how can i qualify for a gov. grant being a parolee, homeless, jobless?

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I am 53 years old, I am on parole, homeless, jobless and without any money. How does someone like myself qualify gor a gov. grant? how can i qualify gor a gov. grant being a parolee, homeless,jobless?

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Last Answer : Boundaries are vital. You must set them in advance and stick by them. There is a book that might help you.

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Last Answer : Contact the social services branch in your area and request emergency housing and living assistance. You will probably need to supply documents showing your low income status, but you are likely to qualify ... housing or a shelter. Local churches are often happy to help provide food and shelter too.

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Last Answer : It sounds to me as if you are tossing out every reason you can possibly think of to avoid taking a job that pays you enough to live on. You need to make up your mind that you need to work, ... is most important to you: continuing to try and remake the world into an image you can stand, or eating.

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Description : I believe we are being targeted by a homeless woman on our street and now our new car has been vandalized. What recourse, if any, do we have?

Last Answer : I would check if any of it was caught on video. From the laundromat or elsewhere, (or they can install video cameras for preventing later crimes.) Maybe a social worker can help get the homeless a job or disability so that they would get off the street and eventually pay you damages later.

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Last Answer : I would not live on the street. At the very least I would work at McDonald’s or whatever odd jobs I could find for a few weeks to save up enough money to leave the United States and go live in a poorer country that has more respect for the weak. I would not wait around to get pissed on.

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Last Answer : Admittedly, it is not an easy task to become homeless and not having a roof over one's head. Shelter is a basic necessity of life which everyone need to survive. I don't see the reason why anybody to be ... and when one's chip is down, it only takes the grace of God for that person to bounce back.

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Last Answer : I would start with his primary care physician. If he sounds absolutely sure about your husband getting the shot, have him get it. If the doctor is iffy, or isn’t sure, do more research.