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Op amp is operational amplifier. Operational amplifier are use in ADC, zero crossing detector ,DAC, filters, Voltage regulators, Current regulators, etc.

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Description : Draw the circuit diagram for Instrumentation amplifier using three OP-AMPs. State its advantages and applications.

Last Answer : Application: 1. In Data acquisition from low output transducers such as strain gauges, Thermocouples, Wheatstone bridge measurements e.t.c 2. In Medical instrumentation, Navigation, Radar ... video data acquisition and imaging 5. High frequency signal amplification in cable RF systems 

Description : The three devices which make up the circuit shown in the illustration are ____________. EL-0087 A. flip-flops B. exclusive 'OR' gates C. summing op amps D. function generators

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : How frequency to voltage converted on OP-AMPS.

Last Answer : A Frequency to voltage converter produces an output voltage, whose amplitude is a function of frequency of the input signal. The input signal may be a sinewave, a square wave or a pulse train. The F/V converter is essentially an FM detector or discriminator.

Description : Mention some of the non – linear applications of op-amps

Last Answer : Rectifier, peak detector, clipper, clamper, sample and hold circuit, log amplifier, anti –log amplifier, multiplier are some of the non – linear op-amp circuits. 

Description : Mention some of the linear applications of op – amps.

Last Answer : Adder, subtractor, voltage –to- current converter, current –to- voltage converters, instrumentation amplifier, analog computation ,power amplifier, etc are some of the linear opamp circuits.

Description : What is the need for frequency compensation in practical op-amps?

Last Answer : Frequency compensation is needed when large bandwidth and lower closed loop gain is desired. Compensating networks are used to control the phase shift and hence to improve the stability.

Description : In practical op-amps, what is the effect of high frequency on its performance?

Last Answer : The open-loop gain of op-amp decreases at higher frequencies due to the presence of parasitic capacitance. The closed-loop gain increases at higher frequencies and leads to instability.

Description : An OP-AMPs can amplify _______ (a) D.C (b) A.C (c) both A.C & D.C (d) none of above

Last Answer : b) A.C

Description : Define the following terms related to Op-Amp: i) CMRR ii) SVRR

Last Answer : Definition:- i) SVRR: It is defined as the ratio of change of input offset voltage to the change in one supply voltage while keeping other supply voltage constant. Ideally,SVRR=0  ii)CMMR:-The ... gain should exceed common-mode gain, this will be a positive number, and the higher the better.

Description : State any two characteristics of an ideal Op-amp.

Last Answer : Characteristics of Op-amp: i) Input offset voltage ii) Input offset current iii) Input bias current iv) Differential input resistance v) Input capacitance vi) CMRR-common mode rejection ration vii) ... voltage rejection ratio(SVRR) viii) Output resistance ix) Voltage gain x) Bandwidth xi) Slew rate

Description : Draw and explain the Op-amp based subtractor

Last Answer : Working The subtractor circuit is a basic op-amp circuit whose output voltage is the difference between two input voltages.  In the above circuit, the two input voltages are V1 and V2.  The op amp is used ... When differential gain is 1, ie Rf = R,  the output voltage is Vo = (V2 - V1).

Description : Draw the diagram of zero crossing detector using op-amp and explain its working.

Last Answer : The zero crossing detector circuit is an important application of the op-amp comparator circuit. It can also be called as the sine to square wave converter. Anyone of the inverting or non-inverting ... the possibility of any false zero crossing due to noise voltages at the op-amp input.

Description : An OP amp has an open loop gain of 1,00,000. If the feedback fraction is 0.02, the approximate closed loop gain is (a) 1 (b) 1,00,000 (c) 50 (d) 0.02

Last Answer : The closed loop gain Ag = G/(1+G*f) Where G is the open loop gain and f is the feedback fraction  So Ag = 49.975

Description : An OP amp has a slew rate of 1V/µs. At a signal frequency of 0.1 MHz, the maximum undistorted sine wave amplitude is (a) 8V (b) 4.82 V (c) 2.02 V (d) 1.592 V

Last Answer : Slew rate = 2πfv where v is the amplitude V=(1/2π*0.1) = 1.592V

Description : What is the Output voltage of Op-amp for input voltage of Vi1=150 μV,Vi2=140 μV if the amplifier has differential gain of Ad=4000 and value of CMRR is 100. 

Last Answer : i don know

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Description : In the given figure, O is the centre of the circle. The radius OP bisects a rectangle ABCD at right angles. -Maths 9th

Last Answer : answer:

Description : What is Op -Amp ?

Last Answer : The operational amplifier is abbreviated as OP-Amp . This OP-Amp is a high gain direct coupled negative feedback amplifier circuit with multiple transistors. Op-Amp is a modular , multistage amplifying device with a ... of op-amp is 500 ml. Op-amp IC : A709, LM108, LM208, CA741 and CA741T.

Last Answer : opi Money Previous , before , in front.