Who is accredited in the history of modern chemistry of proving that neutrons existed?

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Last Answer : Anthony Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry.

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Last Answer : (3) Lavoisier Explanation: Antoine Lavoisier is considered the father of modern chemistry. He was a French nobleman who recognized and named oxygen and isolated the major components of air.

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Last Answer : (2) Lavoisier Explanation: Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman and chemist central to the 18thcentury chemical revolution and a large influence on both the history of chemistry and the history of biology.

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Last Answer : c. Proving

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Last Answer : The science related to the composition , structure , religion and interactions of chemistry. The history of chemistry is a very big subject. It is one of the ancient and major sciences. It can ... the discovery of the method of turning metal into gold , which was perfected by Lavoisier , Mendeleev.

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Last Answer : Lavoisier is said to be the father of modern chemistry.

Last Answer : The father of modern chemistry: Anthony Laurent Lavoisier.

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Last Answer : Alchemy was responsible for much of our knowledge of substancesand their behaviour. Like many human endeavours, though, it washampered in its progression until the application of the scientificmethod ... of the realms of philosophy, and replacedpre-conceived ideas with interpretations based on fact.

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Last Answer : A chemical reaction is caused by two compounds colliding. Thishappen with certain amount of force.

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Last Answer : Antoine Lavoisier

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