New Home Delivery Concept. Is it feasible?

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My latest status says that I’m thirsty. What would you charge to deliver a tall, icy glass of water to my bedside?

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Last Answer : When times are bad in a business, some times the owners will take out no pay for a while.

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Last Answer : answer:Welcome to Fluther. Ho w about: Spirited Delivery Libations Express Potables Pour Le Manse

Description : In which of the following cases, the unpaid seller loses his right of lien? a) delivery of goods to buyer b)delivery of goods to carrier c) tender of price by buyer d) all of these

Last Answer : c) tender of price by buyer

Description : where the goods are delivered to a carrier or wharfinger for the purpose of transmission to the buyer, the delivery is a) invalid delivery b)valid and effective c) conditional d)none of this

Last Answer : b)valid and effective

Description : An auction sale is complete on the a) fall of hammer b)delivery of goods c) payment of price d)both (b) and (c)

Last Answer : a) fall of hammer

Description : Delivering the keys of a godown in which goods sold are stored amounts to a) delivery by attornment b)symbolic delivery c) actual delivery d)none of these

Last Answer : b)symbolic delivery

Description : which of the following modes of delivery of goods is considered effective for a valid contract of sale? a) constructive delivery b)symbolic delivery c) actual delivery d)all of this

Last Answer : c) actual delivery

Description : What is your take on the concept of "extreme" profits?

Last Answer : Personally I think that people should be disproportionally rewarded for kicking ass in business, that and the fact that with the trillions that are being thrown around Washington make it seem like chump change. As long as you earn it through business and without coercion I don’t see the problem.

Description : Under which philosophy of marketing, efforts are made to bring down the cost of production to the minimum? a. Production Concept b. Product Concept c. Marketing concept d. Selling Concept

Last Answer : a. Production Concept

Description : Mr. Dutta owns a Textile Company and he has a tie up with Advertising Agencies ABC ltd. and ABC advertises Mr. Dutta’s Companies’ Products. Identify the concept. a. Delegation b. De Centralization c. Out sourcing d. Division of work

Last Answer : c. Out sourcing

Description : Why the concept of ‘Innovation’ is required in the business? a. To get first mover advantage b. Utmost Consumer Satisfaction c. To acquire larger market share d. All of the above

Last Answer : d. All of the above

Description : One concept of culture determines the ___ of people. A. experience. B. ethics. C. education. D. wealth.

Last Answer : B. ethics.

Description : The subnet gets increasingly loaded with packets causing increase in delay in the delivery of packets, which can lead to more retransmission, and ultimately increasing more and more traffic. This is a concept called as _________ A. blockage B. Traffic jam. C. Congestion D. both a and b

Last Answer : C. Congestion

Description : A key concept of quality control is that all work products (A) are delivered on time and under budget (B) have complete documentation (C) have measurable specification for process outputs (D) are thoroughly tested before delivery to the customer

Last Answer : (C) have measurable specification for process outputs

Description : A research problem is feasible only when: (A) it has utility and relevance (B) it is researchable (C) it is new and adds something to knowledge (D) all the above

Last Answer : (D) all the above

Description : Can someone recommend a high quality laminator for use by home business?

Last Answer : answer:Coda Cold Mount. In business for decades with a solution for every type of mounting. Very robust machines. I dealing with ink jet, you want cold mount. Heat mount is troublesome for many ink jet ... over thirty years. The Coda's are pricey. But you asked for high quality. They make the best.

Description : Do you have a successful Home Business?

Last Answer : I have a good business, just need a phone, so I don’t have to be at home as long as I have my cell phone. it makes about $3,000/Mo

Description : Are there any legit work-at-home jobs?

Last Answer : answer:Do you know your neighbors? I've made thousands mowing lawns in my neighborhood, public businesses, and churches. A lawnmower is $200 - $500, but you'll get much more income than your ... January are the best times for the offers since homeowners will be planning for their lawn next year.

Description : Can I claim my home office on my taxes?

Last Answer : I am not an accountant, however: Your business expenses as an independent contractor are generally deductible on a 1040 Schedule C-and the instructions for that specifically call out how to calculate ... lot less calculating. When I was an independent contractor, I generally was filing that one.

Description : Can I file a business licence for my HOME business?

Last Answer : I don't know where you live but here in california you go to city hall and apply for a business license. It's about 70.00 if I remember right. If your name is not in your business then you ... an ad in a local newspaper stating who you are and the name of your business. It's really pretty simple.

Description : Should I claim a home business?

Last Answer : Not if you made less than $600. You don’t have to declare that, as far as I know. But, I’m not the IRS.

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Last Answer : I’m safe. Here, they’re predicting unusual oceanic currents, riptides, etc. They’re not expecting a tsunami. I think that threat has passed already. They’re telling people to stay out of the water because of odd tides and currents.

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Last Answer : Not in 95* F to 105* F North Carolina summers. Pacific Northwest maybe a much better place for mosses instead of lawns.

Description : Is this storage idea feasible? (Details inside).

Last Answer : Move the furniture closer to the center of thebroom and put shelves behind

Description : Would this approach to universal health care be feasible?

Last Answer : answer:I believe the concern would be that your listed items that are covered would be 90+ percent of the total costs of healthcare. The only things I see that would be a major category and not ... 100% at that point. not knocking your ideas, just giving an idea of what the knocks would be

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Last Answer : answer:Not that good a pet as they all like to escape. , not just Inky. Animals that enjoy living and being cared for by humans make good pets. Octopuses don’t seem to enjoy it at all.

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Description : A question for Computer Scientists: How feasible is an "offensive firewall"?

Last Answer : answer:Very feasible, you can fire off just about anything you want with existing firewalls and software for whatever conditions you want to look for. But it has the same risk/reward as any attack. You don’t get a pass for attacking a government network because they probed your network first.

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Last Answer : answer:Less power results in more power. Why didn’t I think of that?

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Last Answer : answer:I will make the assumption you are interested in the charged portion of the electrostatically charged metal pellets in your question. We already know how to fire metal pellets ... can include: no-op, unpredictable and uncontrollable, and total destruction. Wear your safety glasses.

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Last Answer : I don't know how you could ask that without thinking that maybe piracy would be an issue. I know for a fact that there are lots of outlets (e.g. illegal download websites) that either ... be honest. Good idea but the implications on the gaming industry would probably be more negative than positive.

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Last Answer : answer:Yes, it is being done now. It is legally acceptable and is also morally acceptable. My friend has a diamond of her mom. She cherishes it.

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Last Answer : No tech background? You will be a mice in a field gathering seeds, while the harvesters are racking in the crop. It's not something to just think about. Like anything, you should have passion for ... just another tool in the field, probably having to work as an intern to a well established company.

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Last Answer : You’d have to be REALLY clear about the terms of agreements. Maybe go so far as to have written contracts. But other than that, I don’t see why you couldn’t figure out a barter and mutual aid network sort of deal.

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Last Answer : I don’t suggest it. They will give you the cold shoulder for the rest of your life.

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Description : Which one of the following reaction of xenon compounds is not Feasible?

Last Answer : Which one of the following reaction of xenon compounds is not Feasible? A. `XeO_(3)+HF rarr XeF_(6)+H_(2)O` ... XeF_(6)+RbF rarr Rb^(+)[XeF_(7)]^(-)`

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Last Answer : It is 18.

Description : How feasible is solar power generation?

Last Answer : Solar power generation is hard to get with a preexisting home for a low cost. Solar panels are possible, but they are expensive. A passive solar home uses the sun's energy both in winter and summer to heat or cool the house.

Description : This characteristic often draws the line between what is feasible and what is impossible. a) Performance b) System Evaluation c) Modularity d) Reliability

Last Answer : Answer: a Explanation: Algorithms help us to understand scalability. Performance often draws the line between what is feasible and what is impossible