The condition in which there is a DECREASE in the number of white blood cells in humans is known as: a) leukocytosis (pron: lew-kO-sigh-toe-sis) b) leukopenia (pron: lew-kO-pea-nee-ah) c) leukemia (pron: lew-kee-me-ah) d) leukohyperia (pron: lew-kO-high-per-e-ah)

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ANSWER: B -- leukopenia

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Description : Gluconeogenesis (pron: glue-ko-nee-o-gen-e-sis) occur in which organ?

Last Answer : ANSWER: LIVER

Description : Bile has what function in digestion? a) emulsify lipids b) digest proteins c) gluconeogenesis (pron: glue-ko-nee-o-gen-e-sis) d) digest carbohydrates


Description : Invagination by a cell membrane forming a vesicle around a solid particle is a: a) lysosome b) phagocytosis (pron: fag-o-sigh-toe-sis) c) pinocytosis (pron: pin-o-sigh-toe-sis) d) peroxisomes (pron: pay-rak-se-som)


Description : The several types of white blood cells are sometime collectively referred to as: a) erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-row-cites) b) leukocytes (pron: lew-kah-cites) c) erythroblasts (pron: eh-rith-rah-blast) d) thrombocytes (pron: throm-bow-cites)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- leukocytes 

Description : The type of gene interaction in which the effects of one gene override or mask the effects of other entirely different genes is called: a) linkage b) mutation c) pleitropy (pron: ply-ah-tropy) d) epistasis (pron: eh-pis-te-sis)

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- EPISTASIS

Description : What is the generic function of leukocytes? What are leukocytosis and leukopenia?

Last Answer : The generic function of leukocytes is to participate in the defense of the body against strange agents that penetrate it or are made inside the body. Leukocytosis and leukopenia are clinical ... marrow diseases) or excessive destruction of leukocytes (for example, in case of HIV infection).

Description : Of the following, which mechanisms are important i the death of erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-reh-sites) in human blood? Is it a) phagocytosis (pron: fag-eh-seh-toe-sis) b) hemolysis c) mechanical damage d) all of the above

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- all of the above

Description : The vesicles formed via the process known as phagocytosis (pron: fag-eh-seh-toe-sis) are called: a) lysosomes (pron: lye-sah-somes: somes rhymes with homes) b) Golgi apparatus c) food vacuoles d) mitochondria (pron: my-toe-chon-dria)


Description : As mitosis (pron: mie-TOE-sis) begins, the structure in the nucleus that disappears is the: a) spindle b) nucleolus (pron: new-klee-O-lus) c) chromatid (pron: KROME-a-tid) d) centromere (pron: SEN-tro-meer)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- NUCLEOLUS

Description : Lengthening of long bones in humans occurs in a particular area of the bone. This area is called the: a) medullary canal b) cancellous bone c) periosteum (pron: per-E-ahs-tee-em) d) epiphysis (pron: eh-pif-eh-sis)

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- Epiphysis

Description : Which of the following terms refers to an abnormal decrease in white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets? a) Pancytopenia Pancytopenia may be congenital or acquired. b) Anemia ... of WBCs in circulation. d) Thrombocytopenia Thrombocytopenia refers to a lower-than-normal platelet count.

Last Answer : a) Pancytopenia Pancytopenia may be congenital or acquired.

Description : When a wound occurs in humans, the platelets in th blood activate a substance which starts the clotting process. The substance which starts the clotting is: a) adenosine (pron: ah-den-ah-seen) b) histamine c) lecithin (pron: less-ah-thin) d) thrombin

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- Thrombin

Description : Which of the following antibacterial substances is known to primarily affect gram-negative bacteria? a) spermine (pron: SPER-meen) b) interferon (pron: in-ter-FEER-en) c) phagocytin (pron: fag-a-SITE-en) d) leukins (pron: LEW-kins)


Description : The patient receiving mitoxantrone (Novantrone) for treatment of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) is closely monitored for a) leukopenia and cardiac toxicity. Mitoxantrone is an ... d) hypoxia. Patients receiving mitoxantrone are closely monitored for leukopenia and cardiac toxicity.

Last Answer : a) leukopenia and cardiac toxicity. Mitoxantrone is an antineoplastic agent used primarily to treat leukemia and lyphoma but is also used to treat secondary progressive MS. Patients need to have ... ordered and the results closely monitored due to the potential for leukopenia and cardiac toxicity.

Description : The hormone causing growth of the endometrium (pron: en-doe-me-tree-um) is: a) androgen (pron: ann-drah-jen) b) leutenizing hormone (pron: lew-ten-I-zing) c) estrogen d) prolactin 

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- estrogen 

Description : The order of insects which includes beetles is known as: a) Coleoptera (pron: kO-lee-op-teh-rah) b) Orthoptera (pron: or-tho-op-teh-rah) c) Hymenoptera (pron: high-meh-nop-teh-rah) d) Diptera (pron: dip-teh-rah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: A -- Coleoptera

Description : Has anyone heard about the amazing superfood, the Acia (pronounced Ah-sigh-ee) berry?

Last Answer : testimonials are always astounding.

Description : Most of the fungi commonly observed are members of this group of fungi, which includes toadstools, mushrooms and puffballs. This group of fungi is known as: a) Phycomycetes (pron: fI-kO-my-seats) b) Ascomycetes ... ) c) Basidomycetes (pron: beh-sid-E-O-my-seats) d) Plyocetes (pron: ply-O-seats)

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- Basidomycetes

Description : Which of the following laws best describes the statement: The members of an homologous (pron: ho-MOL-eh-gus) pair of genes are separated during meiosis (pron: my-O-sis) of reproductive cells so that ... law of independent assortment c) law of filial (pron: FILL-ee-al) generation d) law of sorting


Description : The boiling point of normal paraffinic (pron: pair-ah-FIN-ik) hydrocarbons increases with the number of carbon atoms per molecule. What is the smallest number of carbon atoms a normal paraffinic ... and still be a liquid at room temperature (70-75 degrees Fahrenheit) and 1 atmosphere pressure.

Last Answer : ANSWER: FIVE

Description : Which of the following would help in prevention of diuresis? (a) More water reabsorption due to undersecretion of ADH. (b) Reabsorption of Na+ and water from renal tubules due to ... Atrial natriuretic factor causes vasoconstriction. (d) Decrease in secretion of renin by JG cells. (NEE

Last Answer : (b) Reabsorption of Na+ and water from renal tubules due to aldosterone.

Description : Octopus and squid belong to the class of molluscs known as: a) cephalopoda (pron: sef-eh-lah-pod-ah) b) bivalvia c) gastropoda (pron: gas-tro-pod-ah) d) polyplacophora (pron: poly-pla-so-for-ah) 


Description : In studies of the human body, which of the following terms can also be used when referring to the pituitary gland? I it: a) thymus b) hypophysis (pron: hypo-fi-sis) c) pancreas d) none of the above


Description : The tendency of a plant to grow toward light is called: a) photosynthesis b) photoinduction c) phototropism (pron: fo-tot-row-piz-em) d) photolysis (pron: fo-tol-eh-sis)


Description : Sponges are included in which of the following phyla? a) Cnidaria (pron: nid-air-e-ah) b) Porifera c) Reptilia d) Foraminifera (pron: feh-ram-eh-nif-eh-rah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- PORIFERA 

Description : The disappearance of the dinosaurs also marks the end of which geological era? w) Precambrian x) Cambrian y) Mesozoic (pron: mez-ah-zo-ik) z) Cenozoic (pron: see-nah-zo-ik)

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- MESOZOIC

Description : Which of the following terms is used to describe the appearance of a mineral in transmitted light? Is it: w) diaphaneity (pron: die-ah-fah-na-ah-tee) x) translucence y) opaqueness z) porosity


Description : Which of the following minerals is a source of iro w) Bauxite (pron: box-ite) x) Hematite (pron: he-ma-tite) y) Malachite (pron: mal-ah-kite) z) Galena (pron: ga-lee-nah)

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- HEMATITE

Description : Which of the following is also called "cancer of the blood" -- an uncontrolled, greatly accelerated production of white cells. Is it: a) polycythemia b) leukemia c) sickle-cell anemia d) none of these

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- LEUKEMIA

Description : The lateral earth pressure coefficients of a soil, Ka for active state, Kp for passive state and Ko for at-rest condition, compare as : (a) Ko < Ka < Kp (b) Ka < Ko < Kp (c) Ka < Kp < Ko (d) Kp < Ko < Ka

Last Answer : (b) Ka < Ko < Kp

Description : The chromosomes of a eukaryotic cell are located i the: a) mitochondria (pron: my-toe-kon-dria) b) nucleus c) ribosome d) endoplasma

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- NUCLEUS

Description : Melatonin (pron: mel-eh-toe-nin) is produced by the: a) skin b) pineal gland c) liver d) pituitary gland


Description : From which grandparent or grandparents did you inherit your mitochondria (pron: my-toe-chon-dria)? Is it your: a) mother's parents b) paternal grandfather c) grand mothers d) maternal grandmother

Last Answer : ANSWER: D -- maternal grandmother

Description : Acute pyogenic bacteria infection may result in:** A. Leucopoenia B. Neutropenia C. Leukocytosis D. Lymphocytosis E. Eosinophilia

Last Answer : C. Leukocytosis

Description : Which of the following is a term for mononuclear, granulocytic white blood cells that produce immunoglobulins? a) lymphocytes b) platelets c) erythrocytes (pron: eh-rith-reh-sites) d) none of these


Description : KEE is a product of __________ a) Teknowledge b) IntelliCorpn c) Texas Instruments d) Tech knowledge

Last Answer : b) IntelliCorpn

Description : KEE is a product of ⮚ IntelliCorpn ⮚ Teknowledge ⮚ Texas Instruments ⮚ Tech knowledg

Last Answer : ⮚ IntelliCorpn

Description : Why would someones white blood cell count be up...cancer/leukemia & lupus has been ruled out. White blood cell count seems to be rising slowly.

Last Answer :

Description : If fever is accompanied by ________, drug toxicity is more likely than allergy and is much more serious. a) Granulocytopenia b) Thrombocytopenia c) Histamine d) Leukopenia e) Hypotension

Last Answer : Ans: A

Description : Spontaneous blast reduction after leukemia diagnosis: Is it possible for the blast percentage in the body to decrease after being diagnosed with cancer without any chemotherapy? And if so, what does this mean?

Last Answer : Is this AML or ALL?

Description : A decrease in albumin with increased production of other unidentified proteins which migrate in β, γ region suggests (A) Cirrhosis of liver (B) Nephrotic syndrome (C) Infection (D) Chronic lymphatic leukemia

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : Bovery and Flemming observed mitosis  in animal cells. Then who first observed mito- sis in plant cell?

Last Answer : Strasburger

Description : An important finding in Neimann-Pick disease is (A) Leukopenia (B) Cardiac enlargement (C) Corneal opacity (D) Hepatosplenomegaly

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Would everyone like to help me extend a hearty "NEE!" at our newest 10k club member?

Last Answer : Let me be the first in what is sure to be a happening thread to say, Congratulations to one rockin’ jelly!

Description : Which cell count tends to be elevated when an individual has an allergy or parasitic worms? a) red blood cells b) erythrocyte c) eosinophil (pron: e-o-sin-o-fill) d) platelet

Last Answer : ANSWER: C -- eosinophil

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Last Answer : The system could work well because the road surface is black.Suggest why.

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Last Answer : Sadly, Medicare will not pay for adult diapers unless you are being treated in a facility, such as a hospital.

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