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You have to understand that a microcontroller is chip enabled in it with a microprocessor.This microprocessor is the one that is programmed by writing a set of instruction( code) in it.The microcontroller is then able to function as required by the user.

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Description : ______________ is the smallest microcontrollers which can be programmed to perform a large range of tasks. A. PIC microcontrollers B. ARM microcontrollers C. AVR microcontrollers D. ASIC microcontrollers

Last Answer : A. PIC microcontrollers 

Description : Can I use Arduino with other microcontrollers?

Last Answer : Yes, Arduino can be used with other microcontrollers by interfacing them together through various communication protocols, such as I2C or SPI, or by using appropriate software and hardware interfaces.

Description : Can Arduino communicate with other microcontrollers?

Last Answer : Yes, Arduino can communicate with other microcontrollers using communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, or UART.

Description : What is the output of the following code AL=00110101 BL= 39H M. Krishna Kumar/IISc. Bangalore M2/V1/June 04/1 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers/Assembly language of 8086 Multiple Choice Questions SUB AL, BL AAS ... , CF=1 b) BL=00000100, CF=0 c) AL=11111100 CF=1 d) BL= 00000100, CF=1

Last Answer : b) BL=00000100, CF=0

Description : How many synchronous and asynchronous modes are there in serial port of 8096? M. Krishna Kumar/IISc. Bangalore M5/V1/June 04/1 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers/ Multiple Choice Questions Architecture of Micro ... 2, 2 respectively b) 3,1 respectively c) 1, 3 respectively d) 1, 2 respectively

Last Answer : c) 1, 3 respectively

Description : In microcontrollers, I2C stands for A. Inter-Integrated Clock B. Initial-Integrated Clock C. Intel-Integrated Circuit D. Inter-Integrated Circuit

Last Answer : D. Inter-Integrated Circuit 

Description : In microcontrollers, UART is acronym of_____ A. Universal Applied Receiver/Transmitter B. Universal Asynchronous Rectified Transmitter C. Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter D. United Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter

Last Answer : C. Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter 

Description : Compare features of PIC and AVR microcontrollers

Last Answer : Parameters PIC AVR Bus width 8/16/32-bit 8/32-bit Communication Protocols UART, USART, LIN, CAN, Ethernet, SPI, I2C UART, USART, SPI, I2C, (special ... Average Atmel Popular Microcontrollers PIC18fXX8, PIC16f88X, PIC32MXX Atmega8, 16, 32, Arduino Community

Description : Microcontrollers often have  A) CPUs B) RAM  C) ROM  D) all of the above

Last Answer : Microcontrollers often have   CPUs, RAM, ROM.

Description : How should auto-pilot in cars and other systems be programmed to answer ethics problems?

Last Answer : For now, at least, I think the car should switch back to manual control so that the human operator has to make the decision (thereby avoiding all the complicated questions regarding automation until ... been enough time to work out the moral and legal ramifications of the other various options).

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Last Answer : I’m not yet convinced that a majority of humans is conscious.

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Description : If you could have any voice programmed into your sat nav whose would you have?

Last Answer : Milo here; Gail. Her voice is modulated and clear, and now that I think of it, one of her better features.

Description : Who are developers who programmed Jango.com ?

Last Answer : Did you ask Jango? [email protected]

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Description : What is Programmed Cell Death (PCD)? -Biology

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Description : According to which theory is the given statement correct ? Statement. B and T cells having receptors for self antigens, undergo programmed cell death

Last Answer : According to which theory is the given statement correct ? Statement. B and T cells having ... C. Wear and tear throry D. Immunological theory

Description : What are the special keys programmed to issue commands to the computer?

Last Answer : Function key

Description : When did Bill Gates sell a computer that he had built and programmed to Seattle to allow them to count their city traffic.?

Last Answer : Gates developed "Traf-o-Data" with partner Paul Allen, earning $20,000 for their work. Gates was only 15 at the time.

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Description : i need a second remote programmed to my 98 dodge durango it is the same exact remote as the one i already have is it possible to do this?

Last Answer : Unless your owners manual has instructions (highly unlikely) you will most likely have to visit a Chrysler/Dodge dealership or a locksmith who has the appropriate diagnostic tools to pair the car with the remote.

Description : Can this be programmed to make coffee at a certain time?

Last Answer : Yes, the Senseo coffee machine includes a programmable timer, which will allow you to set your coffee for a specific time.

Description : The first computers were programmed using _____ 1) Assembly language 2) Machine language 3) Source code 4) Object code 5) Spaghetti code

Last Answer : Answer :2

Description : The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured A) ROM B) RAM C) PROM D) EPROM

Last Answer : Answer : C

Description : If the control signals are generated by combinational logic, then they are generated by a type of _______________ controlled unit. a) Micro programmed b) Software c) Logic d) Hardwired

Last Answer : Answer: d Explanation: The main task of a control unit is to generate control signals. There are two main types of control units: A hardwired control unit generates control ... combinational logic circuits and the Micro programmed control unit generates control signals by using some softwares

Description : The ______ can be programmed one time either the manufacturer or the computer user.Once programmed it cannot be modified. A. PROM B. EPROM C. RAM D. ROM

Last Answer : D. ROM

Description : Which of the following is the user programmed semiconductor memory? A. SRAM B. DRAM C. EPROM D. None of the Above

Last Answer : C. EPROM

Description : The 'E/P converter' shown in the illustration receives a _____________. EL-0096 A. steady pressure signal and produces a programmed electrical output B. variable electrical signal ... an inverse temperature correction D. variable pressure signal and produces a corresponding electrical output

Last Answer : Answer: B

Description : The 'function generator' of the control circuit illustrated _______________. EL-0095 A. can be programmed to produce a non-linear output for a linear input depending on operating conditions B. is used for ... which or how many engines are needed for a required vessel speed D. all of the above

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : Which of the basic parts of a robot unit would include the computer circuitry that could be programmed to determine what the robot would do? a) sensor b) controller c) arm d) end effector

Last Answer : b) controller

Description : The CAI (Computer-Assisted Instruction) technique based on programmed instruction is __________ a) frame-based CAI b) generative CAI c) problem-solving CAI d) intelligent CAI

Last Answer : a) frame-based CAI

Description : Which of the basic parts of a robot unit would include the computer circuitry that could be programmed to determine what the robot would do? A : Sensor B : Controller C : Arm D : End effector

Last Answer : B : Controller

Description : Compared to hardware, firmware is _ __to design micro programmed organization: a. Difficult b. Easier c. Both a& b d. None of these

Last Answer : b. Easier

Description : The first computers were programmed using: a) Machine Language b) Source Code c) Assembly Language d) None of These

Last Answer : a) Machine Language

Description : Which of the following is true? 1) Plotters are not available for microcomputer systems 2) Micro-computer are not programmed like conventional computers 3) Mini-computers are task-oriented 4) The contents of ROM are easily changed

Last Answer : 3) Mini-computers are task-oriented

Description : Software computer can not be used (a) For demonstration (b) For reading and writing (c) As a systematic programmed learning techniques (d) As a machine for evaluating students progress

Last Answer : (c) As a systematic programmed learning techniques

Description : The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured a. POM b. RAM c. PROM d. EPROM

Last Answer : a. POM

Description : Differentiate Programmed I/O and Interrupt I/O?

Last Answer : Interrupt I/O is more efficient than Programmed I/O because it eliminates needless waiting However Interrupt I/O consumes a lot of processors time

Description : The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured a. POM b. RAM c. PROM d. EPROM

Last Answer : a. POM

Description : Which of the following see(s) the product, in a commodity market as very important and demand the deepest discount and the highest service? A. Bargain hunters B. Programmed buyers C. Relationship buyers D. Transaction buyers E. Gatekeepers.

Last Answer : A. Bargain hunters

Description : Decisions which are non-repetitive and novel nature and required to solve unstructured problem is called as ___________. A. Programmed decisions. B. Non -programmed decisions. C. Routine decisions. D. Strategic decisions.

Last Answer : B. Non -programmed decisions.

Description : Which type of decision making is carried out by lower level management and deals with specific dayto-day processes? (a) Programmed decision making ; (b) Operational decision making ; (c) Administrative decision making ; (d) Mid-level decision making 

Last Answer : (b) Operational decision making ;

Description : Select the incorrect statement. Harrison and Pelletier argued that managers should learn to avoid ... (a) Treating decisions with uncertain outcomes as though they had predictable results (b) ... and non-routine decisions. (d) Treating ad-hoc decisions as though they were everyday occurrences

Last Answer : (c) Mixing routine and non-routine decisions. 

Description : Which of the following best expresses the difference between programmed and non-programmed decisions? (a) Occur under certainty or risk; occur under uncertainty or ambiguity (b) Made by managers ... rules cannot be developed (d) Have computer routines developed for them; are not computerized

Last Answer : (c) Handled with decision rules; decision rules cannot be developed 

Description : As a manager moves to higher positions in an organisation the ability to make ______ becomes ______ important. (a) Non-programmed; more ; (b) Programmed; more ; (c) Non-programmed; less (d) Programmed; much more

Last Answer : (a) Non-programmed; more ;

Description : A solution to a problem that is arrived at through an unstructured process of decision making is called a………….. (a) Bounded rationality ; (b) Non-programmed decision ; (c) Programmed decision ; (d) Uncertainty

Last Answer : (c) Programmed decision ;

Description : A manager who is helping a customer return some shoes they purchased last week is dealing with what type of decision? (a) Non-programmed decision ; (b) Uncertainty ; (c) Bounded rationality ; (d) Programmed decision

Last Answer : (d) Programmed decision