What is the definition of wind energy?

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Answer :

Motion of atmosphere of earth is called wind and its kinetic energy is called wind energy

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Description : What are the Pros and Cons of Wind Energy?

Last Answer : Wind is nothing but air in motion. When the energy of this air motion is used to generate power, it is known as wind energy. It is a kind of kinetic energy that can be converted ... a cheap source of electricity. However, the installation cost and the area required to install could be expensive.

Description : Draw the block diagram of basic wind energy conversion system and write function of each block. 

Last Answer : Block diagram of basic wind energy conversion system: OR Components of wind power plant and their functions:  1) Rotor /Blade/Aero-turbine: Blade extracts significant power from the ... stronger and smoother. Towers are supports to raise the main part of the turbine up in the air.

Description : State any four advantages of wind energy.

Last Answer : Advantages of wind energy system: 1. Wind input (energy) is freely available 2. Wind energy is inexhaustible 3. There is no air pollution 4. No fuel transportation cost. 5. No space is required to store ... cost per unit is less and is goes on decreasing day by day. 15. Maintenance cost is less.

Description : State any two limitations of wind energy.

Last Answer : Limitations of wind energy: 1) Wind turbine produces noise. 2) Its efficiency is less (20% to 30%) 3) There is limitation on site selection. 4) Transportation cost of wind tower and accessories is high ... No firm power. 7) Power generation is not in phase with the demand. 8) Generation is costly.

Description : What is the definition of induction motor?

Last Answer : its working on magnetic base made by coils and its work with 1 phase or 3 phase ac or dc supply

Description : What is the definition of extra low voltage?

Last Answer : Extra-low voltage (ELV) is an electricity supply voltage in a range which carries a low risk of dangerous electrical shock.

Description : How To Make A Wind Spinner Or Whirligig

Last Answer : Materials: -2 - 2 liter pop bottles* -Plastic beads, can be faceted, tri beads or pony beads** -12 inch piece of heavy wire (cross piece of a clothes hanger will work) -An 8″ piece of cord, ... the top loop. Arrange the strips in a spiral around the wire and hang it where the wind will catch it.

Description : How To Make A Wind Chime Suncatcher

Last Answer : By recycling old compact discs (with your parent's permission), you can throw together this combination windchime and suncatcher in under an hour. Materials: 2 compact discs 4 silver bells String, yarn, ... , fiberglass or plastic to the top of your chime, you can create new sounds and appearances.

Description : How to Wind a Watch

Last Answer : How to Wind a Watch Winding watches daily used to be an essential thing to do back in the day before the advent of the mechanical watch. If you own a functioning manual watch, make sure that you know how to ... you're not using the watch daily, you can wind it once a week on the same day every week.

Description : How to Build a Wind Turbine

Last Answer : How to Build a Wind Turbine How to Build a Wind Turbine A wind turbine is nothing but a simple turbine set up in open space, which utilizes the mechanical energy of air, or ... While placing the turbines in multiple numbers, one should also bother about their placements and relative directions.

Description : How to Build a Wind Generator

Last Answer : How to Build a Wind Generator Energy consumption is a serious concern for many people, especially those who are conscious of carbon emissions and global warming. Alternative energy sources ... have an economical, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly solution to your power and energy needs.

Description : What are the basic requirements of locating wind power plant ?

Last Answer : The basic requirements of locating wind power plant:  1) The site should be selected where winds are strong i.e. where pressure of wind is high and there is continuity. 2) Wind pressure ... the turbine which can affect the system's overall performance. 10)Possibility to connect to power grid. 

Last Answer : Advantages of vertical axis wind mills: 1. Simple blade design 2. Low cost of fabrication. 3. No yaw controller required. 4. Easy maintenance because ground mounted generator and gear box. 

Description : State any four factors for selection of site of wind power plant.

Last Answer : The Factors for selection of site for Wind Mills: 1) The site should be selected where winds are strong i.e. where pressure of wind is high and there is continuity (14.4- 16.2 km/h) ... 50m of the turbine which can affect the system's overall performance 10)Possibility to connect to power grid. 

Description : State the types of wind turbines. 

Last Answer : The types of Wind Turbines:-  1) Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)   2) Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)   i) Up wind HAWT   ii) Down Wind HAWT  OR  The types of wind turbines:-  1. Small size wind turbine  2. Medium size wind turbine  3. Large size wind turbine 

Description : Power in the wind is proportional to

Last Answer : Power in the wind is proportional to (Wind velocity)3

Description : Which countries are using wave energy?

Last Answer : The following countries are using wave energy :GreecePortugalUnited StatesUnited KingdomSpainIsraelSweden

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy?

Last Answer : AdvantagesFree from pollutionAvailable for every timeThe water can reuse as drinking purposeDisadvantageMore costLarge maintenanceDifficult to constructAquatic life get affected

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Last Answer : Free of costRenewable energyInextable solar energyLow energy densityHigh capital costMaintenance cost highDepends on weatherNeed to direction tracking

Description : What are the disadvantages of using solar energy?

Last Answer : High installation costEnergy density is depend on weatherSo it is low Not suitable in all areasMaintenance cost high

Description : What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources?

Last Answer : Renewable energy sources are non-perishable, and Non-renewable energy sources are perishable sources. Non-Renewable energy sources are like  coal, oil,nuclear fuel etc. Renewable energy sources are :- wind, solar, tidal, Geo thermal etc.

Description : What are the different sources of renewable energy?

Last Answer : Solar Wind Tidal Geothermal

Description : What are some disadvantages of hydroelectric power plant?

Last Answer : The disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant are as follows :The hydroelectric power plant can be developed only where the large quantity of water is available. The hydroelectric ... civil engineering costs may be high.These are some disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant.

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Description : List four environmental benefits of wind energy.

Last Answer : Environmental benefits of Wind Energy 1. Renewable & Sustainable 2. Environmentally Friendly 3. Reduces Fossil Fuel Consumption 4. Small Footprint

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Last Answer : perhaps the solar living institute in mendocino has some info.

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Last Answer : big-ass scarecrows?

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Last Answer : Silicon solar cells can convert the shorter wavelengths of IR to electricity: https://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/uv-solar-panels/ You can also concentrate solar IR and use the ... .com/innovationtoronto.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Solar-Thermal-Power-Plant_forcetoknow.com_.jpg?resize=627%2C221

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