What are some things that feel outdated and need to be updated to 2022?

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Answer :

Probably starting wars over a grudge

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Description : Why do some females perpetuate outdated stereotypes by acting as if they're helpless if a male is nearby?

Last Answer : (Some) bitches be crazy.

Description : What are some common sayings that are very outdated?

Last Answer : answer:If you cannot understand my argument, and declare ``It's Greek to me'', you are quoting Shakespeare; if you claim to be more sinned against than sinning, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you recall your ... ! But me no buts! - it is all one to me, for you are quoting Shakespeare. Bernard Levin

Description : Besides jumping out of an airplane with them, what else can I do with two, outdated MC-4 Parachute Canopy units?

Last Answer : Sell them on eBay.

Description : Do you think the term “black” will be an outdated way to refer to African-Americans in the near future?

Last Answer : I don't know and I don't care. Most of them don't even have 1% African in them, after generations of being born in America. If they are people from Africa, then yeah, I'd call them African ... IMO, calling someone black is the same as saying Asain. It's a describing word and it's not offensive.

Description : What expression do you think should replace this outdated one?

Last Answer : Ass backwards

Description : How long do you keep your laptops, netbooks and computers for before replacing them, either because they got slow, got broken or became outdated?

Last Answer : Different issues and assuming regular use… Notebooks and laptops eventually become victims of their own heat generation. Two or three years of regular use and they are cooked. Work stations might make it 6 or more years. A server about five years. My experience anyway.

Description : What's something cool to do with outdated soda pop?

Last Answer : Go out walking around and when you pass someone shake up a can and open it pointed in their direction. OOPS…so sorry!. lol

Description : Why can my outdated laptop run swtor but not wow?

Last Answer : Also Windows Vista.

Description : How can I punish a grocer for selling outdated pork products?

Last Answer : The best way to get back at them is to write a letter to your local newspaper and/or post on their Facebook page what has happened. No store wants this information publicized.

Description : Will an "outdated" round thermostat work with a new air conditioner?

Last Answer : answer:Get into a time machine and return to the past. You need someone (electrician, guy who installed the AC) to explain how to use the thermostats. There is probably useful info in ... a galaxy. And Egyptians probably feel equally put upon when they buy appliances with instructions in English.)

Description : Do I have outdated notions of truth and integrity?

Last Answer : This doesn’t sound like it has much to do with truth and integrity. Sounds to me like you’re controlling and irritable. Sorry.

Description : Women's slips? Do we wear them anymore? Or is it outdated?

Last Answer : I’d wear em if I could find the dern things. Slips may have disappeared, but static cling hasn’t.

Description : Can taking pain medication outdated 2-3 years make you ill?

Last Answer : answer:More likely it won’t be very effective than make you sick. But, if it made you sick, sounds like not a good idea. Is his dose maybe much higher than the dose you were on? That drug is pretty strong and addictive. Have you seen a pain specialist? Or, only an orthopedist?

Description : What do you do with your outdated technology?

Last Answer : tear it up for parts.

Description : Which "faux pas" do you think are outdated? Which are still important?

Last Answer : answer:I have never understood why people want to hide their age. Here is some of the etiquette that matter to me: - knowing how to hold a fork and knife properly - how to set a table - firm ... winter white with white. I have a fantastic white winter coat, but the fabric is clearly for the winter.

Description : Is theism outdated?

Last Answer : Not at all. I fall into the the deist/theist category in terms of my beliefs. Not outdated at all, in my opinion.

Description : What happens to milk that is outdated?

Last Answer : Chucked into the trash.

Description : Do you think innovation is an outdated concept?

Last Answer : Of course not. However, I see innovation routinely discouraged by an antiquated bureaucracy which rarely rewards “colorful” thinking.

Description : Are terms like 'mankind' and 'the brotherhood of man' outdated?

Last Answer : Slightly more than 50%.

Description : What website do you think is extremely outdated and needs a makeover?

Last Answer : Two examples for me are: IMDB and The Weather Channel

Description : Am I the only one using an "outdated" browser?

Last Answer : A lot of people swear by FireFox, from www.mozilla.org. Why not try it and see? It’s a free download, and if you don’t like it you can always go back to IE7 or upgrade to IE8. Make sure you take advantage of the many plug-ins and add-ons.

Description : Why do I willingly buy Apple products when I know they will just be outdated in a month?

Last Answer : Beware the Apple boneage.!

Description : Redesigning outdated logos?

Last Answer : If you do want to redesign that logo, look at their material. They have a surprising amount to say about that logo, both on the blog and in the book Search.

Description : in an era where vine is now considered an outdated media, what’s a vine that still never fails to make you laugh?

Last Answer : Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does.

Description : What outdated advice is no longer applicable today?

Last Answer : Work hard and become a success.

Description : What LPT is now outdated due to changes over time?

Last Answer : Clean your horse buggy every week

Description : Ms Samtha has many electronics gadgets which are not usable due to outdated hardware and software. Help her to find any three best ways -Technology

Last Answer : 1. Give Your Electronic Waste to a Certified E-Waste Recycler2. Donating Your Outdated Technology3. Give Back to Your Electronic Companies and Drop Off Points.

Description : What hosting services are the best in 2021 and will not be outdated?

Last Answer : There are quite a few hosting services out there, the best one with the best price is yazing. com / deals / bluehost / ivan1335, this link will give you a discount coupon. (you just need to remove the space between yazing. com)

Description : Is DSL internet becoming outdated?

Last Answer : Slowly, but yes DSL internet is decreasing amongst consumers. Consequentially, DSL internet is becoming outdated due to the increases in speed for broadband internet.

Description : If I buy a new computer today, how soon will the hardware be outdated?

Last Answer : For general purpose use, such as web browsing, email, and casual games, a computer should not need to be replaced for four or five years. In addition, certain components like a video card and monitor can be individually replaced/upgraded (if so desired), rather than buying a whole new computer.

Description : Is the HP m417 camera outdated?

Last Answer : It's newer than my Canon Power Shot that uses Compact Flash memory and is powered by AA batteries, but I still use it since it still works and you can still get Compact Flash cards at camera stores and websites.

Description : Give reason: Use of steam engines for transport vehicles is outdated today.

Last Answer : Use of steam engines for transport vehicles is outdated today because they have low efficiency.

Description : Use of radio for higher education is based on the presumption of: (A) Enriching curriculum based instruction (B) Replacing teacher in the long run (C) Everybody having access to a radio set (D) Other means of instruction getting outdated

Last Answer : Answer: A Intrapersonal communication made some argue that this definition is too narrow but to some extent it is also communication since there is an exchange of message within oneself. Intrapersonal ... mind of the individual in a model which contains a sender, receiver, and feedback loop.

Description : Are there any specific privacy issues that I need to know about with the recently updated Facebook?

Last Answer : You can still limit your status updates, pictures, and such to only being visible to your friends, but you cannot control who sees when you post on someone else's wall. You control who can see ... it, message the person instead of posting on their wall. Messages are private, while walls are public.

Description : I updated my driver for my Lexmark X5470 All-In-One from their website, and now I get a error message saying "IM32FAX.DIL not found" What is going on with this? I need help.

Last Answer : I wish I could help you but my HP printer does not work and I am getting an error message saying the printer cartridges are not the correct ones, but they are indeed the right ones and it worked just fine ... is some sort of plot to get us to buy new printers, do you? PS: Welcome to ask-public!

Description : How often does the streetpilot 2820 need to be updated?

Last Answer : There is not a specific period that the streetpilot 2820 needs to be updated. Rather, it's best to update it periodically so that you can add maps whenever roads have been updated around your area.

Description : Why would you need to update your database program after you've updated the operating system?

Last Answer : To make sure the program is still compatible with the operating system

Description : What are some noticeable ways that 2015-2019 has differed from 2020-2022 in your life?

Last Answer : The lack of COVID-19 was a big one.

Description : How could I get my hands on $10 worth of brand new 2022 pennies?

Last Answer : The bank should be the go-to place. When I was doing an internship at a computer-shop, that is where they sent me to get rolls of coins for the till

Description : The Ghislaine Maxwell jury as been deliberating now for six days. Probably no verdict before 2022. Do long jury deliberations tend to go in favor of finding guilt, or finding innocence?

Last Answer : Any good court attorney knows you can never second guess a jury.

Description : What have you achieved in the first months of 2022, that you are happy/proud about?

Last Answer : [deleted]

Description : Was the decision to give the 2022 world cup to Qatar biased?

Last Answer : I guess they had the biggest bribe budget.

Description : What did you think of the 2022 halftime show?

Last Answer : I loved it, all the songs I grew up with, it wasn’t over flashy and the set felt more like watching a neighborhood than just a stage. I would have liked it to be longer. It was great to see hip hop representation and while it may not be everyones cup of tea, I think it was incredible! Loved it!!

Description : Who was the blonde woman with the kid at super bowl 2022?!

Last Answer : kelly stafford

Description : What will you do in 2022 that will positively affect your life forever?

Last Answer : Come out to my parents

Description : What do you think about Android vs iOS in 2022 ?

Last Answer : I use android because it has more features. Sometimes very simple things are iOS are just not possible or incredibly cumbersome. Even something like downloading the photos in a shared Google drive link is so hard ... like how do you need to press 2 buttons to turn a phone off? How is that intuitive.

Description : What is the most annoying thing about society/people in 2022?

Last Answer : The rise of authoritarianism and many seem so supportive of it.

Description : How's 2022 going for you so far ?

Last Answer : Not good, but better than 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Description : Should Chic-Fil-a administer the 2022 elections? Why or Why not?

Last Answer : [deleted]

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Last Answer : Nobody reads blogs anymore. Wtf year is it? 2008?