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In case of main-line service free running and coasting periods are generally long.

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Last Answer : The coasting retardation is around 0.16 km phps.

Last Answer : Free running and coasting periods are generally long in case of Main-line service.

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Last Answer : Ask your GYN about this, a change of this nature could be due to a number of things. Really, call your doctor. I don't want to scare you, but some nasty stuff could be happening, better to rule out those ... , so I'm a little nuts on the subject. Probably not that for you, but I'm not unbiased here

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Last Answer : Why would you be on two different types of birth control? Maybe I misread that but that’s what I understood. If so that could be why.

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Last Answer : I’m too old for essay writing now but I always used one space.

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Last Answer : I’d hand her a Kotex. Then I’d contact her folks and have them talk her through it the tampon bit. Telling a teen how to use a tampon needs to be done by her mother, big sister or doctor! No exceptions.

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Last Answer : Did they check for cysts on ovaries?

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Last Answer : It could be a normal side effect of certain birth controls.

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Last Answer : I can't help you answer your question but I can tell you that there are exercises that you can do to help eliminate your shin splints. Try googling it . I just spoke to a physical therapist about ... sneakers, I recommend New Balances but that's just because I've had mine forever and I love them.

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Last Answer : answer:I had a childhood illness that weakened my body considerably, and I've had to work my way back to everything, starting with the endurance to make it through a whole day of middle school without ... about this type of issue. The author has also written a number of books that might be helpful.

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Last Answer : Talk to your doctor.

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Last Answer : I pretty much always used tampons. I did gymnastics and cheerleading so pretty much needed to. Wear the smallest practical one I guess and change often.

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Last Answer : I think your socks are too small or your shoes are too large.

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Last Answer : Over 29 years I've complete 59 full marathons. I ran them all as fast as I could (the fastest 2:36:10 or average sub 6 minutes/mile pace). I've made some big mistakes and I can assure you ... it can also be the a truly beautiful experience. And I suppose that's what long distance runners are after.

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Last Answer : No back pedaling, push off with balls of feet, shoulders straight and square, face forward, eyes level with ground, relaxed hands and face.

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Last Answer : I love my Newtons.

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Last Answer : My wife swears by Asics. I used to wear New Balance when Adidas quit making my favorite running shoe. Others like Nike but I always found them too narrow and uncomfortable. Bottom line, go try some ... a lot of running. They are your major expense and also the first line of defense against injury.

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Last Answer : If you want one pair of shoes, you might try trail runners. Something like this. (Note that I don’t have any connection to these shoes at all. I just googled trail runners)

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Last Answer : Road Runner Sports gets good reviews.

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Last Answer : That could happen for numerous reasons (lack of oxygen, low blood pressure, low blood sugar just to name a few. It’s probably best if you see your doctor to see what they think and see if they want to do any testing.

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Last Answer : heart rate monitors is my guess

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Last Answer : answer:What I did to break the length I could run further is I would take one or two steps extra steps past the point of the day before. What you are doing is slowly adding distance to your ... tendons or soft tissue along the shin bone so you want to do things to keep that swelling from occurring.

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Last Answer : answer:I get the same thing with anything that makes me do work. I was that way with going to school, and I'm that way with going to work, and I'm that way with walking. I think the physical ... it could be that you ate more wheat or dairy on those days, or it could just be an attitude thing.

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Last Answer : answer:I'm so sorry, @ETpro! All it takes is one little slip like that to change our plans in a big way. You must be a sight. I hope you don't have to report in to some office tomorrow, where you are ... . It hurt like hell for a few days and then eased up, and he's ok now, about 4 weeks out.

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Last Answer : What about stuffing them with newspaper to soak up any sweat? And hang them up in a dry place so they get aired?

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Last Answer : answer:If you love to run and do it regularly, why not make the purchase of the shoes your gift-to-yourself this year? Can you skimp somewhere else? Pro-rate the $50 extra. It comes to about $1.00/ ... Starbucks, buy underwear at the $ store, have PB and J for lunch one day and Bob's your uncle.

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Last Answer : answer:i found this on Google. Prevent Chafing If you're running long, spread Body Glide or Vaseline on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters-such as your feet, inner thighs, ... just be wearing more wet, heavy clothes. Dress for the temperature, as if it were a dry day.

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Last Answer : answer:Someone once told me that if you have the sand and the ocean you never need to get pedicures. I have found this to be true. I used to run regularly on beaches barefoot (like maybe 2-5 mi ... clay causes the least wear. How do you like the Vibrams? I am thinking about investing in a pair.

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Last Answer : I haven’t run barefoot since I was a little kid. But if I recall…stones, twigs, bees, prickly plants, dog poop, rusty nails, mud…

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Last Answer : answer:I’m in! I started running again about a week ago (faithfully. A year ago, I ran every other day). I’m working on building endurance. Would love to hear what others have to say about running and be in on the discussions.

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Last Answer : Anything that expends more energy burns more calories. The two statements are interchangeable – calories measure the expenditure of energy. Since it requires more energy to run, it therefor burns more calories.

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Last Answer : answer:Hmm… Well I always just set milestones in my head and commitments in advance: I will sprint to the next telephone pole. I will run all 5 miles – no walking. I will sprint the last eighth mile. Stuff like that. I make specific commitments and stick to them.

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Last Answer : I prefer both, I still have a young, virile body. I just don’t like lifting weights.

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Last Answer : answer:I personally don't know anything about this, but your question made me curious, so I did a bit of research. It seems that it is generally better to leave trail shoes on the trail and ... a half marathon over the weekend, and the only pain was overtraining pain, not shoe-induced pain. source

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Last Answer : I'm a frequent runner and I usually eat 60 to 90 minutes before I run. This ensures that I won't cramp up from food still trying to digest in my system. Additionally, I try to eat foods ... carbohydrate content so I get the maximum amount of energy benefit from what I've eaten. Welcome to Fluther!

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Last Answer : Too many variables to make an algebraic equation. Pin Michael’s starting point down. Or just have Kelly and Michael find a 3 mile loop and duplicate the running.

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Last Answer : Go running.

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Last Answer : Uh, you lift your legs…and uh, go forward.

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Last Answer : When I run, I like to do it in the morning before it gets too hot. That way, one of the toughest parts of your day is over before you get to work. Good motivator.

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Last Answer : Talc, vasaline and plenty fluids along with pace yourself .

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Last Answer : hmmmm, i don’t know. i consider myself a fast jogger and a slow runner. my pace fluctuates from sprint to jog, but keeping that fast-paced run like say 10 mph (is that fast?) takes conditioning. somebody tell me more about those shoes; think i’d like to try those.

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Last Answer : I think it stinks..hahah?

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Last Answer : I would see a doctor if I were you. In the mean time, all one can say is check the basics: Do you drink enough? Do you eat properly? Do you rest enough?

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Last Answer : It's great. Open to the public, great track, perfect for folks of all fitness levels, rarely locked, and sometimes the lights are left on at night.

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Last Answer : yeah I play football and what u should really work on your explosion get a runnig parachute and maybe a weighted vest and literally in no time your endurance stamina and every thing will have greatly improved

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Last Answer : I wear Asics, Gel Kayanos and I have a pretty neutral foot.

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Last Answer : It’s not what the exercise is, it’s the combination of cutting caloric intake while increasing caloric burn. The best exercises are the ones that you like to do so you will stick with them. By the way, walking burns as many calories as running and is easier on the joints.

Last Answer : Energy conservation technique in induction motor by minimizing idle and redundant running of motor: 1) Loss of energy as the no load power drawn is approximately about 12% to 16% of rated ... to unnecessary line losses. 4) Reduction in overall system energy efficiency over period of time.

Description : A 200 V dc shunt motor is running at 1000 rpm and drawing a current of 10 A. Its armature winding resistance is 2 Ohm. It. is braked by plugging. The resistance to be connected in series with armature to restrict armature current to 10 A, is

Last Answer : A 200 V dc shunt motor is running at 1000 rpm and drawing a current of 10 A. Its armature winding resistance is 2 Ohm. It. is braked by plugging. The resistance to be connected in series with armature to restrict armature current to 10 A, is 36 Ohm