The hormone causing growth of the endometrium (pron: en-doe-me-tree-um) is: a) androgen (pron: ann-drah-jen) b) leutenizing hormone (pron: lew-ten-I-zing) c) estrogen d) prolactin 

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Answer :

ANSWER: C -- estrogen 

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Description : Select the option which correctly matches the endocrine gland with its hormone and its function. Endocrine Hormone Function gland (a) Placenta Estrogen Initiates secretion of the milk (b) Corpus ... of sperms (d) Ovary FSH Stimulates follicular development and the secretion of estrogens

Last Answer : (c) Leydig’s Androgen Initiates the cells production of sperms

Description : Which of the following antibacterial substances is known to primarily affect gram-negative bacteria? a) spermine (pron: SPER-meen) b) interferon (pron: in-ter-FEER-en) c) phagocytin (pron: fag-a-SITE-en) d) leukins (pron: LEW-kins)


Description : Which of the following hormones is primarily responsible for stimulating the production of progesterone? a) Luteinizing hormone Luteinizing hormone is released by the pituitary gland. b) Follicle-stimulating ... , are involved in early development of the follicle and also affect the female libido.

Last Answer : a) Luteinizing hormone Luteinizing hormone is released by the pituitary gland.

Description : Which one of the following is a female sex hormone? (1) Estrogen (2) Androgen (3) Oxytocin (4) Insulin

Last Answer : Estrogen

Description : When both ovaries are removed from rat then which hormone is decreased in blood? (a) Oxytocin (b) Prolactin (c) Estrogen (d) Gonadotropin releasing factor

Last Answer : (c) Estrogen

Description : Which of the following hormones can play a significant role in osteoporosis? (a) Aldosterone and prolactin (b) Progesterone and aldosterone (c) Estrogen and parathyroid hormone (d) Parathyroid hormone and prolactin (

Last Answer : (c) Estrogen and parathyroid hormone

Description : Which of the following hormones can play a significant role in osteoporesis ? (1) Aldosterone and Prolactin (2) Progesterone and Aldosterone (3) Estrogen and Parathyroid hormone (4) Parathyroid hormone and Prolactin

Last Answer : (3) Estrogen and Parathyroid hormone

Description : The condition in which there is a DECREASE in the number of white blood cells in humans is known as: a) leukocytosis (pron: lew-kO-sigh-toe-sis) b) leukopenia (pron: lew-kO-pea-nee-ah) c) leukemia (pron: lew-kee-me-ah) d) leukohyperia (pron: lew-kO-high-per-e-ah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- leukopenia

Description : The several types of white blood cells are sometime collectively referred to as: a) erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-row-cites) b) leukocytes (pron: lew-kah-cites) c) erythroblasts (pron: eh-rith-rah-blast) d) thrombocytes (pron: throm-bow-cites)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- leukocytes 

Description : Cortisol is a (A) Glucocorticoid (B) Mineralocorticoid (C) Androgen (D) Estrogen

Last Answer : Answer : B

Description : The estrogen and androgen hormones which regulate sexual development and function are structurally related to: w) beta carotene x) ethanol y) adrenaline z) cholesterol


Description : Select the correct option describing gonadotropin activity in a normal pregnant female. (a) High level of FSH and LH stimulates the thickening of endometrium. (b) High level of FSH and LH ... synthesis of estrogen and progesterone. (d) High level of hCG stimulates the thickening of endometrium.

Last Answer : (c) High level of hCG stimulates the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.

Description : The primary mechanism of action of the combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive pill is: A. Production of cervical mucus hostile to sperm penetration B. Suppression of FSH and ... Making endometrium unsuitable for implantation D. Enhancing uterine contractions to dislodge the fertilized ovum

Last Answer : B. Suppression of FSH and LH release

Description : Choose the selective estrogen receptor modulator that is useful in dysfunctional uterine bleeding by acting as estrogen antagonist in endometrium, but does not alter vaginal epithelium or cervical mucus: A. Ormeloxifene B. Tamoxifen C. Centchroman D. Danazol

Last Answer : . Ormeloxifen

Description : The following is true of raloxifene except: A. It acts as an estrogen agonist in bone B. It exerts estrogen antagonistic action on endometrium C. It increases risk of developing breast cancer D. It can induce/aggravate menopausal hot flushes

Last Answer : C. It has additional androgenic acitivity

Description : Exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products from mother to fetus occurs through diffusion across the: a) chorionic villi (pron: core-e-on-ick villi) b) endometrium c) corpus luteum d) colostrum


Description : Which type of muscle is a syncytium (pron: sin-sish-E-um)? a) skeletal b) cardiac c) smooth d) all of the above

Last Answer : ANSWER: A -- SKELETAL

Description : Growth hormone is released by (A) Somatostatin (B) Growth hormone releasing hormone (C) Prolactin release inhibiting hormone (D) Luteinizing releasing hormone

Last Answer : Answer : B

Description : Select the correct matching of a hormone, its source and function. Hormone Source Function (a) Vasopressin Posterior Increases loss pituitary of water through urine (b) Norepine- Adrenal ... (d) Prolactin Posterior Regulates growth pituitary of mammary glands and milk formation in females

Last Answer : (b) Norepine- Adrenal Increases heart phrine medulla beat, rate of respiration and alterness

Description : 16.5 Octreotide is a long acting synthetic analogue of: A. Prolactin B. Growth hormone C. Somatostatin D. Gonadotropin releasing hormone

Last Answer : D. All of the above

Description : The following hypothalamic regulatory hormone is not a peptide: A. Growth hormone release inhibitory hormone B. Prolactin release inhibitory hormone C. Gonadotropin releasing hormone D. Corticotropin releasing hormone (

Last Answer : B. Prolactin release inhibitory hormone

Description : .Which of these is not an important component of initiation of parturition in humans? (a) Release of oxytocin (b) Release of prolactin (c) Increase in estrogen and progesterone ratio (d) Synthesis of prostaglandins

Last Answer : b) Release of prolactin

Description : Which of the following hormones is not a secretion product of human placenta? (a) Human chorionic gonadotropin (b) Prolactin (c) Estrogen (d) Progesterone

Last Answer : (b) Prolactin

Description : Duodenum has characteristic Brunner’s gland which secrete two hormones called (a) kinase, estrogen (b) secretin, cholecystokinin (c) prolactin, parathormone (d) estradiol, progesterone

Last Answer : (b) secretin, cholecystokinin

Description : Placenta secretes all the hormones except Options: 1) HCG 2) Prolactin 3) Estrogen 4) Human Placental Lactogen

Last Answer : 2) Prolactin

Description : Which is most involved in milk production? A) oxytocin B) progesterone C) prolactin D) estrogen E) calcitonin

Last Answer : C) prolactin

Description : Zidovudine (pron: zi-DOE-vyu-deen), a nucleoside with antiviral activity, is used to delay the onset of this disease. Name the disease. 

Last Answer : ANSWER: AIDS

Description : What is the function of androgen hormone ?

Last Answer : Androgens or androgenic hormones are all natural steroid hormones that work to bind male androgen receptors in vertebrates . It works in the formation of male genitalia and secondary physical features ... addition to natural causes, there is also the use of androgen hormones in medical science.

Description : The hormone measured in urine to test pregnancy is (A) Anterior pituitary luteinizing hormone (B) Androgen (C) Progesterone (D) Choroinic gonadotropin

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Young women are protected against myocardial infaracation because of the activity of (A) Estrogen (B) Progesterone (C) Growth hormone (D) Oxytocin

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : Which hormone stimulates the production of estrogen and progesterone? A) growth hormone B) antidiuretic hormone C) gonadotropic hormones D) thyroid-stimulating hormone E) adrenocorticotropic hormone

Last Answer : C) gonadotropic hormones

Description : On the Phanerozoic (pron: fan-eh-reh-zO-ik) time scale, which of the following geologic periods occurred approximately 500 to 570 million years ago? Is it: w) Cambrian x) Ordovician (pron: ord-eh-vish-en) y) Carboniferous z) Silurian

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- CAMBRIAN

Description : Moth balls contain: w) formalin x) chitin (pron: kite-en) y) formaldehyde z) naphthalene


Description : The pituitary and thyroid glands are components of the: a) endocrine system(pron: EN-do-kren) b) cardiovascular system c) lymphatic system(pron: lim-FAT-ik) d) respiratory system


Description : What is the name of the blood vessels to the legs? a) mesenteric (pron: mez-en-TARE-ik) b) coronary c) renal d) iliac (pron: IL-ee-ak) e) hepatic

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- ILIAC

Description : Glial (pron: glee-el) cells are found in the: a) muscular system b) digestive system c) endocrine system (pron: en-de-kren) d) nervous system


Description : The name of the ductless glands which secrete thei product into the circulatory system are: a) exocrine (pron: ek-seh-kren) b) apocrine (pron: ap-eh-kren) c) holocrine (pron: hoe-leh-kren) d) endocrine (pron: en-deh-kren)

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- ENDOcrine

Description : One-celled algae enclosed in minute two-part silic shells are called: a) dinoflagellates (pron: die-no-flaj-el-ates) b) coelenterates (pron: sell-en-ter-ates) c) annelids d) diatoms

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- DIATOMS 

Description : Effect of prolactin hormone is on

Last Answer : Effect of prolactin hormone is on A. Liver B. Parcreas C. Mammary glands D. Bones

Description : Prolactin release inhibiting hormone is believed to be (A) Serotonin (B) Norepinephrine (C) Dopanine (D) Acetyl choline

Last Answer : Answer : C

Description : Secretion of prolactin is regulated by (A) Feedback inhibition (B) Prolactin releasing hormone (C) Prolactin release inhibiting hormone (D) All of these

Last Answer : Answer : C

Description : A hormone synthesised in the hypothalamus is (A) Melatonin (B) Melanocyte stimulating hormone (C) Vasopressin (D) Prolactin

Last Answer : Answer : C

Description : A hormone secreted from posterior pituitary is (A) Vasopressin (B) Thyrotropic hormone (C) Prolactin (D) Adrenocorticotropic hormone CHAPTER 8 CHAPTER 8 HORMONE METABOLISM ABOLISM

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : “Let down of milk” is initiated by the hormone (a) Prolactin (b) Lactogen (c) Oxytocin (d) Lactopoietin

Last Answer : (c) Oxytocin

Description : Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary hormone known as (a) LH (b) FSH (c) GH (d) prolactin

Last Answer : FSH

Description : Which hormone stimulates the secretion of milk from female? (a) Oxytocin (b) Progesterone (c) LH (d) Prolactin

Last Answer : (d) Prolactin

Description : Which one of the following pairs correctly matches a hormone with a disease resulting from its deficiency ? (a) Relaxin – Gigantism (b) Prolactin – Cretinism (c) Parathyroid hormone – Tetany (d) Insulin – Diabetes insipidus

Last Answer : (c) Parathyroid hormone – Tetany

Description : The 24 hour (diurnal) rhythm of our body such as the sleep-wake cycle is regulated by the hormone (a) calcitonin (b) prolactin (c) adrenaline (d) melatonin.

Last Answer : (d) melatonin.

Description : Which hormone will stimulate the release of milk from the mother's mammary glands when a baby is nursing? A) oxytocin B) prolactin C) ADH D) HGH E) epinephrine

Last Answer : A) oxytocin