What is a person called who sells sweets and pastries?

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Description : When can a bakers apprentice invent new pastries?

Last Answer : On or off company time??

Description : What's the point of poppy seeds on pastries?

Last Answer : I think it’s the crunch.

Description : What is your preference in breakfast pastries?

Last Answer : I am not a breakfast pastry kind of person, for some reason. I always go for the plain cake doughnut if I’m going to have something like that for breakfast.

Description : Adjectives for Pastries?

Last Answer : answer:I would use words to describe the beauty of the combination of flavors. Beautiful, wonderful, superb, and so on. I don’t think that pastry connoisseurs have a special language, but watching cooking competitions, the good things quite often have to do with the beauty of it all.

Description : Is there anything to replace pastries like rolls, buns, bread? what to add to another's salami as a side dish?

Last Answer : I switched to dark wholemeal bread and it's great. I recommend.

Description : I want to start consuming wholemeal bread, but so far I don't like it very much. Do you think that you can get used to that taste?

Last Answer : Definitely will. If you smear it with cheese and cover it with ham, you won't get it either.

Description : Why do I feel that birds are not allowed to feed bread? Will something happen to them?

Last Answer : For ducks, everything is fine. Even leftovers from lunch.

Description : Is it possible to store pastries in the freezer?

Last Answer : There are - usually - ´stored´ bread - different kinds. You simply put the pastry in a microtene (plastic ...) bag, close it by tying (twisting, rubber band ...) and put it in the freezer, no ... to divide the pastry into such "portions" that you can then simply pull out and defrost the whole bag.

Description : How Does baking powder makes pastries hard?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : How long do pastries keep in a fridge?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : Are there schools for baking and pastries?

Last Answer : yes there are Baking & Pastry Arts Schools Baking and Pastry Schools Expand on your natural culinary talents by training at one of the available baking and pastry schools in your area. You can obtain ... , such as basic cookery, safety, and sanitation. Plus, pastry arts schools can allow you to

Description : Where can I learn how to make different kinds of pastries?

Last Answer : The TLC network offers many ideas, recipes, and how to's on how to make different kinds of pastries. You can learn how also at http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/tools-and-techniques/how-to-make-pastries.htm

Description : How do Kosher and Halal rules apply to pastries and desserts?

Last Answer : A pastry that is purely vegetarian could be both kosher and halal. If a pastry contains lard, it is neither kosher nor halal. The use of carmine (red number 4), it is not kosher or ... are also concerned with the implements and oven used for baking, and with the provenance of the ingredients.)

Description : How do Kosher and Halal rules apply to pastries and desserts?

Last Answer : A pastry that is purely vegetarian could be both kosher and halal. If a pastry contains lard, it is neither kosher nor halal. The use of carmine (red number 4), it is not kosher or ... are also concerned with the implements and oven used for baking, and with the provenance of the ingredients.)

Description : Give reason: Hydrogenated Oils are often used in frying and pastries.

Last Answer : Hydrogenated oils have a higher melting point. Hence it is used for frying and pastries.

Description : Pastries With Smoked Turkey And Mushrooms

Last Answer : Pastries With Smoked Turkey And Mushrooms - makes 30 pastries 1 cup minced mushrooms 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup minced onion 1/4 cup sherry 1 tsp olive oil 3 tbsp chopped parsley ... Repeat process until all the filling has been used. Bake pastries until golden (20 minutes). Serve warm.

Description : If a store was called Sans Sugar would think it sold sweets?

Last Answer : Sans meaning without I wouldn’t. Rather the opposite. Sugar-free sweets, that is.

Description : What sweets do you like?

Last Answer : Chocolate. Oh, and chocolate. And I really like chocolate!

Description : If you follow the custom of having sweets on New Year's Day, what are the sweets of your choice?

Last Answer : You just inspired me to go eat a piece of chocolate fudge.

Description : What do you say to an obese doctor who tells you to cut out sweets?

Last Answer : answer:“Thanks for your good advice.” Most of us don’t visit physicians as role models, do we? I sure don’t.

Description : What else besides diabetes or hyperglycemia would make you become nauseated after eating sweets?

Last Answer : If you only had simple fasting sugar blood tests, we don't really know for sure what happens when you take in a lot of sugar. Maybe your blood sugar spikes more an usual, or your insulin levels ... . I sometimes get pain in my stomach after a lot of sugar, my stomach feels irritated and inflammed.

Description : Did you gorge on any (chocolate) sweets, today?

Last Answer : I didn’t get any candy either. The joy of getting older. :(

Description : Whenever (if at all) you eat sweets/candy, do you have a favourite colour which you devour first/last?

Last Answer : Chocolate from darkest to lightest…then leave the white for my husband and son ;P

Description : Why do we keep so many sweets and candies around the house during the holidays?

Last Answer : because you know christmas is all colorful and sweet just like candy so, that’s pretty much why

Description : An old filling has become sensitive to sweets. Is it important to have it replaced ASAP?

Last Answer : I would have it looked at by a dentist and if needs a new filling then amalgam wouldn’t be too bad a choice for a molar. The stuff is better able to resist the pressure of chewing that you exert on your molars.

Description : What sweets did you love when you were younger and miss now?

Last Answer : DUNKAROOS, string things

Description : What sweets do you eat when you're trying to be healthy?

Last Answer : dark chocolate covered acai berries.

Description : Have you ever finished off a whole box of sweets in one sitting? If so, why?

Last Answer : answer:I can’t eat one without feeling ill. I only like savoury stuff. A whole box would make me violently ill way before I got through it. My wife on the other hand… Now give me a bag of beef jerky or Biltong, then I can finish the lot.

Description : What sweets,candy or any other confectionery for that matter that aren't around anymore can you remember eating?

Last Answer : Candy cigarettes were awesome. Why couldn’t they have just renamed them candy sticks or something and kept selling them?? Candy lipsticks were awesome too. Those might still be around somewhere, but I haven’t seen them.

Description : Why do people crave sweets at night?

Last Answer : Actually, I’m not convinced the answer is in Science. I think it’s Psychology, actually. People watch their diet all day and at night, they relax, let their guard down, and eat the sweets.

Description : Can you get a cavity even if you do not eat sweets?

Last Answer : You can get cavities without eating sweets. Anything you eat, if it sits in the nooks and cranies of your teeth and mouth, can cause problems. Also, the acidic nature of some foods will also cause decay.

Description : When people quit smoking, why is it that they crave sweets and food?

Last Answer : As a smoker, my guess is that it has something to do with being accustomed to the motion of bringing something to your mouth, or perhaps an oral fixation, though I really hate that ... popcorn daily because the motion of bringing popcorn to his mouth alleviated his need for a cigarette somewhat.

Description : What is the name of Frosty's brother that really likes sweets? -Riddles

Last Answer : Frosting the Snowman!

Description : One day, a King asked his advisers, 'What should I do if someone touches my mustache ( mustaches are a sign of power)?' The first adviser said, 'He should get his hair cut off and be hung ... sweets.' This shocked the advisers and the King. Why would the third adviser suggest such and idea? -Riddles

Last Answer : Since mustaches are a sign of power, the only ones daring enough to touch someone's mustache, especially the King's, would be a child.

Description : What sweets do geologists like? -Riddles

Last Answer : Rock candy.

Description : Why do prisoners like to eat a lot of sweets? -Riddles

Last Answer : Because they would like to break out

Description : Shanti Sweets Stall was placing an order for making cardboard boxes for packing their sweets. -Maths 9th

Last Answer : Let l, b and h be the length, breadth and height of the box. Bigger Box: l = 25cm b = 20 cm h = 5 cm Total surface area of bigger box = 2(lb+lh+bh) = [2(25 20+25 5+20 5)] ... (546000 4)/1000 = Rs. 2184 Therefore, the cost of cardboard required for supplying 250 boxes of each kind will be Rs. 2184.

Description : Who offered poisoned sweets to Bhima when he was young? -Mythology

Last Answer : Duryodhana... :)

Description : Where can I buy cheap toys and sweets for children?

Last Answer : FashionTIY

Description : what is the answer for Usually i blank like sweets but don't want any today take away the last four letters then add three from the letter generation?

Last Answer : hi i love this app:)

Description : Is it permissible to eat halakhata and halakhata sweets ?

Last Answer : Halkhata is a Persian word. Halkhata is not a religious event. This is just a personal business strategy of the traders. "Allah has made business lawful and usury unlawful." Allah's Apostle himself was a ... Allah does not give him the opportunity to pay the tax '(Bukhari , Mishkat H / 2910).

Description : Disadvantages of eating too much sweets ?

Last Answer : We all like more or less sweet food. But playing too much sweet is to one's own detriment. The disadvantage of eating too much sweets is diabetes. Eating too much sugar is diabetes which is a deadly disease which is causing many people to suffer

Description : Is there any harm in eating sweets on an empty stomach ... ?

Last Answer : : Yes , of course there is loss. This is because eating sweet foods on an empty stomach can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. And if that happens then there is a shortage of energy. The ... that body also decreases. As a result, the mind does not want to do any work. (Source: Boldsky)

Description : Can it be taken off?

Last Answer : About a week. If you stick to it and don’t bring in sugary and sweet things. You'll get used to it after a while.

Description : What are the treats that the family eats on a daily basis?

Last Answer : Slices of raisins hazelnuts and muesli are every day with us :-)

Description : When was chocolate discovered? And us first?

Last Answer : In 1847 it was discovered by the Swiss Netlé brothers. Nestle was the first chocolate.

Description : I think of cookies, cakes, chocolates.

Last Answer : Me! For me, my life is sweetness: D it doesn't show on me: D

Description : What sweets do you like best? Do you have a recipe for it? Don't you happen to have an excellent recipe for vanilla rolls? It would suit me.

Last Answer : Vanilla rolls quantity per plate: 150 g plain flour 20 g powdered sugar 50 g ground walnuts ½ package of vanilla sugar 100 g game 1 egg yolk (without protein) a little lemon peel Let the dough ... warm wrap in powdered sugar mixed with vanilla sugar. My knowledge . there are never enough of them: D

Description : (smoking) and brag?

Last Answer : Yes ... I always brag about a job well done ... here is one of the recipes ... for fruit cake ... Recipe for fruit cake 1 cup water, 1 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 4 eggs, 2 cups of dried fruit, 1 teaspoon ... , who the hell is forcing you into that stupid fruit cake 20. go to bed. ☠ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☢

Last Answer : Crystallization of honey is a natural thing. According to the fact that you know sweets, it is of good quality and is not mixed with anything