Why did My uncle touched me?

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What is the answer ?

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Description : I'd love to get this photo touched up (get rid of the rip). Could anyone help me?

Last Answer : It souldn’t be too hard for anyone with Photoshop or any other image manipulation program with a cloning tool. Here’s one tutorial for Photoshop, Here’s another, for GIMP.

Description : No one can see me, hear me, feel me, or smell me. Yet, if you tell me... I can do all those things and more. Every person, animal, amphibian (or more) needs me. Without me my wielder ... be used if my bearer lives. You can create me cooperatively, but cannot create me manually. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : I am your brain.

Description : Often held but never touched, always wet but never rusts, often bites but seldom bit, to use me well you must have wit.What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Your tongue.

Description : I fly in the air, But I am not always there. I cannot be touched, But I can be felt or held. Think very hard, But if you live near the equator, You may have a tough time seeing me. What am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : Your breath.

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Last Answer : Not hundred percent sure but I think I touched that space shuttle on display in that museum in Virginia. What I really wanted to touch was the SR-71.

Description : You will be buried with the last two objects that you touched (not including your phone or laptop). What objects will accompany you in death?

Last Answer : A plate and a fork, unless you count my dick.

Description : What does it matter if we touched the bread when every one is using the same knife to cut it?

Last Answer : People don’t think that far ahead. The assumption is that hands will never touch the surfaces of the areas on the utensils which contact the bread.

Description : "When that thing finally hits the floor, I don't want to be the last person who touched it." What is it for you?

Last Answer : If you're going to worry about that then be assured you'll be the one doing it..So stop worrying about it..) I don't think there's something like that in our house. I remember as a ... exactly how bad it feels.After that incident I hesitate to handle things which are precious / important to others.

Description : What compliment has touched your heart recently?

Last Answer : answer:I was just told this morning by someone that I am awesomely flexible when they asked if I could work for a few hours tomorrow on short notice. My best friend gave me a beautiful metal ... Otters. haha It's always nice to be seen and appreciated for our own special blend of uniqueness.

Description : When was the last time someone did something for you that touched your heart?

Last Answer : answer:Several months ago I left something at school. I was a bit tired at that time that I completely forgot about it. When I finally remembered and got back, it had gone. I thought I had lost it forever. ... now I had my thing back! I still don't know how he managed to keep my thing for so long

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Last Answer : “There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. So don’t worry about the people from your past: there’s a reason they didn’t make it to your future” – not sure who said this, but I like it a lot :)

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Last Answer : Michael Jackson is the love of my life. :(

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Last Answer : First, do you have any known allergies?

Description : Is there certain eyebrow hair that shouldn't be touched?

Last Answer : Truth is, my grandmother always insisted that you never touch the hairs on the top of the eyebrows. However, plenty of women have that area cleaned up. I would suggest having yours professionally done, ... person that will be grooming your brows.. and then use whatever they've done as a guideline.

Description : Hey, just bought an I-Pad and suddenly I love reading again. Anyone have a book that really touched you or really made you think? (don't want to waste my battery on junk)

Last Answer : answer:Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I read it wondering, “How did this man pull through and survive the horrors of Auschwitz? What can I learn from him?

Description : What part of your body do you feel anxiety over, when touched, or looked at or both? And why?

Last Answer : answer:I don't like my smile. I have one top front tooth that is set back a bit, and I never got braces, so I just don't ever show my teeth when I smile. I don't like having my arms ... I have this weird sensitivity in them that makes a light touch hurt which is weird, because a firm touch doesn't.

Description : Are there some houses/cities/businesses that haven't been touched since 1964 with lots of plain old silver money laying around?

Last Answer : If you find out where they are let me know.

Description : What happens to people that are never touched?

Last Answer : there have been studies done with orphan babies adopted by loving families, babies up to 5 years old that had never been touched- they developed a wierd social-cognitive disorder- How sad, my mother ... till the end, some of those people were so starved for affection, company, it broke my heart.

Description : Is everything open ground for comedy or should somethings never be touched?

Last Answer : Kidny problems, because that pretty much the only thing can relate to now.

Description : Does anyone else have the feeling that they dont like to be touched?

Last Answer : I am a touchy/feely kind of person.

Description : Why was Touched by an Angel taken off the air?(Tv)

Last Answer : Honestly, I think ratings died down after it was moved to Saturdays. I never watched it….

Description : Of all the presents you have received in the last five years, which touched your heart the most?

Last Answer : When I was really poor and working my way through college, I ended up selling most of my possessions. Recently, an old friend came to visit bringing with her my grand mother's china and a redwood horse-head ... to me when I was in a better place. they are the only items I have from my childhood.

Description : What poet really touched your heart in those low times?

Last Answer : Bill wattersons. His calvin and hobbs Christmas poem was/is my favorite

Description : Loneliness isn't the key. Ones you're touched you are free. Violence is not powerful. Every start means something. What is that something? -Riddles

Last Answer : Love.

Description : What is in you and is said to be broken without being touched, held or seen? -Riddles

Last Answer : Your Heart.

Description : What can be touched but can't be seen? -Riddles

Last Answer : Someone's heart

Description : I cannot be felt, seen or touched; Yet I can be found in everybody; My existence is always in debate; Yet I have my own style of music. What Am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : I'm a Soul.

Description : I cannot be felt, seen or touched; Yet I can be found in everybody; My existence is always in debate; Yet I have my own style of music.What Am I? -Riddles

Last Answer : I am a soul.

Description : What can be seen, but cannot be touched, and when put in a barrel, will make the barrel lighter? -Riddles

Last Answer : A beam of light!

Description : What is it called when you don't like being touched by people but are okay with touching them when in a relationship?

Last Answer : I'm okay with touching my partner in a sexual way but I don't like it when they try to do the same to me but I am okay with little things hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc

Description : What is the expression or sentence contraction of the one whose surface cannot be touched ?

Last Answer : whose floor cannot be touched: abysmal.

Last Answer : England team reaches 1,000th Test milestone as the 1st team in the world - England team.

Last Answer : Wash Jorsirka advisoryly, it probably has a ripened skin from the salt that keeps the road. However, he would be the best doctor, but see if it really isn't the salt will have red and irritated skin. hezky den ellcupakabra

Description : Is permanent make-up really permanent or do you have to have it touched up or redone periodically?

Last Answer : Permanent make-up, usually in the form of tattoos, is indeed permanent. It will last decades with no need to be touched up. If needed it can be removed but this is an expensive process.

Description : The name given to matter that can be touched and manipulated?

Last Answer : substance

Description : Just as my feet touched the Sweltering pavement the heat embraces my sadness. Which object or concept is personified here?

Last Answer : Heat

Description : What can be touched but can't be seen?

Last Answer : Air

Description : When your hand is touched the information is passed to your brain.Describe how information goes into your brain?

Last Answer : Is because

Description : When your hand is touched the information is passed to your brain.Describe how information goes into your brain?

Last Answer : Is because

Description : The coast of which o countries are not touched by Arabian sea

Last Answer : Kenya

Description : What among the following is the feature of experienced goods ? 1. These are intangible 2. These cannot be packaged 3. These cannot be touched 4. These can be evaluated only after use 5. all the above

Last Answer : all the above

Description : Intangible assets are 1. Which can be physically verified 2. Which cannot be seen or touched 3. Which are written as expenses 4. Which will be spent in the future 5. None of these

Last Answer : Which cannot be seen or touched

Description : Identical objects of four different materials are heated to the same high temperature. Which of the following would least likely burn your hand if touched?  a. aluminium  b. brass  c. glass  d. concrete

Last Answer : glass

Description : “Cannot bear to be touched, starts when touched ever so lightly, especially on the feet” is a feature of Options: 1) Lachesis 2) Lycopodium 3) Medorrhinum 4) Kali carb

Last Answer : Correct Answer: 4) Kali carb.

Description : A metal ball on an insulated stand is touched by a positively charged glass rod. What happens to the metal ball? Does it w) gain protons and lose electrons x) gain protons y) gain more protons than electrons z) lose electrons


Description : My unvaccinated uncle just passed from Covid today. Do you have any advice for supporting my mother?

Last Answer : I understand the concerns that your mother had in warning her relatives, but she had warned them and now its up to them to decide to vaccinate or bear the consequences. She has done her part and ... do is to state that she loves them regardless of their choices. Condolances to the family, take care.

Description : What would you think or feel if your elderly uncle gave you $15,000?

Last Answer : Grateful.

Description : So if Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are gone, where does that leave Cracker Jack?

Last Answer : Cracker Jack isn’t pejorative. People who go to Cracker Barrel are self identifying.

Description : I had a great uncle who said a 'flip-flop' was an old slang word for a radio. Has anyone else ever heard this?

Last Answer : I never heard of that. I’m 67.