can you know if a guy is right for you? And what should I do if I'm in love with two at the same time?

Last Answer : Welcome to the collective. Do you mean right for you as in plan a life together or right for you as in dating? If the latter, a guy is right for you if you enjoy being with him, if ... for two guys, don't date either one exclusively. Date them both. After some time, your feelings should clarify.

Description : Is there a time you felt intense jealousy?

Last Answer : I mean, jealousy is just envy. It’s arguably the worst of the so-called seven deadly sins, that and greed. That being said, I’m jealous of people who have good self esteem. But I wouldn’t say it’s an “intense” jealousy. Just, wish I didn’t have so much self doubt.

Description : Can you hate someone and love them at the same time?

Last Answer : Only if you marry them.

Description : Are you are in love right now? How does it feel? Is it like other times or more powerful this time?

Last Answer : It feels really weird. Noone could possibly understand it. It’s embarassing. I better keep it to myself.

Description : What would you do if you loved 2 people at the same time?

Last Answer : I guess it depends on who you love. I am absolutely 100% in love with my partner of eight years. And I wouldn't leave him if someone else loved me. I would be happy and a bit guilty that ... what if would probably be a poor idea. Leaving someone to follow your heart or passion is another story.

Description : What's your love language: words, touch, quality time, deeds, or gifts?

Last Answer : I am all about the DEEDS!!

Description : All time favorite love quote?

Last Answer : “Does this smell like chloroform to you?” -anon

Description : Can people get over their first love?

Last Answer : Sure it happens to me all the time. You should just give it some time, you will forget.

Description : Do you believe in love at first sight?

Last Answer : It’s an empty meaningless gesture originating from the minds of the truly twee folk.

Description : Is "Love at first sight" real or fantasy?

Last Answer : answer:The French call it un coup de foudre, which is as good an explanation as any. (A lightning strike)

Description : First date question?

Last Answer : answer:Seriously, @Londongirl. Ask him. I have no idea what he meant when he said he liked your top. Were you wearing some nice top? Did it show cleavage? I am also confused, but maybe it's a spelling ... , you might win. That is to say, you make a nice friend. I wouldn't think beyond that yet.

Description : Do you believe that happiness comes from within and that you can't love someone else without loving yourself first?

Last Answer : Happiness is accomplished by action and outcome. It is not a gift. I have never understood the notion of “Loving Yourself”. It sounds sort of narcissistic to me. But self respect and self confidence are definite first cousins of happiness.

Description : Non marrieds, do you celebrate your first date as an anniversary of sorts?

Last Answer : no I don’t even know when it was

Description : Is love at first sight really true?

Last Answer : I certainly believe that it can happen. I don’t believe it happens often, but I’m sure it exists.

Description : Are you comfortable to say you love first?

Last Answer : I’ve done both. :)

Description : Is " love at first sight " a foolish concept?

Last Answer : Wishful thinking. The term “love at first sight” isn’t necessarily a foolish concept. I personally just do not believe it is possible to fall in love with someone just by looking at them. Intense desire or infatuation? Sure. Love – something that takes a while to cultivate? Nope.

Description : Do you believe in love at first sight?

Last Answer : I met my fiance on a bus and the first thing I was asked when I saw him was What would you rate him (my friend sitting next to me) after a great debate about my apprehension to rate a human ... I can't quite put it into words but I knew there was something intelligent about him and I was right.

Description : What you need to have to build a relationship with girls first! And what to do to keep the relationship long ?

Last Answer : You need money , mind and courage to have a relationship with girls. And for a relationship to last a long time, you need to have endless patience.

Last Answer : What to do at night. What to do at night. In the solitary atmosphere of the night of Basar, when there is intense desire for reunion between the bride and groom, the following prayers will be ... place of shame with different clothes. May Allah grant us the grace to follow the Islamic rules. Amen.

Description : Do you think Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were in "love"?

Last Answer : I think people can find love in mutual interests, whether good or bad. I’d see myself falling in love with someone that fought next to me. Their shared bond was obviously over playing chess with lives and political statehood.

Description : Is there a wall somewhere (Rome?) where people place slips of paper hoping to further their romantic dreams?

Last Answer : Perhaps it’s the Romeo & Juliet wall of love in Verona, Italy.

Description : Should the wife get back together with her husband?

Last Answer : I think it sounds like a really bad movie.

Description : What do you think of when you're searching for a reason to hope?

Last Answer : I listen to music. Right now, I’ve got an album of piano and violin duets playing.