What’s something scary that happened to you but you were too young to understand?

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Last Answer : Mine finish :O I always wake up in tears!

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Last Answer : answer:Attention! [Serious] Tag Notice Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. Parent comments that aren't from the target group will be ... performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

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Last Answer : Did you try putting it on your own head?

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Last Answer : Following whilst I think and ponder.

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Last Answer : answer:I haven't followed Strasburg this year. This kind of pitch limitation strategy has been evolving for quite a few years now in MLB with nearly all pitchers. Most starting pitchers nowadays ... who can trick batters with sinkers, wicked curves and pinpoint placement anywhere around the plate.

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Last Answer : My dad told me that when I get to heaven I will see all my dogs that passed away before me. That was enough to convince me that heaven is a good place! Edit: Forgot to say, the reason this ... daughter is going through is a phase as I went through a very similar thing when I was a young child.

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Last Answer : C. Film should never be held by the dentist

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Last Answer : What I didn't realize as a child is how much better off you are as a child. I always thought everything would be better after I got older. I didn't realize how scary it would be when you no ... whole lot about your welfare. On the plus side, you don't have to ask for permission to buy candy.

Description : Can anyone remember a ghost story (or other scary story) that terrified you as a child, but now seems rather ho-hum?

Last Answer : I once watched a film based on a story by Algernon Blackwood about a man becoming trapped in a painting. This kind of supernatural malevolence fascinated and terrified me. Almost everything supernatural is now ho-hum and I miss the excitement of believing that it might be real.

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Last Answer : you say ‘you have 30 days to get out’ simple.

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Last Answer : Well.. you can never know for sure… as long as he isn’t physically abusive, because everyone can have anger issues. He could work it out, tell him about how scary he is during when he lashes out, and maybe he could change.

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Last Answer : Besides Keiser, Florida National College offers Radiology Technology training programs. They are in Hialeah, Florida. 4425 W. 20th Ave.

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Last Answer : You could probably use a small LED light and a print out, to make something like this.

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Last Answer : answer:Yes it scary. But not because the US is constantly interfering in other countries. Its scary because people are threatening to bomb each other. On the other hand, if you are saying that the US ... the situation, then I'm not sure its hard as hell to know what influences North Korea.

Description : Does anybody think that what's happening off the coast of North Korea, with the resulting threats from China, is scary in any way?

Last Answer : Scary in ALL ways. It’s the kind of scenario for nuclear confrontation that’s always been most likely. And anyone who thinks we’re safe because it might happen on the other side of the globe needs to come out of their cave and smell the radiation.

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Last Answer : answer:I'm from the Appalachian region of the United States, and my area is literally loaded with all kinds of freaky folklore. Witches, the mothman, cannibals, freaky mountain rituals, snake handling churches in ... not a story per se, one of my favorite things from this region is the death crown.

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Last Answer : i have no idea, maybe it’s all the makeup maybe it’s the movie It? i for one am and have been since i was about five. my aunt took me to see ronald mcdonald outside of a supermarket; i have a picture of him holding me while i’m crying i’ve been scared of them ever since.

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Last Answer : Threads

Description : What’s your favorite scary movie?

Last Answer : Who was the killer in Friday the 13th?

Description : What’s your favorite scary movie?

Last Answer : Who was the killer in Friday the 13th?

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Last Answer : Truman show has fucked me up for life. Terrifying.

Description : American Airlines is now charging $8.00 if you want to use a pillow during the flight. I understand cutting costs, but isn't this a little too far?

Last Answer : I’m more concerned about charging for a single checked bag, particularly when you can’t pack liquids or a pocket knife in your carry on. Who uses pillows anyway? I don’t see how anything can make an airplane seat comfortable enough to sleep in.

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Last Answer : How about a link to a story on the event you’re referring to?

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Last Answer : Because 19-21 are smaller numbers than 28-30

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Last Answer : It was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. it was moved from LASC to Federal Court in December 2013. AMESTOY v. UNITED AIRLINES Case No. CV13–9084 MWF (AJWx). If you have access to PACER, look up the case number and see what the status is,

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Last Answer : It’s important to let them know that bad stuff happens, it’s a sad fact of life, there’s only so much you can, or should, shield from them. Reassurance is paramount though, they need to be told that this kind of thing is rare, big lie, but so is santa right?

Description : What happened in Lucille Ball's family when she was a young girl which caused them to lose their home and furnishings?

Last Answer : They had to sell all their belongings because of a legal judgment after a young boy was shot in their backyard while under the care of Lucille's grandfather. They were found responsible and had to pay a fee.

Description : What horror movie did you happen to watch when you were way too young?

Last Answer : It had these giant crabs, and it would be very cheesy today, but it scared the shit out of me. I was not used to watching scary things because my family didn't have a TV. I was at ... ever watched, except for things like The Shining and Fatal Attraction. It still scares me almost fifty years later.

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Last Answer : Electricity

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Last Answer : Yeaah. I really shit my pants in haunted houses!

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Last Answer : I don’t see any questions as scary (except for loli’s links), I just see ones at times that are unintelligible because of spelling, grammar or unclear wording. And people who get bent out of shape because you ask for them to clarify.

Description : Can I have names for a scary/horror book?

Last Answer : “The Scary Horror Book” For real, we need information about what the story is about. Yes, I understand that you probably don’t want to give away a good plot or idea, but we need more to go on.

Description : How scary is it or how scary do you think it could be to have a medical heart condition?

Last Answer : Be proactive. Get a full heart check up first of all. That would include an echocardiogram, stress test, ekg. Be sure your doctor knows your full family history and your own history. If your ... very important information. Whether or not you have heart issues, it never hurts to eat heart healthy.

Description : Doesn't it seem rude or scary how they are making food packages smaller with the same or higher price?

Last Answer : A typical “pound” of coffee shrank to 13 oz. many years ago.

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Last Answer : Wednesday’s presidential debate.

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Last Answer : Not sure, something primal I suppose. Nothing beats a good thunderstorm in the evening though.

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Last Answer : answer:LOL no. They can not be served by email. The ruse could be to simply check if the email address is valid so they know you will read the flood of spam that is incoming.

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Last Answer : You can get, “I’m sort I was so harsh” but the truth is you have very strong feelings about this and he seems to to be the type of person you can respect. Maybe you are both better off not being a part of each others lives?

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Last Answer : I woke one morning in the dark and switched on the light as usual but though it clicked it didn’t come on. I got up to check if the electricity was on and then I awoke, lying in bed in the dark. I had been dreaming. I turned to switch the light on as usual.

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Last Answer : Tropical_Fungus

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Last Answer : omg I had almost the exact same thing this weekend, a fever struck me out of the blue on Saturday afternoon. I was worse on Sunday, swinging from freezing cold to burning hot, couldn't even eat (and ... and gone as suddenly as it started. I chalked it down to some mutation of a cold or flu virus.

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Last Answer : “Breakdown of world order” = waning of US influence.

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Last Answer : prosopagnosia?

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Last Answer : No, given the alternative. It requires the same set of problem-solving skills I have used all my life. Getting stuck on how your appearance changes is a guaranteed RX for misery, however.

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Last Answer : answer:Yikes. Aren't possoms mean? How did it get in? Well this morning I woke up to my door being open. I had a procedure the other day and may have left it cracked I hope.. Another time on a ... seen my cat so upset, not even the time she got chased up the treee by a bull dog and Rottweiler.

Description : Why do schizophrenics hallucinate bad/scary things? Why can't they hallucinate nice/fun things?

Last Answer : That’s an amazing question. I wonder if anyone has researched that. You’re right though. I think some people must hallucinate good things, but they probably don’t seek treatment or get misdiagnosed.

Description : Care to share a scary story?

Last Answer : answer:When I went to the dentist today, they said the tooth that was causing me serious pain needed a root canal, which would cost me $800 + 200 for a steel crown (luckily it's a molar). A thousand ... t have. Either that, or pull it for $125. I'm still shaken from the experience. Someone hold me.

Description : Halloween question no. 666 - How would you design your own haunted house or scary warehouse?

Last Answer : I love spooky old houses so they are best, but maybe I would try to be a little different. A gloomy apartment with gloomy views. Modern but dark. It’s a great question, I obviously would not do well as a movie director!!

Description : Are there some scary, unexplained videos out there?

Last Answer : Spooky Unknown