How do I stop peeling?

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Answer :

Aloe Vera

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Description : Once you get the scab on your ringworm sore after using apple cider vinegar do you let it stay or keep peeling it off?

Last Answer : I’ve never gotten a scab on ringworm (granted, I’ve only had it twice).

Description : Why is the skin on the inside of my cheek peeling?

Last Answer : answer:Jerome Bogin, D.D.S. “It sounds like the mucosa is sloughing for some reason. This can happen when the tissue becomes excessively dry or something is irritating the tissue. It doesn’t sound serious but a consult with an oral surgeon would be a good idea.” Source

Description : How do i get my nose to stop peeling.

Last Answer : Stay out of the sun and use lots of lotion on it.

Description : Hello, my almost life addiction is that if I get a scab somewhere, either it is from a pimple. or abrasions I have to peel it off immediately, and when a new scab is made there, I peel it off again, ... with, but allergic to those here ... I can't do it until infinite. Thank you for the quick reply.

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : Why does the garlic peeling method work when the chef is doing it? See detail.

Last Answer : Practice, Practice, Practice. I just press down on the separate segments with the flat of a knife to slightly crush it. I also like this trick here

Description : What is the medical term for the fetish of slowly peeling protective film off of new products?

Last Answer : There isn’t one. The world is full of things for which we have not invented words.

Description : Is there a really good, moisturizing lip scrub to fix chapped and peeling lips?

Last Answer : The best and cheapest: tonight put Vaseline on your lips when you go to sleep. Do it two days in a row, and I'm betting your lips feel significantly better. During the day always wear lipstick or ... they still make it. It was expensive, and honestly, the Vaseline is just as good for super cheap.

Description : Any idea why my dog's dew claws are "peeling"?

Last Answer : It's fairly normal for dewclaw nails to peel. Since they don't touch the ground and get worn down like the rest of the claws, the layers tend to build up more than normal (it's just layers of ... regularly - in severe cases, we've actually seen the nail grow all the way around and into the pad.

Description : What is the white stuff that gets on your hands after peeling an orange?

Last Answer : It is the bitter pith between the peel and the orange sections.

Description : I just got braces, and now my gum is peeling off... O.O?

Last Answer : Did it blister and the top layer of skin is coming off (like when you burn the top of your mouth and it pops and there’s some loose skin) or does it seem more serious?

Description : Should I have the peeling paint in my kitchen cabinets (in my 1920's vintage apt. building) checked for lead?

Last Answer : I would think so, I’m more concerned with how jealous I am of your building.

Description : How do you avoid peeling after a sunburn?

Last Answer : Take lots of cold baths. Yet, don't forget that peeling is your bodies way of getting rid of damaged cells, you don't want to get rid of the peeling itself. Use cooling gel to warm the sunburned ... lotions and creams to help cool the area. Avoid fatty creams, they make it harder to heal the skin.

Description : What do you think of peeling craft glue off your fingers?

Last Answer : If I glued something and there’s glue on my fingers, I just peel it off. I never even considered it might be considered gross :P

Description : Do you think peeling labels off beer bottles says something about a person?

Last Answer : other than maybe a nervous habit, inability to concentrate… not really.

Description : Will Apple replace the "casing" of my Macbook Pro? The paint on the wrist pad/keyboard is peeling.

Last Answer : they could but u would have to pay

Description : How would you react if you witnessed someone peeling their skin with a carrot/potato peeler?

Last Answer : I’d tackle them or take the object their hurting themselves with and call 911 for EMS and maybe try to restrain them if they’re hellbent on self harm until police and ambulance arrives so he can be taken to a psychiatric ward. Situations vary

Description : Why is the bark peeling off my crepe myrtle tree /It is blooming and the leaves look fine as far as i can tell

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Description : Why is the bark on my birch tree at my new house all broken up and peeling?

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Description : beet are yellow after peeling?

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Description : maple tree with peeling bark and fungs on south west side

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Description : what treatment is used for crepe myrtle bark peeling off of trunk

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Description : why is my apricot tree peeling

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Description : Or just wash?

Last Answer : How to ... For example, there is a scratch on the quill (peeling is a pity). I'll just brush them into French potatoes.

Description : Don't know about a trick? I probably have a lot of fresh eggs and they can't be peeled at all.

Last Answer : depending on what you need it for, if only for a spread and the like, I will cut it in half with a knife and dig out the inside with a spoon, I usually have two halves in total (a few years of experience), so you can use it differently ...

Description : Is peeling treatment good for skin?

Last Answer : Absolutely yes! But, it must be a chemical peeling... what I mean is a chemical solution must be used to dry out the skin and exfoliate then removes the dead skin cells. Thus, making way for ... . Also, this treatment improves the skin's appearance and it also helps in making it even in texture.

Description : Is peeling good for the skin?

Last Answer : Chemical peels reduce skin damage, making the skin appear more youthful or unblemished. A dermatologist will recommend the best chemical peel for a person based on their concerns and skin type. Superficial peels are the most suitable for all skin types.

Description : Peeling of ozone umbrella, which protects us from UV rays, is caused by:

Last Answer : Peeling of ozone umbrella, which protects us from UV rays, is caused by: A. CFCs B. PAN C. `CO_(2)` D. coal burning

Description : What is the breaking or peeling away of rock in layers?

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Description : Should we eat apples without peeling?

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Description : Is peeling an orange a chemical reaction?

Last Answer : This is a physical action.

Description : Why is my foot still swollen and peeling after surgery of 1 week. I had a fractured ankle and fibula tibia?

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Description : The peeling of fruits and vegetables is known as

Last Answer : Ans. Lye peeling

Description : Pediculosis means: A. Inflammatory condition of the skin. B. Infestation with lice C. Irritated and peeling feet.

Last Answer : Ans: B

Description : Which one of the following pairs is mismatched? a. TSS-skin peeling b. Gonorrhea-urethritis c. Leprosy-liver damage d. Cat scratch fever-swollen lymph nodes

Last Answer : c. Leprosy-liver damage

Description : The process of making the back ground rough, before plastering, is (A) Dubbing (B) Hacking (C) Blistering (D) Peeling

Last Answer : Answer: Option B

Description : The process of filling hollow spaces of walls before plastering, is known (A) Hacking (B) Dubbing out (C) Blistering (D) Peeling

Last Answer : Option B

Description : Abrasion, cutting, and peeling are examples of what type of protective material removal?

Last Answer : Mechanical.

Description : In some food processing plants, ____ peeling is used to remove skins from soft fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes. a. hand c. boiled b. machine d. caustic

Last Answer : d. caustic